“You will never be forgotten” tombstone left behind at airport & other crazy things!

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This one just demands a post. Yesterday I was listening to “Wait wait don’t tell me” on NPR and they mentioned this gem that apparently, per The Evening Herald, one of the items that has been left at the airport was a tombstone that had the above inscribed on it. Oh my. It also has a long list of other strange things left behind like:

  • A toilet
  • A life-size mannequin
  • Human ashes
  • False teeth
  • Eye glasses
  • Crutches
  • Wheelchairs

Now I don’t get the need to have your own toilet seat with you nor a life-size mannequin since they can not earn SkyMiles (you have to be an alive human). Human ashes are sad that they ended up lost.

But as for the rest, would you not notice your teeth, glasses, crutches or a wheelchair is missing? I mean are not these things just kinda needed if you have them I ask you?

The rest of the post covers a number of banned items folks tried to get past security. If you want a giggle check those out as well! – René



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