Sweet – Amex Extends 10,000 MQMs + 40,000 SkyMiles to Business Reserve Cards!

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10k MQMs + 40k SkyMiles? Yes please!

You would not believe the number of e-mails I get each week asking does Amex ever offer a larger Delta Reserve card bonus. My answer has always been the same – never – until now that is. They recently bumped up the bonus for the personal card but not for the business version of the Reserve card. They have now extended the larger offer to both cards!

Personally, if I had not had or held both of these cards before (I have held the business Reserve for years now) you could not stop me from going for one or both of these cards for the bonus MQMs or Medallion Qualifying Miles for my status with Delta. Why?

You can always, if you hold a Gold, Platinum or Reserve Delta Amex cards get 1 cent value for each SkyMile each with PWM or Pay With Miles. Thus you are getting either of these cards, after meeting the minimum spend even with the huge $450 non-waived fee, for net out of pocket of just $50 for 10,000 elite MQMs considering the increased the value of the 40,000 SkyMiles new card bonus. That, my friends, is the cheapest Delta elite “mileage run” you will EVER find and you can do it from home!

Let’s knock out some Q&A on these cards:

1) They are subject to the 1x lifetime Amex bonus so you can only get the bonus for each card 1x ever.
2) Each card is unique so if you have had or hold other Delta Amex cards they do not impact your ability to get this card.
3) Anyone can get business cards – just use your SSN if you are a sole proprietor.
4) You get Sky Club access with either card for you when flying Delta
5) If you can spend $30,000 by 31DEC2017 you will get 15,000 bonus MQMs and SkyMiles this year and a second bonus if you reach $60,000.
6) All MQMs are the same so these will rollover if you have qualified for rollover MQMs.
7) They are credit cards so subject to the 4/5 total Amex cards at one time rule.
8) You will not get the BOGO 1st class cert until next year.
9) Officially you can only get the business bonus for one business even if you own many.

Now I know there are so many who just can not get Delta Amex cards for whatever reasons. I feel for you when you really want to reach the next Medallion level. You are just going to have to fly whatever number of miles before the end of the year and reach the MQD spend level as well. Just know for you all ADAM is ready to help you find whatever custom run, even from your own home airport, to get you what you need and can even help with the MQD issue as well (ask, you may be pleasantly surprised what can happen).

But for the rest it really is as easy as getting one of the best EVER offers from Delta and Amex. To get this many SkyMiles and MQMs is amazing. I honestly have no idea how long either of these offers will last so if you are short on Delta MQMs I would look at either card offer ASAP. Lastly, do NOT log in to Amex to get this offer (you will not see it). You must log out of Amex, clear your cache, then click the link to see the increased bonus offer.

Bottom line – if you need Delta elite points – either of these cards are a must consider vs. flying to Europe and back before the end of the year! – René



  1. I already have a business Reserve card and one personal platinum Amex. Am I eligible for the bonus on a personal Reserve card (never have held that card)?

  2. I cleared the cache as you instructed, and the offer magically appeared. Thanks for the heads up! This gives me a running start for 2019.

  3. I signed up 2 days prior to the personal card offer jumped a month ago and AmEx Customer Service said they will not give me to higher offer …grrrr.

  4. @Jeff Mc – Grrr is right. I wish Amex was like Chase in that they, Chase that is, will match up to 90 days of better offer.

  5. Thanks for us know about the offer. I have no status with any airlines so I think I need 25 MQM’s to get silver by the end of the year, is that correct? Would I get silver next year or in 2019? I don’t think I qualify for rollovers.

  6. @Liz – You would need either $3k MQD spend or 25k Delta Amex spend plus 25k MQMs to be silver for the rest of this year, all of next year, and it would end 1FEB19. You would rollover anything over 25k but under 50k.

  7. Thanks, so if I get one of the cards and spend 25k by the end of the year for the 15K bonus + the 10K for the card, I will get silver. Then next year I spend 60K to keep it going?

    spend $30,000 by 31DEC2017 you will get 15,000 bonus MQMs and SkyMiles this year and a second bonus if you reach $60,000.

  8. @Liz – Spend 30k before 31DEC17 and yes you are Silver with the 10k new card bonus plus spend bonus. If you spend another 30k before 31DEC17 you will get the extra 15k bonus and that yes will rollover into next year.

  9. I’m using Apple Safari browser, I see the offer in American Express website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up using your link. I’d like to give you credit if possible. what am I missing?

  10. @Charly – Try clearing cache, thanks for using my link, do not log in, maybe try desktop setting for Safari, then you should see it. Again big thanks for extra work for support.

  11. Hi, Rene. I received my new personal Delta Reserve. Nowhere in the materials does it mention the bonus offer. This makes me nervous. Is there somewhere that I can see it?

  12. @Carol – You can do an online chat with Amex and do some screen shots but as long as you used my link are are safe (assuming you never had the card ever before).

  13. Is it still available? I cleared cache and tried incognito mode, and another browser. Don’t see it.

    Hoping I didn’t miss out!?

    Great blog, thanks!

  14. I’ve already received 30,000 MQM’s from my personal Reserve card. Are you certain the 10,000 from platinum business will come to me or is Delta restricting this? Thanks.

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