Future of: SkyMiles, CS100, IFE & the HKG Centurion opening! Some must read blog posts.

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From Brendan Dorsey TPG on Twitter

Boy, you try and take a few days off expecting nothing to happen and then a month’s worth of news hits you in the middle of it all. Ah well. There are 4 posts from the past few days you must read today if you have not yet had the chance yet. They are:

The first one is amazing from TPG. While the seat news is interesting and also the fact that 1st class upgrades are going away ($9.95 up-sells will do that, Ed) what really stood out was:

“Delta realizes, Bastian said, that with MQDs, MQMs and MQSs — Medallion Qualifying Dollars, Medallion Qualifying Miles and Medallion Qualifying Segments — the loyalty program has become pretty complicated. The CEO said Delta “will get to a point where we simplify the structure” of SkyMiles.” – TPG.com

Believe it or not (and I have confirmed this with Delta sources), before SkyMiles 2015 rolled out with what we have now with hidden award charts and such, Delta was ready to move to a fixed value for the SkyMiles program. They got cold feet in the end but clearly the push for this is still alive and well. We should all be very afraid.

Logically the next push, that I know some want to see, is simply a move to MQD “only” based status qualifier. That is, “you are what you spend” elites. You can do it on one flight or 100x, does not matter. That too will likely happen in the not all too distant future i.e. “enjoy” what we have for now. I say enjoy in quotes because clearly the 250k Diamond Amex spend waiver is bat crazy but even being bat crazy is better than none at all (a point some failed to see in the post from Tuesday).

Next up in the must read posts is the one from Live and Let’s Fly. I had this post in my head ready to publish but Matthew did a great job laying it all out.

I love how he points out the hypocrisy of all the players in this new CS100/300 jet mess. We know from the TPG link above that Delta’s CEO is not happy about the CS100 situation. Some are saying if the tariffs stick Delta will scrap plans to buy the jets – that would be most sad for us. I have come to hate most Delta 737’s and this jet would be one I would try to book all I can. I hope the deal does not die!

Speaking of not dying is seat back IFE. I love it! I love plugging in my IFE Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth headphones and not having to burn my phone or laptop power to enjoy entertainment when I fly Delta. For years now experts have said seat back IFE is going away – well maybe not and will in fact improve as we can see from RGN writer John. I like that Delta is pushing for this even if they have to provide subsidies to others to get this done (oh, there is that word again).

With faster Gogo on the way to more and more Delta jets, it will be amazing what a seamless transition we will see from home or office to Sky Clubs to on-board.

Lastly we have the news from OMAAT that the Hong Kong Amex Centurion club will open in October. Now I find myself wanting to book an elite mileage run to HKG just to check it out. I love Centurion clubs and it is one of the reasons I, year and year after year, hold and keep holding my non-Delta Amex Platinum Business card (that and the free 10x international Gogo passes and 35% points back when I book Delta tickets, that is).

I also love that Centurion clubs exist at all. They are “forcing” if you will, airlines and other lounge networks to provide better services, food and drink to compete with the unquestioned Centurion standard of what an airport lounge experience should be.

Any other blog headlines that are a do-not-miss we need to see? Include a link below. – René






  1. As for the $250K Am Ex DM spend waiver I wonder if it would be possible to file a class action lawsuit against Delta under the 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law) in light of the fact that Delta requires those of us who live in the United States to meet Medallion spend thresholds but does not require it for those who live outside the U.S.?
    Are there any constitutional law experts willing to weigh in on the subject?

  2. HKG won’t work for me October or November (sad face) but December might work! I need the miles too.

  3. No it’s too far to ride in the back because you suckers took up all the seats upfront. I’ll take the PM flights arriving right after all you DMs, unless someone has GUCs looking for a home 🙂 I am interested in Hong Kong BBQ too btw.

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