This Delta (Connection) FA almost made me want to fly more CRJ200s (I did say almost – yes)!

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CJ – you are amazing!

WoW. No let me say that again – WoW! And I am saying that due to an experience on a CRJ200. Err, what, what did you just say? Did you hit your head really hard recently, Rene? Or was it that your mother dropped you on your head when you were little (no, that did not happen either).

Seriously let me tell you what happened. First off, yes I am the one who just got done a few weeks back going no holds barred about why we should despise CRJ200s and now you are suggesting you want to fly one. Well, almost… 😉

Let me try to explain. We all know Delta is trying to thank us for loyalty and especially so if we are Diamonds (and 1, 2, 3+ million milers). We know they are using the hand units and even have been on international flights instructed to write hand written notes. They have the info about us and the mothership is pushing employees to make sure “we” know they like and appreciate us. Yes, it is still nice despite knowing they are told to do this.

So get this – The flight from Kalamazoo to Detroit is about 19 minutes with a head wind. It takes way longer to taxi and land than to fly. Yes, this is a short flight. So short that most times the FA will just stay in their seat and not even come with cups of water and a liter bottle like on the South Bend to Detroit. But CJ did a bit more.

Before flight, after he had done all his safety bits (I dumped my C+ seat for exit row) he came up to me and thanked me for my loyalty to Delta and for always choosing Delta for my travels (from the printed passenger manifest). Yes, nice. Then he surprised me. He said this is a very short flight but is there anything at all you need once we get up in the air or anything he could do to make the flight better?

WoW – Really?!

I was just stunned. For any number of reasons I said no, I am just fine but just the offer was amazing. I guess even if I had wanted something being the only one offered service would have been a bit strange but just the offer itself was impressive. I guess if CRJ200s had mini water bottles I would have asked for one of those as they are always nice and to enjoy.

Bottom line I was expecting to be really cynical about the new Delta thank you efforts but as usual it is Delta people who take it to a level I did not expect on “paper”. Well done, CJ (as always) Delta folks – Keep Climbing! – Rene



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