Review: Gothenburg Sweden Landvetter Airport Hotel GOT (a short walk / shuttle from the airport).

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One of the biggest downsides about the location of the airport in Gothenburg, Sweden is that it is about a half hour outside of downtown. Thus your choices, if you are staying in town, is a bus, taxi or Uber.

But another choice is to stay right across from the airport at the Landvetter Airport Hotel.

We took the bus to the airport from the central station and “dragged” our luggage since we did not want to take a luggage cart off of the airport grounds. We need not have worried as it seems, while not official, there is a spot for them at the hotel.

The location really is right across from the airport and it is a short walk. They do have a shuttle bus if the weather is bad but it was broken when we visited. I would simply suggest walking.

We had prepaid our stay starting at TopCashBack via Tavelocity to get max perks and to be able to pay off the charge in points via our Barclays Arrival+ card.

Across from check-in was a lounge area with a number of MACs for public use. Interesting when at most US hotels you find PCs (at least that has been my experience).

Just past check-in is nice bar area and sitting area when you are not able to enjoy the outside terrace seating.

Also an interesting feature across from the public bathrooms was key locked closets for your coats and small bags (keep in mind in Sweden you almost always wear a coat). Now on to our room.

The room was basic but fine. No airport views for me (don’t they know I want to look at jets) but the roof outside our room was eco friendly and green and it was sweet to sit with the windows open and enjoy a glass of wine.

The bathroom was spacious but had only a half door. Some may like this feature but I find I get really cold with this kind of setup unless you are in a tropical environment and Sweden is not that!

One of the neatest features in the room was the radio that had a Bluetooth sync selection. My wife and I really liked being able to enjoy tunes while lounging and getting ready in the morning.

Like most Swedish hotels breakfast was included with the stay.

There were two buffets to choose from. The first with more traditional Swedish choices

As well as assorted breads. All the choices were fresh and very nice. Impressive.

The other buffet had bacon, sausages and eggs as well as coffee, juices and tea. Overall a completely acceptable breakfast spread.

Seating was wide open and ample on this Sunday morning before our flight.

Overall it was a very nice stay. There are much cheaper hotel options in town but that means a very early morning transit. If you are looking for a hotel that allows quick access to the airport before your flight then this is an obvious and enjoyable choice. – René

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  1. Rene’, why a hotel? Don’t your relatives like you enough to house you?!!!

  2. @Mark R – All the family was out at the summer home that is a walk, boat, train, bus away from the airport (thus no one in town). Also, even in town, is a tax, bus or uber away and we had an early AM flight. This was much simpler and again free since I paid for the room with points that I earned via MS 😉

  3. I normally use the shuttle as a taxi driver will rip you off for 200SEK to take you to the hotel from the airport. I stay at this hotel frequently and it is always a pleasant stay. Dinner is as good as breakfast and staff is usually friendly and helpful.

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