Why I am THRILLED with the Chase Hyatt new card bonus change. I am holding off to apply for the card!

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I love 40k bonus points from this HOTEL card!

WoW you would think Hyatt has destroyed the value of their elite program – no wait, that’s right – they did that last year. So what is all the fuss about? The new card bonus is mega changing and I simply love it.

The OLD offer that has been around for a long time from this HOTEL CARD has been 2 free nights and that is good up to a LEVEL 7 property. That is sweet for those who tend to stay at luxury hotels and if this is you then you will want to pick up the card before the 29th of June when the offers changes. Changes to what?

The coming offer is for 40,000 bonus points (after 2k spend) and this really excites me. While I love to fly in business or 1st class to get where I am going, once I am wherever I really don’t care about the hotel other than I really need it to be clean and have a soft bed (and maybe free breakfast).

I don’t need anything fancy! This works for me.

In other words I am a Holiday Inn Express or Four Points by Sheraton or in this case a Hyatt Place kind of traveler and since many of those properties run around 8-12k per night I am viewing this card change from offering me just 2 nights when I get this card to now somewhere around 4-5 nights as a new card bonus!


Plus this card, unlike so many others, is NOT subject to the 5/24 rule and since I am constantly applying for new cards on a regular basis if this card were under the 5/24 there would be no way I could get approved. Likely I will have to move some credit from one of my other Chase cards to get an approval, but that is no big deal.

Next week I plan to apply for the personal Delta AMEX Platinum card (believe it or not it is the last Delta AMEX card they say I have not had) and will add this Chase Hyatt HOTEL card to my latest batch of cards I apply for on that day since I do not currently hold the card and it has been more than 24 months since I got the new card bonus (thus I qualify).

Now if only the annual card bonus were to change from a free CAT1-4 night each year to 20k more bonus points I would be even more inclined to hold this card year after year.

So you tell me – are you going for this card before the 29th to get the current bonus offer or after the 29th to get the new bonus offer? – René

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  1. Thrilled? 50,000 or 60,000 points would be thrilling. 40,000 points is paltry for a sign up bonus and a downgrade to this card. World of Hyatt did it as a devaluation to their program and save them money.

  2. @Al – Sure more would be better but 40k points vs 2 nights is HUGE win for me. Can’t wait to apply after change.

  3. I’m thrilled too. This is an upgrade for those us who don’t care about Vendoming. I’ll take points at lower tier hotels vs having to chase the ultra rare top end Hyatt properties on a time crunch. How much can you enjoy 2 nights in a hyped hotel anyway? It would only make sense if you have a SO who also got 2 nights.

    Hopefully they’ll bump to 50k or 60k if spoiled churners don’t bite thinking it’s a downgrade 🙂

  4. but for many folks who want to enjoy stays at all-inclusive resorts (enjoyed stays at cancun zilara & jamaica rose hall), now need to xfer or spend extra 10k UR pts; if not many takers for 40k pts,won’t be surprised to see increased bonus in future

  5. Card is less appealing to me. I can always UR dump points for a crappy hotel. I do care about staying in nice hotels. This was a great differentiator between Hyatt and Marriott cards. Not to mention marriott’s Ritz brand is pretty much a joke compared to Park Hyatt. The limit of cat 4 for yearly free stay is why I don’t hold a hyatt card now. Until that changes, I likely will not get one.

  6. Yep. Very happy about this as well, being a family traveler. The other advantange is being able to hold on to the bonus for over a year if I choose!

  7. @Rene this is great. 40000 Hyatt points is an awesome bonus! The primary reason I didn’t get this card before was the old bonus plan – I’m not flying to Maldives or looking for the Park Hyatt in NYC or Paris. Call it Swedish sensibility – I can get 4000 – 8000 point rooms when I need an overnight for a run.

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