T-Mobile & Sprint Merging, London Hates Uber, The Real Value of Points, Delta SEA Sky Club the “Best” & more travel news!

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I thought September was a slow travel month. Maybe so, but the travel news sure is not. Let’s get caught up shall we!

Any other travel news headlines worth reading? Please comment below and include the link to the story! – René

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  1. The Forbes article woman sounds entitled to me. Having two rollers is only ever going to be disruptive to other travellers. Why can’t the cheapskate just check it? Or, you know, pack less?

  2. London doesn’t hate UBER it just insists that minican booking services play fair and offer a safe and legal service.

  3. @Ed – Uber seems to work fine in the rest of the world. Maybe just a UK thing. It will make me re-think plans to visit London next year!

  4. @rene: ” It will make me re-think plans to visit London next year!” Sorry Rene, but that is a bit too much. I spent 3 months this summer in London for work. I used Uber twice in 3 months. Why? First, London is an amazing city to just walk if the weather cooperates. Second, the tube system is fantastic. You can go anywhere by using the tube. If you have a contacless Amex card you just touch your card at the tube station and you are good to go. BTW, the daily cap for zone 1-2 travel is £6.50 so if you take the tube in those zones you can use unlimited and only pay that much in 24 hours. Also, if arriving at Heathrow you take the Heathrow Express and in 20 minutes you are in the city. Clean, reliable and priced decent. Last, the only times I used Uber in London I did not like it. The cars were dirty, drivers never turned the AC on and they have this thing of “meeting point” which means they don’t get you where you are but on a closer location. Yes, not a big deal if you know the place but both times I used the service I had the driver call me saying he was waiting for me and I wasn’t there. Well, I was exactly in the place I entered in the app but he wasn’t. In sum, you can visit London and not need a Uber.

  5. I was in London back in February and on the way into town from the airport to make conversation I casually asked the driver how things were going in the taxi industry with Uber. 45 minutes later when he dropped me off at my hotel he was still ranting!

  6. @Santastico – I hate taxis. I really hate London taxis. Yes the public choices are sweet but for me an Uber is almost always in my travel plans wherever I go.

  7. Taxi’s in most cities are dirty,cramped(with the cage) smelly and otherwise very old vehicles …vs Uber clean nice roomy etc..Hands down the better choice but even in the US some city mayors do not think so as does the taxi unions!!!!

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