Which Country Are International Airports In? And, What if you Lose Your Passport?

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I think almost all of us who travel a ton live in absolute fear of one thing – losing you passport. I have on my phone a folder with photos of my passport as well as all my other IDs. Additionally I always have with me my drivers license and my GOES ID as well that is updated each time I update my Global Entry. If you want to read an interesting thread on a mileage runner who lost their passport with a less than 2 hour turn in Korea you can follow along on this FlyerTalk thread (hint – he was allowed to fly without it).


But while scanning the above thread what fascinated me, in addition to the story itself, was the video from the same folks whom I have highlighted in the past (in regard to the economics of a jet seats & cabins).

I have often wondered about where you are on a mileage run if you never “really” enter a country as well as pre-clearance countries i.e. that you re-enter the USA before you get to the USA. If you have ~10 minutes today I think you will enjoy the clip as much a I did.

Have a great weekend everyone and safe travels wherever a Delta jet takes you! – René




  1. Great video! I have wondered often about the legal background of the weird US Immigration desks in Canadian airports (as I walk past the cheesy mini Statues of Liberty welcoming me to America).

    Also reminds me of an old (not very good) riddle – if a plane crashes on a flight between two countries, where would they bury the unidentified survivors?

  2. A family member was in a unique situation once where they needed to go to Canada for a quick visit, but because of weather conditions etc, they couldn’t get home to get their passport. They called the border people in Maine and they told her that she didn’t need her passport, they just needed to be able to know and believe that she had one! She completed the trip into Canada and back to the U.S with no problems.

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