I just got a HILARIOUS scam call pretending to be from Delta – You will love the voicemail!

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I could choose to fly Air India?

Oh this is too much. I use a call blocking app that sends all non identified numbers right to voicemail. Well a scammer from India left a voicemail and did not even include a phone number to call back (worst scammer ever). Take a listen and enjoy!



Now just in case you can not listen in full to the WAV file I have included the text below for you to enjoy in full. If you spit out a drink onto your screen it is not my fault (full warning).

Haallo René
This is Latsnee, I’m calling from Mombai, India from the Delta call center
I understand …uh… that.. uh.. that you are you are you are Diamond me.. medallion member of our airline Very thankful that you fly Delta
As you know we are… we appreciate your service with Delta Air Lines
As you know you can choose Air India, but you don’t, so very good job
OK, So I wanted to just let you to know that we have a problem with your account
The account unfortunately we have to take off about 25,000 miles
So I’m very sorry about this news
So you do have to call us at Delta Air Lines and we’ll… uh.. try to assist you
but unfortunately we may not be able to
So just give us a call OK
OK thank you very much René
you have a good day OK
OK bye bye good night sweet dreams from Bombay

I cannot even begin to tell you how disturbing it would be, if this were real, for Delta to take 25,000 SkyMiles away from me (no, not really)! But the caller is correct on one point, I would not choose Air India (wrong airline alliance )!

So you tell me. Have you ever got a fake call from Delta warning they are taking SkyMiles away from you? – René

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  1. Disturbing they know you are a diamond at Delta. Really weird they told you to call Delta and didn’t give a call back number LOL. I hope you reported this to Delta

  2. Not sure how the caller can benefit from the scam if they told you to call Delta. Delta will just tell you that your account is fine and they did not call you. As far as scammers go, this one is not likely to be very successful.

  3. @Gary: anyone that reads this blog knows Rene is a Diamond elite with Delta. When you have a blog you kind of open your life to strangers so not that difficult to become a target of scammers.

  4. I think that same dude called me from “the IRS” demanding I “pay fast”. I love messing with them.

  5. Weird…what do you think the intent of the scam was though? I do not understand what they were trying to scam from you?

  6. That call is hilarious! But, it is crazy that some people do fall for these types of communications.

  7. @Alberto – They tried to call back (and hung up). Bet they were trying to get personal info or access my account.

  8. OMG! Too funny!!!

    Never got a fake call but have repeatedly gotten the Delta emails with the fake upgrade announcement. We book a flight, immediately reopen the reservation, and select a C+ seat. Then sometime thereafter the email arrives.
    It’s especially annoying when we were anxiously awaiting a FC upgrade for flight completely unrelated to the email.

  9. I imagine next they would have a fee to reinstate the miles, payable in ITunes cards of course!

    The last time I had the IRS scam call, he said the police were on their way. I asked him if they could hurry, since I could really use the time off and 3 meals a day!

  10. If I did get a fake call telling me it was Delta wanting to take away SMs, I’d do the same thing I always do: While mimicking their dialect I’d tell them I’m at my computer and I’ve opened my account. Then I’d ask them if they can see me standing naked in front of my computer?

  11. Got the same call yesterday. Told them they were scamming me. They insisted they weren’t. Told them yes they were and hung up.

  12. Have you heard the Lenny calls, they are hilarious. It is a program that talks to the scammers:

  13. first clue it is fake i sthat they freely told u they are from Mumbai.!!!i always ask the callers or even when i call customer no-service where are u located they do not want to tell me!!!!

  14. Indian man (heavy accent) claimed that he was calling from Kissimmee FL representing Delta Airlines and that I had filled out some sort of application… The caller ID read 407-745-1473 and called a private cell phone. Isn’t this illegal?

  15. Ha. Ha. As a Diamond you should have jumped on the 25K Sky Miles offer. Had you been Silver it probably would have been 125K!

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