17,000+ Delta MQMs Elite Mileage Run on the Inaugural A350 flight for about 5 CPM? You bet!

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Not bad at just over 5CPM for MQMs!

Normally I would be posting this on the “Mileage Run” part of the blog but since there is just so much interest in the new A350 and the inaugural flight I thought I would pop this one up on the main blog page.

A bunch of readers are going on one of the final few 747 rides in October and that run is still pricing around $700 and 4ish CPM. But if you want to do a Manilla run on the inaugural flight of the A350 you can do it for almost 5 CPM (cents per mile) as you can see above!

The route for the lowest cost has you starting on the 7 or 9 AM flights out of Chicago O’hare on the 30th of October and then the A350 flight out of Detroit getting in late into MNL on the 31th. You could stay a few days or just overnight and fly back on November 1st via Seattle for the lowest price (not an A350 back this route fyi).

Coach out PS back on A350

Another idea, if you want to experience both coach and the new Premium Select (PS) and pick up some extra MQMs (since PS yields 50% more MQMs), would be to fly coach out and then PS back on the A350. This will bring the MQM total up to a massive 21,000+ but the cost does rise to over 6 CPM. Wanna splurge and do PS both ways? 😉

Mega MQMs for PS both ways!

Yep, you can do that as well and fly Premium Select both ways (that includes 1st class on the domestic flights) and you will bring home almost 25,000 MQMs at just under 7 CPM. All of the above are bookable direct on Delta.com btw. Yes, you may have to position to Chicago on October 29th and fly home on the 2nd of November but  for a chance to fly the inaugural I think the above just works if you need to top off your elite totals for the year.

I expect as Delta adds more and more A350’s to the fleet that we are going to be able to find very nice PS elite mileage runs that will include long domestic 1st class legs and prices at or under 4 CPM. Lastly, remember that right now one of the dirt cheapest ways to pick up 10,000 MQMs is simply getting the Delta Reserve card if you have never had it!

Are you tempted to join me on the inaugural A350 flight as a year end mileage run? Did you know Delta is giving us bonus MQMs for booking PS seats? – René





  1. @Robert – No. I am doing it (PS) on SkyMiles out and back DTW-NRT-DTW just to fly it. I have other commitments that block me from doing this one for MQMs or I would.

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