ALERT: Delta SCS Impacting Flights all the way into 2018 – Check “Everything”!

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Delta, I think I see a problem here…

If you are a regular blog reader you know that I could (and maybe should) put up a post every single Sunday for readers to please check their Delta flights to see what SCS (Schedule Change Saturday) has brought us this week. Some weeks are worse than others and this is just such a week. First, if you are new to this weekly practice from Delta, see these posts for more background info:

As you can see from my screen shot at the top of this post for a flight in 2018 the change this week is impacting flights, not just over the next few months, well into next year. I don’t think even with a Porsche ride gate-2-gate I will be able to make the connection Delta has changed me to. 😉

Bottom line is what this and every such SCS means for you and me is that we need to:

  • Check each and every flight. Delta does not always tell you they are changing things
  • Check your connections. They may be “illegal” and you will (could) miss-connect.
  • Check your seats. Delta may have moved you from your “perfect” seat.
  • Check your aircraft type. You may have been downgraded to a jet you don’t like.
  • Check partner connections. Like mine you may land after the other flight departs.

Please even go as far as to check that Delta did not simply cancel a last leg of your flight and now you are only flying half way to your destination (yes, it does happen folks)! There can be times Delta decides to no longer fly to where you are going and then your choices suddenly are very limited and you just hope a partner still goes where you need to go.

I know with almost 20 trips on the way with Delta this year and next I will be spending hours today on the phone with the Medallion line. – René


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  1. My husband and I are out of town on a work trip and we checked our Delta account yesterday and noticed he was not scheduled on the first leg of our trip. Somehow, they dropped him from that first flight. If we had not checked, he’d get to the airport Monday with no flight and I’d probably be on my way to DTW by myself. Luckily we book with a travel company for work and I called to have them fix it but it would have been a real nightmare if we hadn’t checked early enough to fix the problem.

  2. @Alex – Thanks for the data point. I so wish Delta would either alert us to these or allow us to use Award Wallet again to notify us of Delta changes!

  3. Thankfully, the only impact to me appears to be a slight equipment “upgrade” from a CRJ7 to a CRJ9 on my DTW-YUL segment in October. One extra row of first = better odds! 😉

  4. I’ve been working for the past 24 hours to save an elite mileage run on 10/31/2017 that was destroyed yesterday when Delta eliminated EVERY redeye from SLC to every East coast destination. It’s the ONLY date on which the redeyes disappeared. And it’s my day of travel. Bummer.

    Coincidence? Has Delta targeted me? Is it Russian interference?

  5. It looks like they added in some A350 legs. We were plane changed on both legs to ICN to A350s!

  6. actually got a change notice email for our trip in november does not usually happen!!!!

  7. I actually got a notification for the change to my May 2018 flight (DTW-ICN), showing the old and new times; perhaps because it was international is why I was notified? This is exactly what they should do – why they heck is this not consistent is beyond me (I assume poor management of their I/T, as usual, is the culprit)

  8. Weird, one of my upcoming flights this fall now shows a CRJ900 instead of an A320. However, our seat assignments are still 13D and 13E. So am I sitting outside the airplane? Not according to the seatmap. There I see 4 rows in first class in a 2-2 layout and 23 1/2 rows in economy (c+ and main cabin) with a 3-3 layout. Quite a lot of seats for a CRJ900.
    Another flight also experienced an equipment change, an E175 has been replaced with … a CRJ900. This time with 1-2 in first class and 2-2 in economy and a total of 76 seats if I counted them correctly. What a difference, huh?
    And what a bummer, a CRJ instead of the Embraer …

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