Updates: Delta / Amex new card credit, Fly Now, Earn Later & 747 Mileage Run updates!

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70k SkyMiles + 10k MQMs – Sweet!

Many of you enjoyed picking up either a Gold or Platinum Delta AMEX card last month during the increased LTO or Limited Time Offer. I got the Platinum card a few weeks back and have now finished the minimum spend to earn the bonus SkyMiles and MQMs (offer still available via referral till July 26th – comment below if you need a link). Normally you have to wait 1-3 days after the statement closes to get the points but mine posted already. Next up I will work on my 25k & 50k spend to pick up another 10k+10k bonus MQMs!

That was quick – my $100 Delta / Amex credit

But another perk of the card was a $50/$100 statement credit for your first Delta purchase. I have shown in the past that something as cheap as a $2 set of headsets on-board will trigger the FULL credit. Since I am not flying for a few weeks I went the simple route and got a $50 Delta e-Gift card online at Delta.com and as you can see from the above, it triggered the full $100 credit for me. Nice!

Be VERY careful with this one

Next up we have my completed “Fly Now, Earn Later” targeted program with Delta and Amex. I only did 100 SkyMiles and I like the program if you are in need of a few SkyMiles, but oh my is it NASTY if you do not earn them back. As mentioned before, be VERY careful if you borrow Delta points with this offer (SkyMiles are NOT worth 2.5 cents each).

A better way to sleep at the airport

If you are joining me and others on the 747 Delta Mileage Run to Manila October 16-18th and are thinking of staying overnight at the airport at the Wings Transit Lounge they now are allowing rooms for October bookings (pre-paid via PayPal). They have pods but I splurged on a larger room for myself for $36 from midnight till 7:30AM (do pay attention to date and times when you book). Our group arrives on the 17th. If you are booking the overnight it is the 12AM-7:30AM on the 18th before the ~8:AM flight home.

Lastly, and I can not share more for now, I hope you can make the pre-run dinner on the 15th of October even if you are NOT going on the mileage run out of Chicago. There will be something special going on and especially so for those on the run itself. 🙂 – René





  1. Would love the link for personal platinum and business gold. Thanks a ton!

  2. Rene have you heard anything about DL using the A350 on any domestic routes before the innaugural flight on Oct 30th to NRT? I spoke with the Diamond desk and they have no info on that. Having worked for 3 airlines, I know when you take delivery of a new aircraft it goes into testing first, then possibly some unadvertised domestic flying, and then put into it’s regular rotation. Just looking to find a domestic usage of this flight, so if there are any, please let us know. Thanks

  3. @Robert – I will blog as soon as I know. Some are saying yes they will fly some domestic to shake down. Others say they will not fly with passengers until the 30th flight.

  4. How do you rack up so much spend $$ ?? I’ve read your post about it but still cant see how to make so much spend w/o being in debt? The gift cards have to be spent so it’s the same as I see it, as spending $$ on the card. Home repair people dont accept card payments w/o a surcharge and I cant get the mtg. company to unlink my property tax

  5. Hi Rene, is the offer available to those of us who have had the personal Delta Platinum card before? If it is available to prior card holders for this product (I currently have a Delta business platinum), please send me the link. Thanks much and really enjoy your blog.

  6. @Prior platinum – No. The 1x lifetime wording is in the offer. But if you have never had the personal card then you can get that (or if, more importantly, AMEX says you have never had it)! E-Mail is on the way.

  7. Hi Rene, Thanks, that’s what I thought. I was just surprised that you had not had both Platinum products already.

  8. Can you get the Bonus Miles and MQM’s if you already have the Gold Card? Also Please send the link to me too! Thanks

  9. I just received my bonus miles and MQM’s as well. I am still not closed out for the month. Nice!

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