An upgrade to my inflight Delta sound experience. This is going to be amazing – why did I not do this sooner?!

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I have been really pleased with my Naztech Bluetooth cordless Noise canceling headphones. The feature I simply love the most, other than the quality of the sound etc. when on jets, is the volume control on the side when a flight attendant or captain comes on and “screams” over the sound system all but blowing out your ear drums during a movie.

When I am watching movies on my phone, via Amazon Prime for example, I can go full Bluetooth and not have to mess with cords. This has been a beyond liberating experience. I do not have enough adjectives to describe how sweet this is. But I still had to cord when watching Delta IFE (in flight entertainment). Well not anymore. See the little bluetooth gadget right of my headphones?

I have been testing this little puppy at home simply plugging it into my speaker jack on my computer and I am really impressed. The pairing with my headphones was super simple – that is, just hold both pairing buttons down till they both flash and then wait 10 seconds and done.

The unit is small enough that it fits neatly inside the cord pouch inside the Naztech case. It has a micro USB port for charging just like my headphones so I can use the same cord for both.

Again, I can not wait to fly soon and try these out as I travel. Do I have any concerns? Like all things that run on battery I look forward to seeing if the suggested “10 hours” of output really happens. I get around that much battery life from my headphones so if that happens I will be impressed. If not I have tested charging the unit while in use and that seems to work.

I do have a few concerns. The first and foremost being me that I will forget to unplug it and walk away from it. Or, I forget to unplug it if I am in the aisle seat and my seat mate gets up and brushes past it and breaks off the mini-plug. Both I expect will happen but for under $20 if I have to replace it once a year that is not a deal breaker.

What do you think? Have you gone Bluetooth for your headphones yet? Have you used this or another mini sound port to Bluetooth adapter yet to elevate your in-flight sound experience? – René



  1. I have a Bluetooth audio adapter that I bought for my car; it transforms my corded Bose noise-reducing headphones into cordless ones and cost about $8 on Amazon. Sure does make moving around the cabin a lot easier…you should love it!

  2. Parrot Zik 3 – Have had these for nearly a year. Truly wonderful. Whilst charging over USB you can be listening over bluetooth / 3.5mm…

    Various sound profiles can be downloaded also, which does improve the sound on planes. Lifting the ear can pauses the music, so you can talk / listen

    And you can vary the amount of noise cancelling that you get

    Truly wonderful

  3. I bring 2 sets of Bose noise cancelling headphones with me on all trips. My over the ear old reliable QC-15 and my in the ear QC-20. While both are older versions I take good care and they work fine. Both have wires which I hate, but I can only imagine what 200 bluetooth devices will bring as soon as everybody starts trying to connect. I bring both as I never want to not have noise canceling effect on long flights. Hope it works for you.

  4. Cave to the giant that is costco and got their Sony MDR-ZX770BN bundle. That was the only thing that stopped me from getting a set of Sennheisers. The NC isn’t as good as the new Bose QCs but the sound reproduction is much better IMO. I actually dont like how deafening the Bose can be, Makes me feel like ear need to pop, not what I’m looking for on an airplane.

    But I’m with you (well when I made my purchase) on what was I waiting for to go BT. I thought battery life would be bad not being able to swap a fresh cell but the life is good even for an INTL flt.

    As far as that adapter goes, I’ll be on the lookout for yours lingering around a hotel room or 75D! I would be too annoyed when it does it get broken to buy another person to purchase it again. I take care of my stuff so it would be the principle. I promise to mail it back to you the [b]first[/b] time I find it.

  5. I just ordered one. On my last Delta flight the headphone cord to the IFE got pulled over my lunch, and this will solve that problem. Also, it will make it a lot easier to switch between multiple BT sources using the QC35 phone app.

  6. I purchased the same Naztech Bluetooth Headphones when you first reviewed them and couldn’t be happier, I use them for all my trips and for at home chores like clearing snow from the driveway or mowing the lawn….

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