Reminder: Today the MSP Minneapolis Escape Lounge departs Priority Pass & Joins Exclusive Amex Partnership. A sign of what is next?

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From Priority Pass on Twitter

As of today you can no longer enter the MSP Escape lounge with your Priority Pass card. Now the only way to get in (free) is to hold either the personal or business non-Delta AMEX Platinum card. If the latter is the case you and two guests may enter just like at the AMEX Centurion clubs.

The notice just over 1 year ago!

This shift is really intriguing to me as a frequent flyer. We have seen an explosion of high end travel cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve that offer some kind of Priority Pass membership over the past year or two and it must be having an impact on the volume of people using 3rd party lounges.

Clearly with the amount of people and how packed flights and airports are, there has to be big money in play with more and more travelers expecting to get away from the gate area for some of the amenities lounges provide.

It also seems like each lounge or airline lounge is trying to “one-up” each other with some new drink or feature or snack choice. Even higher offerings in certain markets where competition is stronger than in other parts of the country.

Since I hold long term a non-Delta AMEX Platinum card (the business one) I have no issue with the change for not just the Minneapolis location but the other MAG group ones in the USA as well as all the new ones set to open down the road. Personally I hope more lounges go this same route as it will add even more value to me as a card member and maybe impact the volume of travelers in the lounges. Time will tell.

What do you think of this change as of today. Do you expect more lounges to exit from Priority Pass? – René


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  1. It certainly devalues the Citi Prestige card for me since I often route through MSP. The Priority Pass benefit has been an important component of the card’s value for me. It bears watching.


  2. This is exasperating on multiple counts. Why was no notice provided in advance? It devalues the Sapphire card for those of us holding it. In addition, they had promised users who visited–months ago–a coupon for a free meal for completing a user questionnaire. That never happened and was then promised “in the near future.” Now: nada.

  3. The escape lounge at MSP has been nuts every time I’ve gone there the past few months. Barely any food out and no place to sit. I’m happy for the change just because I have a platinum card and I suspect many people with a platinum card traveling alone will go to a Delta Club if they’re flying Delta.

  4. The priority pass lounge access in the US is getting more and more limited to the point where it’s almost useless. Especially with MSP being a Delta hub.

  5. this location is ripe for becoming a DL hub Centurion Lounge (studio) hopefully this the first step. Keep the Brie and retire the dehydrated sliders…a Lil 1229 and we are on our way.

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