Free Prosecco in Delta C+, Current 1st Class Snacks, Promo Ending, Soap Issues & More bits to catch up on.

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This makes C+ a little better

Today I have over half a dozen little bits that on their own do not deserve their own post so I will just touch on each one and move on. The first one is in response to a reader question that yes you can get “free” sparkling wine, or Prosecco, in Delta Comfort Plus if they have not run out yet. It does make for a very good mimosa as this wine is on the sweet side. The gluten free pretzels are still, however, nasty as ever and are to be avoided.

Here is your 1st class dining?

I have forwarded the link to my post about food, and your overwhelmingly one sided votes, to the food PR person at Delta Corp. I do not expect any changes so here are the current lunch and dinner choices on so many 1st class flights you can look forward to? I also asked (again) about just when we are going to get the promised option to pre-order 1st class meals. I will let you know if I get any updates.

Meh (even if targeted)

If you were targeted for the “Shop & Dine” offer it ends 30SEPT17 and your purchase needs to post before the end date so if you were targeted and if you are going for it, do it sooner than later. Gosh I hate targeted offers – just make these open to everyone, Delta (even if they are not that great)! I chase MQMs nowadays not SkyMiles anyway unless they are from a really good new card offer.

I hate when I get lotion vs soap. You?

You never know what tweet is going to get folks blood going and this one did (viewed over 4,000 times). The reactions to my question “So how many times have you in [the] #Delta #SkyClub gone for soap & got lotion?” are really great. Feel free to add to the fun!

Really dude? Really?

Would you believe I have just recently had my first ever A321 ride? Yeah, instead I seem to spend all my time on 737-900ERs (thankfully in 1st most of the time). I kinda was happy on this short ride to be in the exit row as I wanted to see if the leg room was as good as many have said. It is impressive but did not stop someone from putting their feet on the back of the row in front of him – sigh!

Smart idea DTW

They seem to be moving the gate/aircraft info signs in DTW or Detroit’s main A concourse center area. Smart move as folks gathering (either side) just at the bottom of the escalator to the plane train above (and blocking the walk way) is really irritating. This will be a much better location and help those entering the concourse from security, so nice “enhancement” Delta! Now if you could add some kind of EPQS to DTW that would be grand as boarding can often block the entire concourse.

Photo Credit: Delta on Flickr

Delta is refreshing the Delta One Tumi kits and you can, if you go to a “real” Tumi store (i.e. not one in an airport) with it you can get it personalized after the flight (yawn). Oh it seems Delta is also going to offer an eye shade and ear plugs for all of coach (international flights that is). I hope they have gotten rid of the nasty cheap chemical smell on the shades they had before that made them all but unusable in C+.

So those are my bits and bobs I wanted to catch you up on this month. Were there other Delta changes or improvements or downgrades or whatever we need to know about? Please comment below on this post! – René




  1. I already put a note in one of my surveys last month asking them to introduce the “pillar” boarding at DTW, but I suspect it will be many more months before they even test it, as it was only rolled out in ATL Concourse B last time I was there in June. Even if they have to remove a row or two of seats in some of the gate areas to do it, it would be worth it since so many people stand in the concourses anyway. For as much as I joke about kettles, it’s not all Zone 1s & 2s either – Sky & Prem folks are guilty of contributing to it, too. I at least try to wait until boarding starts, and then do my best to tuck myself up against a wall so that I’m not “that guy” blocking the flow of traffic.

  2. When they have the snack tray in domestic first, how many snacks is it “acceptable” to take?

  3. Got the almonds other day in domestic coach and really liked. I would take almonds all day over peanuts or pretzels. A “first world problem” I am having is that I have had over 6 international round trips on Delta One all from the US to Europe in the last 3 months. Well, they have the same exactly wine list on every single flight. I understand they buy many bottles and have to use them but it would be great to see some other options there.

  4. @Santastico – Agree. The almonds are very nice. I would like them to take extra INT wine stocks and mix them up domestic and have added INT choices each month.

  5. pretzels are horrid!!! On a flight recently i got a different Prosecco..a little drier??Avina i think it was now i ask if they have it all of the time!!They do buy alot of specific wines Lots of it so need to use it..I am hoping for some albarino soon!!!!!

  6. Another +1 on the new pretzels tasting old and nasty 🙁

    Delta: please bring back the Snyders pretzels. And soon!

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