What is the best Delta Premium Select seat on the new A350? New PR photos are out!

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All photos from Delta Air Lines on Flickr

We are just about 1 month away from the inaugural Delta A350 flight from Detroit to Japan. While many are excited about the new Delta One Suite seats, a.k.a. A Delta One seat with a plastic door, I am stoked about the new Premium Select (PS) seats since they are the first real new seat from Delta in a very long time.

To that end we have the issue of the “best” seat in the PS “cabin” even though it apparently is lacking a curtain divider like Delta One and the rest of the jet. To me the leg room in the bulkhead row looks amazing. Even with the footrest extended, the window passenger should be able to get past.

This does not seem to be the case in the rest of the cabin. Now I know just getting up and down is not the only thing that determines a great seat so let’s speculate from all the photos.

First off, with bulkhead, you have no storage in front of you. Then again, with these new slim line seats, you don’t have a great deal using the seat back pocket in front of you either. I do like the clever place to put your phone or tablet to charge or rest vs. just the seat back.

Next up we do have the fact that the bulkhead will have the IFE in a swing up arm in the seat so these, while yielding more leg room, may give up some seat width to accommodate the entertainment system.

All the seats seem to have arm rest fold out tables. I love these style of tables when they are new. The downside is after a few years they start to sag and you have to get creative with things to keep them at attention.

Another thing I can not wait to test is the last or back row. Sometimes in a premium seat row this is the best choice as you can recline all the way and not bother anyone. Heck sometimes the FAs don’t even ask you to sit up at landing or takeoff and I like that. But other times (think 737-900ER) the back row against the bulkhead has restricted recline!

I am out and back on the A350. I could have selected the 1st row on both flights but went with only one way as I want to test out both seats. I hope also to try the last row if there is no one in it or at least chat with whoever is in it. Maybe they will be a sport and trade for a bit to see.

What do you think. Are you as excited about the new PS seat as I am? What do you think will be the “best” seat on the new jet? – René


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  1. Hi Rene. With the new spend rule in 2019 for Diamonds none of this may matter. What a slap in the face.

  2. No post on $250k Amex Spend for 2019 Diamond?

    I guess this will just take you a couple more days to reach – so no end of the world but a little harder to reach…

    Will thin the herd as you will need a $25k or greater credit line.

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