Be watchful with your “Connection” flights with ExpressJet & Delta partnership ending!

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The past two weeks have seen mega impacts on my nearly 20 booked trips on Delta over the next few months (including ones into 2018). But more is likely on the way with the early exit of ExpressJet serving as a connection carrier for Delta leaving now only 5 flying for Delta.

  • ExpressJet™ <- Buh-bye
  • Compass <- Owned by Trans States Holdings
  • GoJet Airlines <- Owned by Trans States Holdings
  • Endeavor Air <- Owned by Delta
  • Republic Airline
  • SkyWest

Lest we forget, not too long ago Delta sued it’s partner Republic but that has now worked out. Still, the bottom line, with the new CS100’s on the way next spring (starting in NYC & LAX), Delta is going to more and more control it’s own connections and that is a good thing to me.

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But what this will do is mess up your seats a bunch as aircraft are swapped around. Also so important, and the reason for this post today, is while Delta will now and then tell you when your flights are changed they will never EVER tell you when your seat has changed. Mainline swaps happen more than you think and you need to check.

Clearly no one would complain if a CRJ200 is swapped out for a CRJ900 that has not only very respectable domestic 1st class seats but a “real” Comfort+ section as well. But you may have “opted out” of a C+ upgrade before so as to not end up in row 1 bulkhead and now that a larger jet is in play you may want to opt back in!

Personally I think we are going to see a ton of regional and mainline changes and we need to be aware. I have had a 777 inserted where I had an A330 (thanks a LOT Delta – #SaidNoOneEver) as well as 717 changed out for A319 and others. Often flying with my wife going from a 2-3 to a 3-3 seat setup means Delta often puts me in the aisle and my wife in the window with a seat between us. So you need to be vigilant if this matters to you. – René


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