Delta testing new OPT-OUT Comfort Plus Middle seat “upgrade” choice! #KeepClimbing!

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AT LAST DELTA – YES! Please make this a system wide option.

AT LAST! This is what we have been begging for, Delta, ever since you took away choice and made C+ seats an “upgrade”. The choice to opt-out of a center seat that is no bigger than the rest of coach.

Thank you, Delta – Keep Climbing!

Alaska, as we all should know, simply does not upgrade you to a middle seat unless you are traveling with a +1 but at least this gives us a choice.

I know from some sources that Delta HVCs in surveys have been brutal in their feedback about being moved from a perfectly good aisle exit row seat to a middle C+ seat and then not able to switch back.

The bottom line is this upgrade box, if expanded system wide, would put the choice square in the hands of the passenger and you would have to accept either “any” C+ seat or only if a window or aisle C+ seat opens up.

What do you think. Is this, at long last, THE fix for the ridiculous middle seat upgrade mess? – René

(HT to reader Adam)

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  1. So if a window or aisle seat opens up in C+ after Delta allows you to opt out of the dreaded middle seat C+ side-grade, can we still snag that seat? I guess we just call the Diamond line?

  2. I cannot see it in an upcoming reservation. My reservation holds 2 pax, might that be why I do not see it?

  3. @Phil in Atl – If all the instant upgrades are gone, and you are on C+ “upgrade” list, you will ONLY clear into C+ if a window or aisle opens up pre flight or at gate.

  4. Why not go the extra mile and offer a radio button for:

    Aisle only
    Aisle or Window
    Window only
    Any Comfort+ Seat

  5. @Mark – I have to disagree. I will fly 222K miles this year and will not be in a premium seat 15% of the time. For example, this week I had six flights. Two of them we’re not in a premium seat. I hate when that happens.

  6. Hopefully we won’t start seeing I.T. glitches with this like Delta tends to have with other things.

  7. Renee, thank you for your anwswer.
    If the test is a succes, which I hope it will, how do you think Delta will treat 2 pax in one PNR? If I opt for window and aisle only, we might get seperated. No problem there. But if there is only a window/aisle next to a middle, we might not get that because of the middle opt-out. Am I clear enough, English is not my first language.

  8. @Wayne, sure, once in a blue moon I will need to be on a plane with a sold out premium cabin that Rev Mgmt will not over book — but that is quite rare.

  9. i got the middle C minus between a husband and wife for 4 1/2 hours he only sits in the aisle and she only likes the window meaning they had to pass things back and forth and talk over me!! nuts

  10. I completely agree with ORdflyer. I think there are a lot of people who want aisle only as opposed to aisle or window, so why not add that too?

  11. About damn time. How this even started is a customer service mystery. Seems so obvious to anyone with common sense.

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