Rookie Wednesday: Don’t blame Delta if YOU don’t update your info! Plus, new neat features in “My Delta”.

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

They make it kinda obvious how to get here!

I am going to be a little bit hard on you today because I bet some of your info needs to be updated (mine did). And beyond that Delta really makes it so simple to get to these pages. Like how simple? See above then:

Again, very simple to find on

Yeah, it really is that simple and other than the added big red arrows I have imposed on top of the screen shots, the big blue buttons make these pages simple to find in 2 clicks.

THIS is a VERY nice upgrade Delta!

First things first. I have covered much of this info before in rookie posts but it has been a while and new features have come online since then and it is good to review old info. For example, I mentioned some of my data was old and incorrect. My Twitter info still had my old user name as @DeltaPoints not the current @RenesPoints (oooppsseee – fixed)! But it is also wise to check a number of other bits like your address and contact info as well as notification info. After all if Delta can not alert you to changes, and you have not updated your info, then who is to blame?

Sweet time saver (if we fill in the info first)!

But I mentioned some new bits as of late. Like what? A REALLY sweet new feature is being able to add companions you often fly with (either family or friends or employees etc.). This way you can carefully enter all their info once and then, when you go to buy a ticket, it quickly auto populates all their info in a split second. Sweet right? #KeepClimbing worthy changes.

10 saved searches – nice!

There are other helpful bits for those of us who tend to spend a great deal of time searching for Level 1 and Level 2 award tickets for certain routes (#ProTip – we publish the hidden Delta Award charts here on the blog). You can save up to 10 routes to save you clicks when you are searching. Again, just a nice feature of “My Delta” if we just use it.

So today, if you have not visited the My Delta page for a while, why not check and make sure your passport info is not out of date or expired. Check your hotel and car loyalty info is correct.
Print your SkyMiles card or Sky Club card if you need it as well as checking if you have any HOOU or Have One On Us drink coupons about to expire and print those if you need to! – René


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  1. @Rene the other thing that I’ve used is to make sure ALL of the phone numbers that I “may call from…” are in my Delta account. That way, the DM line recognizes me when I call and I don’t have to enter my SM # – and they “Welcome me back…” lol.

  2. I often travel with my family but I don’t see the add travellers section in my profile. In that screen location is my loyalty programs. I am a gold medallion.

  3. @Rene – Once you’ve applied and been approved for the DL AmEx Reserve card (which I did today), about how long should it take to register in your Delta profile that you are a branded cardholder? I already entered the details into “Stored Payments” and cleared out my other card, and I gave them my SkyPesos number when I applied. Obviously I’m not expecting it to happen same day, but if it doesn’t happen within a week, should I be calling the Medallion hotline and inquiring?

  4. @Rene – Of course. Without you, I would’ve never heard of all the card options. Gaming! 😉

    I see the widget for “Delta SkyMiles” on the AmEx account page, and the note that there is some sort of two-way integration that will report on the total number of SkyPesos I currently have across both sites. I assume when that populates with my current balance, I’m in.

    Domestic economy mileage runs under 4 cpm are basically impossible now; SAD! Been looking under 5-6cpm for weekends only, and have had some success, but I increasingly think the international runs are the way to go. Looking forward to @laptoptravel’s class on “Advanced Mileage Running” in Chicago in October.

  5. @TJK
    Mine showed up on the first tab of the Delta app within 36 hours. Even before the card was delivered.
    I scrolled down to the bottom of the SkyMiles tab, showed it to the Skyclub receptionist along with my ticket & enjoyed my 2 hour layover for a change.

  6. Thanks Rene. Great post. DL has my “Known traveler number” correct, but has put my spouse’s “Known traveler number” as my “Redress Number” even though I’ve never been given a redress number. Also, for my spouse, his “Known Traveler Number” is correct, but DL has given him a “Redress Number” too — my known traveler number. Anyone else have this happen. My spouse has never been given a redress number. In other words, DL has given us each a redress number of our spouses Known Traveler Number. Any thoughts, guys????

  7. TJK is correct. Domestic elite mileage runs under 4 cpm no longer seem to exist. International runs are the only ones that remain under 4 cpm.

  8. René, thanks for the tip regarding the “Companions” tab in the Delta Profile. I did’t know anything about it. Cool!

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