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I’m going on one last Delta 747 ride & mileage run before year end for $611 & ~18,000 MQMs!

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Wanna join me for a 747 run?

I really thought I had flown my last ever Delta 747 when I crossed million miler with Delta. But when I asked readers the question about what they were more excited about flying, the Delta 747 one more time, or the new A350, most told me the 747.

OK I agree – 747 all the way!

To be fair I asked readers about the LAST Delta 747 flight and the ones above are NOT the last flights (they are in December – or sooner – see reader comments below) but this is the best I can do and at a “group” price. What I have found for you is:

  • 5 (more) seats at $611 thus 3.5 CPM
  • 9+ (more) seats at   $750  $711  thus  4.1 CPM

Clearly the first 5 tickets are the best deal and well under my personal sub-4 CPM or cents per mile to accumulate Delta elite MQMs but even the next bump up is just over 4 CPM.

The other reason I like these run dates are that they are just before the Chicago Seminars the weekend of 20-22 October. Thus, if you are already taking time off or going to Chicago, why not fly in on Sunday the 15th and do the run 16-18 and have the 19th to play around in town before the event?

Just one tiny caveat with this adventure should you choose to fly along. There is a tiny risk Delta could swap out the B747 for the new A350 by the time we fly. OK so not the end of the world to get to fly the brand new flagship jet vs. the “Queen of the Skies” the 747 but just know that could possibly happen! 😉

I know we are just half way through the Medallion year but if you are in need of a few more MQMs this could be a fun run to add almost 18k to your totals! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Dang, hope you get upgraded as Diamond. That’s a lot of BIS coach miles.

    • @Geoff – C+ outbound and have GU request for return. Yes much coach time!

  2. I am able to get a 711 fare from JFK. Thinking…. Can save $100 by signing up for another credit cards too.

    That’s a lot of coach flying tho.

  3. If they switch to A350 perhaps premium economy will be treated as C+ initially. That’s how AA handled it before PE went on sale. Sorry to see they switched NRT-MNL to 767 from 747. See ya on 16th!

    • @John – Yes that may just happen ;-)! Fun you are joining us on the run.

  4. Don in ATL Reply

    Good luck on keeping the 747. I booked a DTW-ICN trip in Delta One for Nov 30 because it was a 747. It was going to be my last 747 ride. A month after booking, they downgraded it to a 777. Grrr……

    • @Don – Delta has said the 747 out of DTW will be changed to A350 route so I am fine with 747 or A350 🙂 But yes if they put in a 777 it will be VERY GRRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Richard E. Davis Reply

    Rene, my son and I (both Diamond’s) are going in Delta one on the last flight of the 747 from Narita to Detroit on Oct 30th. Here is what Delta told me:

    Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on almost reaching 3 million miles with us!

    We are happy to hear about your interest in flying on the last Delta Boeing 747 and on our first Delta A350. It is really a great time to fly with us. I was able to reach out to one our support desk and get as much information as I could. Now keep in mind that these dates, flights, and routes can change, but the last Boeing 747 will be DL275 from Detroit to Narita, Japan and that date is scheduled for October 29, 2017.

    For the A350 the only information we could gather is that aircraft does look like it will also fly out of Detroit to a location in Asia and should be sometime in the next six months.

    We are flying over 1 day earlier so we can catch the last flight from Japan back to Detroit.

  6. Very tempting. Looks like the cheaper fares are gone. I need a bit over 7500 MQM’s to be good for next year but have no flights scheduled the rest of this year. Way more than I need but I may try to swing it. Do need a mileage run out of CMH though so I’m always watching for opportunities like this. Thanks!

  7. I’m curious about the Global Upgrade on the return trip. Even though they are the same flight number, since the MNL to NRT is on a 767 & the NRT to DTW a 747, will both legs need to clear for the GU to work? Also is the “shadow seat map” shown for your waitlisted upgrades?

    • @Bill – I am not 100% sure but my gut says you will clear both or neither but both are wide open so our chances are good. Looking forward to flying with you!

  8. @Rene – I’m booked! Looking forward to the trip with you and @John and anyone else I may know.

  9. I had similar thoughts several weeks ago and so will be flying ti MNL in September. Still awaiting GU upgrades. Have done this route before and definitely want the business class! Will miss the 747 experiences.

  10. Unfortunately, I do not think I will ever get to fly on a Delta 747. However, in early August I will be taking my first business class trip on a 747. The flight will be on KLM between AMS and LAX, and I am really looking forward to it. After doing some research, I selected 4A in the nose of the lower deck, but I should be able to fly again on a KLM 747, and next time I will select the upper deck. While I really like KLM’s new World Business Class seats, not all have independent aisle access. None do on the upper deck of a KLM 747.

    On this same trip I will get to try Jet Airways 777 business class service between AMS and Mumbai. I am really looking forward to that. The new partnership with Delta is great and I will probably earn around 5K extra MQMs taking domestic flights in India on Jet Airways.

  11. TJK from DTW Reply

    Can’t do this one. I’m headed to YUL for 5 days before Chicago. One question I’ve always had for these international runs (never done one) – is customs required when connecting (say you’re going to MNL with a stop in NRT – do you have to do customs at both?) How much time do you typically allow for it? Haven’t gone overseas since I was a teenager 15 years ago, so my frame of reference is dated and fuzzy at best.

    • @Greg G – There is a Holiday Inn Express w/shuttle near by but open to ideas!

      • I’m in! C+ and may regret it by that Wednesday evening, but what the heck. Used AMEX pts for a $150 ticket. Open to hotel options.

  12. @TJK, There is no customs on this trip at NRT only a security check before the connecting flight to MNL. They look at your passport at the security checkpoint just to match it with your boarding pass.

    International connections are usually easy (China and London Heathrow being exceptions at times). As far as connection time required, airlines construct their schedules accordingly.

    At NRT the process is well organized and there are security lanes for Sky Priority passengers. When I’ve had a really tight connection at NRT because of a delay, an agent is there when I deplane to escort me through security or to rebook the outbound flight. The first time seems a little daunting, but after that, it is easy.

  13. Earle Keizeer Reply

    hi Rene
    are all the group priced seats taken? I only see 850$
    am ready to rock on roll on thre MR

    • @Earle – It seems that way and the group price was just what was on at the time of posting. I would do this if I were you. Book tomorrow AM at that $850 price as you would have till Monday midnight to cancel. Then keep checking price. Up to you if willing to live with higher price or cancel and keep checking back for lower price. Just an idea. PS there are other dates in OCT for the lower $711 price but not with the group of about a dozen doing the run on these dates.

  14. Hi Rene;

    Should you have a chance during your time on the A350, I’d love to know if you see any of those bulky IFE boxes under the seats.

    I won’t be flying it until end of Nov and have read seat guru reports of how Singapore Airlines and Qatar have chosen to configure their aircrafts but no information on Delta yet as it is too new.


  15. Rene,

    I’m a lowly FO but would be nice to meet you in MNL and talk about aviation stuff lol.


    • @MNL – Would love to but we land at 9-ish and will be going right to sleep and depart out the next AM at 9-ish. Unless you want to do the run in reverse and fly MNL-NRT-DTW and chat on the way back?

  16. @Rene
    Booked and headed out with a co-worker at the end of September. Used GU certs for both of us, but none cleared and we are wait-listed. Which seems crazy to me when some of those flights only have 1 or 2 seats taken in Delta One.

    Any advice or wisdom on the whole wait-listing dilemma? Anything more that can or should be done?
    The rep on the phone said she requested that the international legs get upgraded first instead of using it somehow only getting used on the ORD-DTW seg. Not sure I understood that…

  17. SelenePhoenix Reply

    Oooooo I’m tempted !
    Only have 1 GU left, having used them thrice on same itineraries
    Staying in priority club?

  18. I’ll also be joining you and your crew on this flight! Looking forward to this run!


  19. @Rene – I’m going to Standby or SDC Sunday and get to CHI by 5PM so dinner is on!

  20. Nice to know even the travel gods do a small share of Y time, Albeit C+ 😉

    • @Dave – Well, I did cheat a little (will blog about it later) as I kinda am in C++ 🙂

  21. Probably won’t join y’all for dinner on Sunday. I get in late from VPS. Also made reservations at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare for Sunday night then when we get to Ninoy I plan on staying at the Manila Marriott. Not sure what the general consensus is on hotel accommodations, but I’ve got a ton of points and plan on using them 🙂 Looking forward to this run. Hopefully our GUC’s clear (fingers crossed).

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