Eataly Chicago – it’s like IKEA just filled with Italian goodness!

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I just happened to find myself in Chicago yesterday and was with some Italians from Calabria and was told I have to go to Eataly.

Who was I to argue with some friends from the old country! 🙂

And when you enter and are greeted with this on the wall, well, let’s say it was a good start to dinner.

The restaurant is upstairs (along with a bunch of other goodies).

It was hard to choose just what to have as everything looked outstanding. I went for Risotto with Saffron, Shrimp and Zucchini. Num!

After dinner we wandered around and why I say it is like IKEA is because it is a bit of a maze and everywhere you look you think “oh, yeah, I want one of those”.

There really is Italian eye candy everywhere. From breads to meats to cheese to wine oh my.

And clearly the oil from the tree and this flowing art made me smile.

Lastly, before you go, there is something for your sweet tooth as well. And bring your parking ticket as if you spend $20 you will get your first hour of parking free ($15 savings).

Have you ever had a chance to visit Eataly (in Chicago or another location)? Did you enjoy your visit as much as me? – René

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  1. I went to Eataly in Dubai. First time I’d ever even heard of it. Toronto is getting one later this year.

  2. I’ve hit up Eataly in Chicago every time I’ve visited the past few years, and agree it’s an amazing place stocked full of Italian goodness. I must say, it’s the only place I wouldn’t recommend bringing a credit card to, as you can really (easily) do some damage to your budget there!

  3. We’ve been to the original us location in Chelsea (NYC)… which is ok… then new one downtown at the World Trade Center is great.

  4. I’ve been to Chicago a lot lately. I’ve walked by this place each time but have never went in. I guess I better next time. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. what is great about Eataly in chicago is that u can get in the door vs NYC(mobbed always) I miss their 3 mushroom cannollani yummm.The only problem is that u must pay more than once if u want bread or pizza u pay at the site,if you want time u pay at the wine are, if you wwanat cheese u pay at the cheese are, if u want expresso u pay at cafe, if you want a biscotti u pay at the biscotti area…lot of duplication wish there was a better way to pay all at once!!

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