Delta Computers Apparently Down Worldwide (again) and is Impacting Operations.

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Just a quick post to let you know that Delta is tonight having MEGA IT issues again and, according to twitter and those on FlyerTalk, it is impacting just about everything from check-in to scanning a boarding passes at the gate.

I called the Diamond Medallion line as well as the Delta Asian call centers (see E9) and no one can pull up anything at all. I have no idea how long this one will take to fix and there is no news on the Delta News Hub thus far.

Delta did have a major IT makeover roll out this week on Do not know if this is contributing to the current issues.

Some are reporting Delta is saying the issue will be fixed in about an hour so by ~11PM ET.



HT to @PhilSmithATL on twitter




  1. My FlyDelta app on my iPhone 4S stopped working yesterday at the start of a big international trip to Africa. I spent 2 hours with Delta IT who could suggest nothing more than “buy a new phone.” I told them I will when they replace their CRJ100s with 787!

  2. Big surprise: Delta has an IT problem. Other than what they have done to the Skymiles program, their IT department is just about the worst thing at Delta. When they install any new ” improvement” , it seems to cause something in the system to not work properly or the system to just crash. My only hope is that it will one day soon get so bad that Delta mgmt. will finally address the problem & fix it.

  3. I thought it was me when I couldn’t log into my Sky Miles account yesterday. Got an error message alleging I had logged in too many times. My account was frozen. Seriously?
    Once a king, always a king. But once a night is never enough.
    Did the Russians hack my account?

  4. Got the same error message again today. I’m changing my password just as I did yesterday. Makes me think the Russians really did hack my account.

  5. Fyi — Am currently in Barcelona and no problems for the last couple of days accessing my account. Just got off the phone with Delta rep to change a couple of flights due to equipment change and tickets have been re-issued and emailed.

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