René July Newsletter – How was your summer of flying Delta?

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What a month! I got the  pleasure  enjoyment  privilege pain of experiencing the current situation in LAX. I learned that Delta in a month or two will likely destroy the value of Medallion AMEX MQD exemption and so much more. Did you miss any of this while you were away on summer break? Then time to catch up now:

➥ When should you status match Delta? TODAY IS THAT DAY! Welcome to elite Medallion status with Delta Air Lines.

➥ Weekend musing on Delta official changes to #TeamBoardLast & onboard FA “Thank Yous”

➥ Are there a maximum number of spa treatments you can enjoy at the AMEX Centurion lounges?

➥ I Went for 4 New Travel Cards This Round – 3 Approved and 1 Pending. What Cards Did I Go For?

A Warning when you book 2 Delta flights with 1 flight number!

➥ Delta operations just ROCKS in Detroit DTW! This is why I fly Delta Air Lines – You?

➥ Delta / Amex adds Comfort Plus for Delta Amex Reserve Card BOGO certs!

➥ Delta .com now estimating ZERO MQMs, MQDs & SkyMiles for connection partners! Should you be concerned?

➥ Delta & Travel News Update: FA arrested, Passenger arrested, BA 2 week Strike & much more!

➥ Delta First Class Breakfast Broccoli Quiche Review RenesPoints Travel Blog

➥ What, if anything, do hotels owe you when “fake” fire alarms go off? What about points vs. cash stays?

➥ KLM / Skyteam Menzies Business Lounge Gothenburg GOT Landvetter Airport Sweden Review

➥ All the “stuff” even Delta elites get wrong (and should know better)!

➥ The Delta Air Lines T2 LAX experience – What you can expect flying Delta in Los Angeles

➥ What caught my attention from the $DAL Delta Q2-17 earnings call (from a frequent flyer’s perspective).

Updates: Delta / Amex new card credit, Fly Now, Earn Later & 747 Mileage Run updates!

➥ Eataly Chicago – it’s like IKEA just filled with Italian goodness!

BREAKING: Delta plans to devalue / copy United’s credit card elite waiver ONLY to Platinum status for 2019 Medallion year!

➥ Has Delta ever #Coultered you out of your seat? Seat “mix-ups” are an ongoing issue for Delta you know…

➥ If & When Delta Amex MQD waiver changes – “Thinning the herd” may not be great for remaining Diamond Medallions as they think it will be!

➥ Rookie Wednesday: Is there a way to check if your Delta flight will have the FAST Gogo 2Ku Wifi? YES (mostly)!

➥ Can we help give Delta other choices for the Delta / Amex Diamond MQD waiver changes?

➥ Delta Air Lines Los Angeles LAX Terminal 2 – T2 Sky Club Review

➥ What a Brilliant Personal Touch! This Is Way Better Delta Than a Forced GST “Thank You”!

➥ Delta & Travel News Round-Up: Value of SkyMiles, Delta to Finance LGA, Finger Print Boarding Pass & More!

➥ It’s fun to fly AA now and then to compare Delta to AA 1st class meals – I like this cold shrimp salad!

➥ Which Country Are International Airports In? And, What if you Lose Your Passport?

➥ Review: Delta’s new LSTN Delta One headsets. Are they worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Los Angeles LAX Terminal 2 – T2 Review

➥ WARNING: Delta’s Elite MQM Points “Estimator” is Still Really Busted & Displaying Inflated Earnings!

➥ Does a Delta First Class Lunch have to look good to be good? How much does presentation matter to you?

➥ Delta Air Lines T2>T3>TBIT transfers – I could do this all day long – #AVgeek fun in LAX!

➥ Can I book two seats for myself with my Delta / Amex Bogo cert? Yes – but there are drawbacks.

➥ If you still don’t have TSA PreCheck (and CLEAR) don’t complain about long airport security lines!

➥ F-Rated Car rentals, Ryanair & Alitalia?, Delta wants faster security in SEA & much more!

➥ I just got a HILARIOUS scam call pretending to be from Delta – You will love the voicemail!

➥ Musing over the state of the travel & points “game” for 2018 – Things are going to be very different.

So we have about 1 month left of summer. I cannot wait for a bunch of things like the coming eclipse as well as making my final tweaks for my parts at the Chicago Seminars in October (hope you will be there btw). How has your summer been so far?  – René


I miss these from Sweden!



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