Kool new tiny upgrades to Delta domestic 1st class. Little things do really matter. #PaxEx

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This is just so smart Delta!

I love flying Delta and seeing what’s new. Take the above as one tiny example. Normally, for years and years, Delta has had some kind of standard hanger and sometimes has tags where the FA can write down manually your seat row and number. However, much of the time those are not stocked and the result is a Coca Cola napkin is skewered and the info is scribbled onto it.

With this handy new Delta branded hanger not only are they saving paper (good for the environment) but also it is a quick way to spin the dials to where you are sitting. Such a simple but brilliant idea. I love this kind of “Keep Climbing” Delta thinking.

Really organic!

Then we have some new goodies in the 1st class snack basket to liven things up. We have an organic new type of chip. I know it is organic because it is stated so no less than SIX TIMES on the front of the bag! 😉

While this may sound like a strange combination of stuff for a chip I really liked it a lot. But don’t think just cuz they advertise only 80 grams of calories these are a super healthy alternative. As a comparison “Cape Cod Kettle Chips” by weight would have 100 grams. I guess if you went for 2 bags then the calories would add up. Either way, I enjoyed these and would grab them again.

YUCK – I hate these. You?

Having just praised Delta for the two above items one thing I am not happy with at all is the change of pretzels to these horrid gluten-free things seasoned with olive oil and sea salt. Oh my, they are just nasty. Once you are done your tongue has some kind of coating that feels like you just ran it across the bottom of your shoe (I did not test that btw nor am I recommending it to test)! Maybe it is just me and others think these new “enhanced” sticks are amazing. You tell me.

Have you seen other tiny but meaningful changes Delta has been making that is impacting your travels in a good (or bad) way? Let us all know and comment below! – René





  1. Brilliant idea on the coat hangers!! Thanks for noticing and reporting, René.

    The Mozaics are my fave. They aren’t new at all; in fact, I’ve gotten concerned that their DL rotation may almost be over. Hopefully they’ll get chosen again. I totally agree about the pretzels. I LOVE that DL is offering a GF item like this to all passengers, but these have to be the worst GF pretzels imaginable. I’m sure DL got a fantastic deal from this company, and it’s potentially great exposure for a brand that likely no one has ever heard of before. However, I wouldn’t say it’s *positive* exposure since most feel as we do about these and would certainly never buy them.

  2. Snyder’s of Hanover makes really good gluten-free pretzels. Like, better texture than the regular kind. Too bad DL went with that weird concoction.

  3. As always, thanks Rene for your update. I had not noticed the hanger tags, but I had noticed the food. After 25 years and multi-million miles I am finally complaining-the new food selection is abysmal. Apparently someone at Delta has decided to feed us snacks we don’t want, followed by meals that we won’t eat. I understand a need to appeal to a healthier alternative, but they need to look at their average diamond flyer. I don’t want Quinoa oatmeal, I want regular oatmeal. I don’t want some inedible salmon crap, I want edible chicken, beef or beans. I certainly don’t want some spicy indeterminable dish on a 5 hour flight, I want something I can actually eat without worry of heartburn or worse. And the snacks-what happened to plain old SunChips, plain old pretzels, plain old granola instead of this Kashi crap and veggie chips. Why don’t we change the name from Delta to “Ohmmm” airlines and all be required to hold hands and hum Kumbayah together before takeoff?

  4. So the chips are organic, huh? 😉
    I wasn’t aware of how hanged jackets were organized before that. I thought that maybe they use a specific order in the closets or something like that. Well, these new hangers are sure an improvement then.
    Loved your comment about licking shoes 😉

  5. I absolutely loved the milk chocolate/caramel squared cookies they had in the basket last year. Then they were gone. But now they have brought back a dark chocolate/caramel mix cookie that is also very enjoyable.

  6. I like the cookies with the chocolate in them and the new mosaic chips are good. On flights without a meal service that are over a couple hours long like ATL/DTW I wish they would offer something like a fresh fruit cup or a cold sandwich.

  7. I love the new gf snacks. I was concerned after the old peanuts went away that there wouldn’t be any more gf options on the plane. Kudos to Delta for keeping in mind that some people have food restrictions and trying to accommodate as many as they can.

  8. I like the chips and really like the KIND granola bars. Simple and delicious and relatively healthy.

  9. On a round trip flight this weekend we were served toasted almonds on both legs. No peanuts were available .They were quite tasty.
    I wonder if this is an upgrade or just to avoid the the peanut allergies, which seem to be more frequent these days.

  10. Rene! I wish Delta would ‘keep climbing’ with its actual meals, but the last year has been a real disappointment.

    Seems with the new fancier place settings the quantity of food is less and the ingredients lower quality (more white rice fillers). Feels like flying AA rather than the special things DELTA used to provide.

    Even the Premium TRANSCON feels watered down from what it was when MICHAEL CHIARELLO was the master chef.

  11. The switch to honey-roasted peanuts was a bad idea. Aside from diabetics, there are plenty of paleo/keto folks who limit their sugar intake.

  12. I’m quite happy with the healthier meal options Delta has been offering. The meatballs were delicious in D1 last month (if not a bit salty), the veggie wrap in C+ on Transcon routes is really tasty and healthy, and I’m glad they’re including some healthier (though not entirely healthy) options in the snack basket. Things like quinoa, whole wheat, and flax seed are premium ingredients which are quite pricey, so kudos to Delta for spending a bit more to provide healthier options.

    Keep it up, Delta. I like being able to go for a run or workout after I reach my destination and not be weighed down by crap food.

  13. The stix pretzels taste like stale cardboard!!! bring back the real PRETZELS –fresh ones!!! please

  14. Recently flew business from Manila to Narita to Detroit to Memphis…my last 747 experience for awhile! Delta food was awful, just over cooked, rubber carrots and such blah presentation…then the snacks from detroit to memphis???? It was crap..no popcorn, no potato chips..jjjeeezus i settled for a freakin banana in first class…that is just sad!! I will go back in september on china eastern business..now they know how to do it right…no worn out narrow hard cushions like delta 777, these are new beautifully accented birds and the food…..last trip i had huge roasted lamb, to die for. Looks like as Delta will screw me on ever getting a GU upgrade on their 350 configuration im looking at other ways to asia!

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