SWAG Saturday Giveaway Returns: Tumi Delta One kits, Luggage Hand Scale, Skyteam kits & more!

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Lot’s of weekend SWAG!

This weekend, while you are considering perhaps the 30 great reasons to get a Delta AMEX travel card 😉 , how about a quick giveaway. I will be randomly choosing 3 winners (late Sunday night ET on the 18th). Here are the prize packages:

  • Winner #1 gets 1x each new Delta Hard case Tumi Kit & soft Tumi kit. Also a sweet hand luggage scale.
  • Winner #2 gets 1x each new Delta Hard case Tumi Kit & soft Tumi kit. Also a nice Kiehl’s kit.
  • Winner #3 gets 1x older type Delta soft Tumi kit. Also a Skyteam kit.

The rules are very simple. Comment below as many times as you want ON THIS POST but each comment must be unique i.e. no robot voting. You must have a valid email address and if you do not respond as a winner within 7 days of drawing, via, another winner will be chosen.

Have fun everyone and travel safe on wherever your Delta jet is taking you! – René


UPDATE: No more comments we have our winners! See:


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Headed to Hawaii on your recommendation so put me in the game coach!!!

  2. Thank you. Your tips are great. I’m working my way to gold right now and appreciate all the tips.

  3. 2 PAC had his birthday yesterday. If I win the Tumi pack I’d get 2 pacs lol

  4. I love collecting the amenity kits and the luggage scale will be great to have.

  5. SelenePhoenix Reply

    Hi Rene
    I do t need more Tumi bags
    So if I win , please give me to the next in line winner!
    You write the BEST blog and are an amazing public speaker at format learning forums such as Chicago seminars coming up in October

  6. Kim Beaulieu Reply

    Wow, some nice prizes! Good Luck to everyone!
    Thanks for all the great info on this blog!

  7. Rob Kreiling Reply

    Hi Rene. Taking my family of 6 to Europe for 60K each RT next week. Not #skypesos when you know how to play the game!

  8. Who’s watching the solar eclipse? I’m watching the solar eclipse.

  9. I might have to fly United across the Pacific. In economy. Anything helps.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  10. Patricia Chylinski Reply

    Read you every day and suggest your site to others.
    Keep it up

  11. Always heard Tumi was the best. Would love to find out for myself!

  12. Christopher Dimoulis Reply

    Have not ever flown Delta One so I have not been able to enjoy one of these yet.

  13. I’ve been unable to fly since November, 2016 because of medical reasons and am ready to get some much-needed BIS MQMs! Some Tumi love would make the first trip easier! Thanks Rene!

  14. I love this blog! I have learned so much and Rene has saved me thousands of dollars in change fees. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  15. Love all your tips and tricks you share on your site. Has helped a ton in navigating how to get the most out of platinum status the last 2 years.

  16. Eugene Cronshagen Reply

    Wonderful opportunity! Thanks
    Never win but will give it a go

  17. Eugene Cronshagen Reply

    Wonderful opportunity. Thanks!
    Never win but will give it a go

  18. Your blog gives me quite a bit of insight into how to maximize utilization of my SkyMiles. Thanks, Rene!

  19. Thanks for the chance to win. I enjoy reading your site. There is a lot of good information.

  20. Keeping my fingers crossed as heading to London in economy and coukd use these kits 🙂 Appreciate all the tips and great travel advice.

  21. Just received my 1M Miler gift from Delta. Tumi backpack and I love it.

  22. Also turned in a complaint about hidden awards charts and they said they were fixing the issue.

  23. Charlotte Narboni Reply

    Do you have any scuttlebutt on why Emirates doubled first class award tickets from IAH to DUB?

  24. Rene can you do a post on what reasonable mileage awards should be? Example domestic US 30k. US rob Europe 70K, US to Australia 120K. We could use a benchmark.

  25. i’m no robot! I guess this post counts too since you didn’t specify what I need to post about? 🙂

  26. Joey Casella Reply

    Trying to desperately get on a 747 at your urging! Count me in!

  27. I enjoy reading your column and wish I could getter better mileage from Delta. Sadly all my travel is up and down the east coast! I travel about 40-44 weeks a year on business and only get to enjoy one overseas trip per year. Bummer! I usually only get to Platinum level.

  28. O'Reilly Terry Reply

    Love those Delta One Tumi hard cases – great for iPhone cables & adapters. Thanks!!

  29. Wayne Horne Reply

    After reading your posts about the Delta Platinum card, I signed up for the Delta Platiunum Business card! I now have my first business card! Thanks

  30. Just found you & WOW! Thanks for all the great info. I am hoping to travel more this year and luggage scale would be handy

  31. Deltaflyer Reply

    Thank you for helping me understand the ins and outs of the Delta world.

    Just saw that all of my Asia flights via DTW have had equipment changes to the A350, featuring the new premium cabin.

    What I didn’t realize was it would mean loss of the comfort plus section entirely. So my seats have been moved to regular economy unless I want to try for a GU.

    Will give them a call and see about options. Had I not been reading your blog, I would not be checking my flights on Sat/Sun for changes.

    Ps. If readers outside of the US aren’t eligible, no problem!

  32. Oh…I don’t even know what would be in a Kiehl’s kit. That could be interesting. I just saw Dr Bones in the Portland airport last week.

  33. Harry Koontz Reply

    Any of the Tumi Kits would be a nice addition to my travel gear!

  34. Thanks to you, I’ve gone from no status on DAL to Gold in less than one year, and still moving up!

  35. Evan Doyle Reply

    I’ve always wanted one of those hand scales… maybe today’s the day!

  36. Judy Jones Reply

    Pretty much Montana is only served by Delta, so I love the tips!!

  37. I love your blog. Especially lounge reviews! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Mark R. Brengelman Reply

    Flying on my favorite Delta Airlines 4 days out of 7 this week – keep climbing!

  39. Fares keep rising steadily in BGM now that DL is the only carrier serving that airport.

  40. Tad Dunlap Reply

    Big fan of any and all of your posts.

    Thought of you as I drove past SBN yesterday and am sure we shall meet in the air someday.

  41. Why did snoop dog need an umbrella?

    … ‘fo drizzle!


    Yay, swag Saturday!

  42. I have enough of the DL Tumi hard case amenity kits. I want the SkyTeam kit. Please show us a photo. Pretty please. Thank you!

  43. Enjoy your helpful tips and would love these amenity kits! Thanks for everything!

  44. Elizabeth Christian Reply

    Not a huge fan of Delta but can’t pass up the chance for some Tumi swag!

  45. Christopher D Reply

    Skyteam kit? Don’t know what that is, but I love learning

  46. Maybe this will be my lucky day. Thanks for the opportunity to win a nice prize.

  47. Brad Baker Reply

    Really enjoy your site. Your tops with Delta ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Chicago… and maybe China.

    Happy Fathers Day or future Fathers Day

  48. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Don’t have any of these yet and would love to get my paws on any of the above!

  49. Tumi are the best kits. Have one from LH First but it is showing signs of wear!

  50. kimberly atkinson Reply

    Hi René! Love the blog and your sense of humor. Keep it up!

  51. Swag is always good. 🙂 Swag Saturdays are always fun, even if one doesn’t win 😉 Consider me entered, LOL 🙂

  52. Yes PLEASE! Headed to Aruba and Italy this year! Will go perfect with my TUMI luggage on my Delta flights! Ciao!

  53. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Working on the weekend and a little SWAG would certainly help!

  54. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Also debating one last trip on a 747 – possibly working in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Singapore!

  55. Tad Dunlap Reply

    Looking forward to some changes in our favor and glad to hear of the anti center C seat upgrade programming as that is not any upgrade IMHO.

  56. Tad Dunlap Reply

    Mirror mirror on the wall, give me TUMI for trips this fall.

  57. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Delta loaded their A350s into the system. Exciting, but I’m still in denial about the end of the 747.

  58. Kiehl’s, another great brand whose products I have used for years.

  59. Okay, so I never win squat! Dang it, René, I’m due! Please pick me!

  60. Another day, another entry. (Yeah, I know you can enter several times but I don’t want to spam TOO much!)

  61. Cathy Krasnianski Reply

    LOVE reading your blog. So much fund, as well as great information! Keep up the good work.

  62. And another entry this fine evening, just because we all love a little swag! :p

  63. Use the contents and then the pouch is useful for other travel needs

  64. Would love to win both Tumi kits – thanks for having this contest!

  65. Me please! I am in my first year of work travel and this site has been super helpful in learning how to maximize the benefits!


    I love EMRs. Especially when you can do it with a friend. Get them miles up. Thanks rene

  67. I came across your blog first time as it was featured on Apple News. But my comments from within the Apple News app somehow didn’t make it here, so adding this to improve my chances 🙂

  68. I like Delta and was a Medallion flyer in glorious 80s. Nowadays as a SFO based flyer chasing a MM status, flying UA…

  69. Certainly not flying enough (or paying enough) to sit in the front these days so a Tumi kit is a reminder of what could be! Thanks for offering.

  70. Ana Romulo Reply

    Hi Rene…is the group mileage run you’re planning in Oct (your last on the 747) just for you & your friends or can anyone join you?

    • @Ana – Anyone can join. Just book Price may be higher at this point however.

  71. One more entry before the deadline. Thanks for sharing your SWAG!

  72. Could use the luggage scale for my daughter….she has paid the overweight bag fee more than once.

  73. Tad Dunlap Reply

    The morning after and I’ve forgotten to enter in the last too many hours. Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Tad Dunlap Reply

    Ready for that scale because my big suitcase is filling up fast.

  75. Cannot wait to go through LAX this fall and check out the new terminal!

  76. Since I am now retired, I don’t fly as much 🙁 but I’d still like to win and use the bag to carry my electronics!

  77. Sadly, Tumi and Delta are peas in a pod on downward brand trajectory.

  78. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Happy Father’s Day to all the traveling dads out there!

    • @Vipin – I will post the winners later tonight when I have time. My guess is around 7PM-ish ET

  79. You sure must have a lot of posts to approve! Thanks René and good luck to all!

  80. Have never had one of these awesome prizes, would be put to great use. Thanks Rene!

  81. Rene, thanks for your response. Btw, I’m impressed that you’re using
    One more quick question – could you clarify if possible whether each post qualifies as a separate entry? I.e. Are posting numbers fed to to identify winners or names/email addresses?

    • @Vipin – Yep each post/comment is a separate entry. Clearly if one of my comments is the winning I will pick again. 😉

  82. Kilo Sierra Foxtrot Reply

    Are the kits just extras you’ve accumulated over the years, or does Delta give them to you?

  83. I love the 747. Flying on an important flight on that plane would be awesome!

  84. The weather in Phoenix is heating up this week…I should fly somewhere cooler just for the fun of it.

  85. Does Delta sell amenity kits (at some crazy price, I’m sure) if people want to buy them? That could be a whole new line of profit — Delta salt shakers for $9.99. Marriott sells all their bedding and amenities, why not Delta?

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