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Thanks to the outstanding work of the folks in DTW to get me onto my morning flight out to LAX I had the chance to try the above broccoli quiche breakfast (see other 1st class meal reviews here).

Now I know the slice looks somewhat lonely all by itself on the plate but I have to say it really was quite good and an interesting idea since so many say that “eggs are never good on an airplane”. This may be the solution to that problem.

The quiche itself was nice, if not a tiny bit dry. I used the butter included and that was just the touch it needed for me. The cheese topping was crisp and even the broccoli added a nice flavor to the dish. Other than the back end crust I enjoyed each bite. It could have used a side of protein like sausage maybe?

The bagel was decent size and it is always a tall ask for the FAs to warm them, but not over warm them, in the ovens. This one was a tiny bit over but really OK.

I am constantly and continually amazed, no matter what time of the year it is, how good the fruit is as the final touch of most breakfasts or even lunch at times. I have had worse fruit at more hotel buffets than any Delta flights.

Lastly I really like the new Alessi everything from Delta and the new trays are so much more pleasant than the old faux wood tray ones. The only drawback I would say is the strength. They seem rather flimsy by comparison. Oh, and the napkin ring was missing but then again to me is not really needed anyway.

I thought by comparison I would compare the outbound breakfast to the return where the fruit again was good but the bagel was, well, disappointing. The omelet with red peppers and cheese was so-so and the sweet potatoes were somewhat mushy. The sausage was also just OK. I would have much rather had the quiche again but maybe they could add some sausage to it next time?

Have you had either of the above Delta 1st class breakfasts? Did you enjoy either one? – René



  1. I have almost never had good bread on Delta (FC or Delta One). And the croissants are the absolute worst. Bread on DL ranges from cold and rubbery to warm but stale and dry. And the croissants are not real croissants, just crescent shaped wonder bread. In my experience other airlines (ANA, AF, and LH) do much much better with bread. I wonder how DL does so poorly, when apparently the “art” or “science” of decent bread in the air is known — at least by some other airlines.

  2. Delta needs to work on catering. UA and AA have surpassed them . As Diamond on Delta/EXP on American and Gold on UA I can say in General DL has best flight attendants (not always) but I have never had a flight where I can say DL did not have the worst food offering. Breakfast has been a small soggy sandwich on most flights, lunch has been a repulsive ham sandwich (ugh, 4/5 flights now) and dinner has been fish or salad. The salmon seems the best but the sauce is just gross. Im sure many will agree Delta has a lot of work to do to catch up on catering.

  3. Personally not a fan of the flimsy little S&P shakers, but the rest of the newer Alessi serviceware is pretty nice.

  4. I actually had Connamon rolls and croissants as options on American the other day. Both served warm and flaky. I agree. Bread on DL is very stale. Also DL presentation of all meals is throw everything on a tray , where on longer flights DL/UA serve dessert and even appetizers sometimes seperate. Even Delta One Hawaii flights don’t get meals served in courses. DL isn’t improving onboard. The other guys are catching up or winning in catering

  5. Well Rene my problem with most breakfasts on flights is they are always quiche or scrambled eggs with cheese all over them or in the dish itself.

    As a non-cheese and mostly non-dairy person it makes it quite hard to enjoy. Now I realize that I’m in the minority here but I just wish the airline catering would consider this. And yes I realize that I could put in a special meal request but of course that’s a bit difficult if you only get the upgrade at the gate (I’m DL Platinum).

  6. Don’t even get me started on special meals! First, I don’t understand why “protein on the side” can’t be a standard option, rather than an obligation, particularly at the front of the plane. As a vegetarian, I don’t want that sausage and I’d really rather it did not appear on my plate, getting my eggs gross. So why not heat up all the sausages in a separate container and offer them to people who want them? Same with the salads I am often offered when bumped up to 1st class / business – can’t the steak / chicken be on the side? Can’t the flight attendants do a little bit of plating before they bring out the food? That way, if someone really loves steak they might be able to get a double portion on their salad. Delta’s veg options in coach are so bad that I usually roll the dice and do not order them – they are typically a special meal made to be just about every kind of special meal: vegetarian, vegan, low fat, low salt, bland, kosher, halal, and diabetic. The result is something horrible, such as a breakfast consisting of a flavorless wheat bun with three slices of quasi-grilled vegetables and no seasoning. I got really tired of seeing people sitting next to me having perfectly vegetarian meals as part of the regular meal choices while I get something that looks like it would be standard fare in a low-budget nursing home. Why do they get chocolate cake and I get applesauce? Why no cheese and crackers for me when I ordered lacto-ovo vegetarian? Why do I get a lettuce salad with NO salad dressing? I just signed up for the Premier 1K status match with United since I have some unavoidable non-Delta international travel coming up, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether United is just as bad as Delta in the realm of special meals.

  7. have had the omelette recently and also the small round breakfast quiche aka fritatta? both good but the bagel??? need a new supplier…The same thing with the sky clubs some of the bagels are very sad to look at vs even trying them!!

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