New Delta Amex Reserve card offer 40,000 SkyMiles + 10,000 MQMs after 3k spend!

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Best offer I have ever seen for this card.

This is the highest offer I have seen for years for the Delta Amex Reserve card (only the personal CREDIT CARD seems to have the increased offer).

If you are short 10k Delta MQMs for your elite status for 2018 (we are earning for 2018 now in 2017) this is a sweet deal being able to pick up, after 3k spend, 40k SkyMiles worth at least 1 cent each value if you do Pay With Miles tickets (more if you can find good award tickets). Either way that many bonus SkyMiles all but wipes out the non-waived $450 first year fee.

This card allows the card holder, when flying Delta, complimentary access into the Sky Club the day you fly (before, when connecting and after flights).

Also keep in mind this new card bonus offer is subject to the AMEX once in a “lifetime” new card bonus. If you have never had this card (or Amex says you have never had it) you can get this bonus. Do NOT UPGRADE but apply for a new card to make sure you get the bonus. Then cancel older cards if you wish to do so.

Any questions on this offer ask away in the comments below. – Rene

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  1. @Rene- With the nutty stuff that’s been occurring on some flights recently, flight attendants may have to carry “sky clubs” during flights.

  2. If I’ve already received 30k MQMs from the personal Reserve card, will AMEX give me the bonus 10k MQM for the $3000 spend on a Business Reserve card? I’ve never had the Business Reserve before.

  3. Done. I’l apply this afternoon. the 10K MQM’s will push me above Plat with almost 5 months to run to Diamond… and I don’t have to leave my house and fly all over creation.

  4. @Kevin – The biz card yes you can get it if you have the personal card. Do notice you do NOT get the 40k SkyMiles bonus like the personal card offer.

  5. Any idea how long they’re running this? I’d prefer to hold off and get the MQMs in 2018 (they would not post until the spend was met, I assume).

  6. What’s the best way to ensure I am requesting a new card and it doesnt turn up as an upgrade to my current amex instead?

  7. @rene If I have the platinum delta personal card would I be eligible to get this card and bonus?

  8. @Rick – Yes if you have never ever had the Reserve card bonus before you bet you can. Get this card then decide what to do with Platinum later.

  9. @Mel – Great question. Clear your cache and do NOT log in to Amex. Apply new and just put in your SkyMiles number when you apply.

  10. @Steve – This is not official through the affiliate channel so while I do get credit if you use our Delta Amex link (via the card page) I can not tell you just how long this offer will be around. My wife needs MQMs but not till 1JAN so we are in same boat as you. Doubt it will last THAT long. Maybe a month or two.

  11. I am still on the fence as to if I really need this card. I will reach diamond the second week of September this year. Have already been doing great at platinum upgrades clearing for first, and imagine diamond will be even better. I am neck and neck with MQMs vs MQSs for getting my status. And will have the spend required for diamond as well. This year the MQD waiver I have with my plat card is helping me but none of my travel habits will be changing for next year so I will reach everything organically. I am trying to convince myself as to why I need this card because of the 40k skymes, but maybe I just don’t. Any thoughts? Maybe a refreshed review post of this card?

  12. Rene I did what @Mel did (applying separately rather than as an upgrade) when getting the Platinum card in June. I hit the spend limit a few weeks ago but have not seen the 10,000 bonus MQMs or the bonus Skymiles come into my account yet. Do they not come until the statement period ends, which is mid-August for me? Will probably pass on this since I opened the Platinum two months ago but interesting to see such a long spend threshold for 10,000 MQMs.

  13. Hi Rene. I have a Delta Reserve Business but not personal. Does that me I won’t get the 10,000 MQM bonus? Also the MQM’s rollover don’t they? So, what are questions about needing MQM’s for next year about?

  14. @Mark – Biz and personal are unique products. You can hold both and get new card bonus 1x for each. These MQMs are just like any other and will roll over if you meet roll over levels yes.

  15. @Rene – Bummer. Just got the SkyMiles Plat less than 2 months ago. Spending req. is met, but I like to wait at least 90 days in between cards. Thx.

  16. Sorry if this question has come up before….but I’ve seen many different answers on the internet so I’m looking for a current opinion.

    I currently have a Delta AmEx Platinum….upgraded from the gold product a few years ago. At that time I received 5,000 MQM for upgrading.

    I’m need of MQM this year and considering this Delta Reserve Offer. Which of the following answers is true?

    1. I’m eligible for this offer and all related bonus miles and MQM.
    2. I’m eligible for this offer, but only 5,000 MQM since I already received 5,000 for platinum.
    3. Not eligible for any bonus due to AmEx “once in a lifetime rule”.

    Any guidance you can provide would be much appreciated!

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