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WARNING: Delta’s Elite MQM Points “Estimator” is Still Really Busted & Displaying Inflated Earnings!

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Uh, really Delta? I mean WoW this is amazing!

Oh dearest Delta – when will you fix so many of the IT issues you have going on that are driving us all simply crazy (think blocked seat maps bug, price jumps at checkout, phantom award space just to name a few). But this latest one is really bad. First some background.

There has been an ongoing bug with the MQM estimator for a while now that resulted in LOWER than expected MQMs to be displayed when you included some partner flights. Delta told us on this FlyerTalk thread that:

“The mileage estimator display is expected to be fixed in the coming weeks. Miles, MQMs, MQSs and MQDs are still being posted correctly to Members’ SkyMiles accounts. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.” – SkyMilesTeam Company Representative – Delta Air Lines

OK good, they were aware of it and the good news was despite the incorrect numbers the correct numbers were being awarded. And then good news came on the 14th of July when they stated in the same thread:

“Good news – the mileage estimator has been fixed! We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on it. We appreciate your patience!” – SkyMilesTeam Company Representative – Delta Air Lines

But there was a tiny little problem. It was not fixed. In fact is was more broken than EVER. I sent an email right away to Delta SkyMiles folks and posted:

“You may want to check again. I am seeing MASSIVELY inflated numbers vs. what real earnings should be. Hate to see Delta have to pay out bonus MQMs for publishing these numbers.” – Renes Points on FlyerTalk

I never heard back from Delta folks but at least they were nice enough to claim credit for finding the new bug when they posted:

“Our apologies for the confusion. While the primary issue has been resolved, we discovered a secondary issue with the mileage estimator display for connecting flights. We are working to resolve as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”– SkyMilesTeam Company Representative – Delta Air Lines (bold mine)

Well it is now 10 days later and as you can tell from the screen shot at the top of this post, the mileage run so many readers are joining me on is stating you will earn a MASSIVE 34,416 MQMs for that trip (you will not get this many points unless they honor this mistake estimate).

It’s good has IT help!

Yes, this is beyond frustrating. So what can you do for now since, your source for the “Most Accurate Information” about Delta is not providing that? Just use this very unofficial SkyMiles calculator as it normally is within a few MQMs of the real number. For example, on the 747 Manila Delta Mileage Run you could type in: ORD-DTW-NRT-MNL-NRT-DTW-CVG-ORD and you would see the number you can expect to receive.

I so wish Delta would fix this and all the other issues they have going on. They really are making flying Delta that much harder day by day! – René



  1. FNT Delta Diamond

    This happened to me maybe two years ago. I flew out of Toronto (YYZ-DTW-NRT-MNL) and partially paid with miles. I don’t know if it was the Canadian dollar amount being higher than the US$ amount or the pay with miles, but was giving me an absurd amount of MQMs on Like 50,000 or something. Delta never honored it, despite a screenshot. They did give me like 5,000 miles (which is nothing) for the misleading information.

  2. rene

    @FNT – Yeah, I give about ZERO %%% chance they will honor the false numbers. Just happy to get the real numbers in the end.

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