It’s fun to fly AA now and then to compare Delta to AA 1st class meals – I like this cold shrimp salad!

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Earlier this month my wife and I popped down to Dallas for some BBQ because, well, why not (and some time in the DFW Centurion Spa as well). We burned 30k Avois each for direct GRR to DFW 1st class flights. The flight left around lunch but before lunch was presented we got:

Wine and hot nuts. I have to say I miss the days Delta, in Delta One, used to do this. I do not ever recall a time they offered this in domestic 1st class let alone on a regional partner in 1st class. Just flat out impressive (but the wine glass is a tiny bit tiny if I have to pick on something).

Then there was lunch. The flight attendant apologized for there “just” being 3 shrimp for the salad. I insisted there was no need as this was a more than adequate amount of food for a lunch flight. Let’s look what was included:

  • A bed of Bibb lettuce
  • Cold cooked rice
  • Red pepper slivers
  • Red onions
  • Yellow and green zucchini squash
  • Haricots verts
  • Cilantro

This, with the balsamic vinaigrette was just perfect. The shrimp were properly cleaned and deveined. The haricots verts were blanched perfectly with some snap to them as well as the squash. All the other accompaniments were in balanced proportions i.e. the peppers, onions and cilantro. While I am not a lunch salad person per say this I could have over and over again.

I even liked the amount and quality of the bread sticks included. Lastly the dessert was good if not memorable with a cocoa topping on the vanilla cream custard. But it was a nice change of flavor after the savory lunch itself.

Since my base is comparing everything to Delta I would complain about the napkin. It was paper and I enjoy the cloth ones Delta provides with a button hole to keep anything from hitting my shirt accidentally with turbulence.

While I have no intention to become an AA frequent flyer (unless Delta destroys the Medallion program that is) it is interesting to see how well they are keeping up with Delta. – René


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  1. Would a status match as a last resort if delta blocks diamond status with spend requirements be a good idea? Would it get me one more year at top elite status?

  2. AA has better domestic F food offering than DL, hands down. And lunch is their weakest meal too! You probably were on an E175 – on mainline you’d get warm bread (no cold bread roll) and the dessert would be plated separately. Dinner typically brings an appetizer too

    I also like that on “refreshment” flights AA will serve you nuts and a plated snack – hummus/veggies or cheese/fresh fruit or a dip of sorts, not the dreaded pass of the basket. DL does better on PDBs though. They’re fairly rare on AA. and I miss the pillows / mini water bottles on your seat that you get on DL

  3. @LS – Agree on the mini-waters. I really miss those when on AA. Oh the hot cookie thing – yeah – num num num! 🙂

  4. Glad you used Avios for this. I never try to use AA miles for domestic trips. Avios are much easier and a better value. The thing I like best about domestic mainline AA is the seats are bigger than DL and there is more room for drinks and snacks without unstowing a try table. AA international B class seats are better also except old 777-200s. The best B class cabin is the upper deck on DL 747s until they are completely phased out in the next few months. Out of CLT with legacy US crews (and unfortunately planes) PDBs are standard. DL is better than AA on power and seatback IFE., Because Kirby is now at UA, that’s an advantage DL will have over UA , too.

  5. IMHO Delta has already destroyed the Medalian program. It’s why I switched to AA. Honestly, I’ve been much happier.

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