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Delta Air Lines is Sending out Free “Real” $180 LSTN Headphones to Some Medallion Elite Fliers!

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Let me start off with why I said “real” LSTN headphones in the title of this post. You see, in Delta One (and Premium Economy seats call Premium Select) Delta is now using a cheap version of the LSTN headphones that most who have tested are not all that impressed with.

But for a select group of Medallions who are really spending many thousands of dollars this year with Delta they are being sent an impressive gift worth about $180. They are receiving a set of LSTN Wireless Troubadours Zebra Wood On-Ear Headphones with Delta branding.

Reader Bill reached out to me and shared the following about the box that showed up at his door as well some thoughts on Delta in general with all the changes happening to the loyalty program:

“When it comes to airlines, I’m a Delta fan boy – I hope that doesn’t impact my objectivity – I just like the brand… HOWEVER, I do not like what they have done with SkyMiles….

First my thoughts on Loyalty – In the moment, I want to be treated with respect, and get to my destination on-time, every time. For me, being platinum is about having an easier travel experience, talking to better agents on the phone, and overall, having a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to my travel (waived same-day changes, platinum medallion line, Elite Plus benefits). Given my company pays for most, if not all of my travel, SkyMiles is what I get to use for my personal travel. And I’ve managed some pretty awesome SkyMiles redemptions.

As far as the LSTN headphones, it was a super fun surprise. It made me feel special, which in the moment, is what I like. I like feeling like I’m recognized for the money that is spent, the miles I have my “butt in the seat” and how long I travel – Going to Singapore six times a year is no easy trip. I felt the same way today as when I was operationally upgraded from Shanghai to LAX into Delta One, it made me want to fly that route again just in case it would happen. Not having status, it never would have happened.

YES, SkyMiles are almost worthless, but for me, “loyalty” matters most in the moment you need it, and can depend on the agent behind the counter, over the phone or on the plane to take care of you.?” – reader Bill

Thank you so much Bill for sharing your thoughts. I too am a huge Delta fan and fan of Delta people that really do  #StriveForFive  each day and when I fly other airlines I miss Delta so much! As to SkyMiles, well, I agree with you there too!

Did you get a set of headphones in the mail? What do you, as a Delta loyalist, think about them sending these headphones as gifts? Have your feelings or loyalty towards Delta changed after ALL the years of changes to the SkyMiles and Medallion program? Let us know in the comments below! – René


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Now I wonder is LSTN a good headphone? I’ve never heard it before….

  2. I wonder how these compare with Bose QC. I was thinking of upgrading mine since they are getting pretty old but the LSTN are a lot cheaper. I’m also concerned with noise blocking though, there have been times on redeyes where I’ve just turned the noise cancelling on to block out noise. The headphones they used to have in D1 weren’t good for that so I always used my bose QC when I wanted to sleep

  3. As I just finished a rt on delta one where they had the lstn headphones, I have to say they were beyond terrible. The sound and noise cancelling was atrocious in my opinion. I would not pay $100 for them let alone $200.

  4. I was surprised to receive these yesterday as I don’t make MQDs for DM — but I have bought a number of FC tickets this year.

    I still use my Bose QC-25 — just added a bluetooth dongle for them. While I appreciate the gesture, I am not sure the LSTN are the best headphones for travel — they don’t fold and they don’t have active noise cancellation. I have a European trip coming up in about 10 days and haven’t decided yet which headphones to bring.

  5. We just completed a round trip to Singapore via Japan and used a couple of our Diamond global upgrades for the trip. We used the new LSTN headsets on three of the flights in Delta One and weren’t particularly impressed. My Bose QC-25 headsets seem to be much better at noise cancelling than the LSTN’s. The sound quality was pretty good with the LSTN’s in my opinion.
    About a month ago, Delta sent my wife (she is also a Diamond) a Dean and Deluca gift box with six tins of chocolates, nuts, jelly beans, etc. and the same type of loyalty card inside. Since we are both retired and always look for the cheapest fares and mileage runs, I guess Delta doesn’t consider us big spenders and we don’t get the headsets.

  6. Mine haven’t arrived yet. Till then I’ll stick with my Bose.

  7. I have been a Diamond for years and I DID NOT receive a set, between that and Delta raising the MQDs I may just jump ship.

  8. Got mine yesterday too. I have the wired Sony MDRNC200D noise cancelling headphones which fold up nicely for travel. I’ll have to compare the sound of each.

    My wife was a little jealous since she has more seat miles than me and is already Diamond for next year but nothing for her…

    We have a trip to Singapore this weekend and hoping the arrival of the headphones doesn’t me our Global Upgrades are not coming through!

  9. I am Diamond and have not received it. Do you know how much you need t spend to qualify?

  10. I was surprised to find a pair of these headsets on my doorstep today. I am DM every year but must rely on the MQD exemption to qualify.

  11. Not yet… but checked the mail 4 times today… choose me PLEASE>>>>

  12. These headphones must be parting gifts for DMs who are saying bye bye delta over the September 25 massacre..

  13. Love to know what kind of algorithm Delta uses to determine who gets these. Mine arrived this week. Altho I was platinum for years I dropped down to gold in 2017 and will not make platinum in 2018. No high-dollar spend, either. OTOH my Brother-in-law who has 420,000 MQMs and $120,000 in spend so far in 2017 got nada.

  14. Its’ the apparent RANDOMNESS of this that bothers me. I have a great set of BOSE and don’t need these. BUT, as a Diamond/Miliion Miler with >$40K in TICKET spend this year (and more coming) not sure why my account wouldn’t be selected vice some of the other folks who have received them. Seems poorly executed if the idea is to reward loyalty

  15. Did anyone who received the headsets also get the Tiffany Million Miler bag tag a few years ago?

  16. Seriously, in a world with bloggers and forums where people share this stuff the lack of uniformity just makes the diamonds who didn’t get it resentful.

  17. While I was pleasantly surprised to receive the headphones (and they are quite good at noise canceling), I am sad to say that this is likely my last year as a Diamond and my last year as an exclusive Delta customer. I attained this status with a combination of flying and AMEX spend. My employer will only pay for coach, making it difficult to spend $15K per year, although I fly to Europe at least 4 times per year and at least 10 domestic flights per year, frequently coast to coast. My husband, also a Diamond for 6 years, flys more than I, but under the same employer – mandated coach restrictions. The regional and global upgrades have made flying Delta our only choice, until now. My children have never flown on any airline but Delta, and they are now teenagers. With the new 10X increase in MQD requirement for Diamond status, my husband and I will drop our Delta AMEX cards (keep our AMEX Business Platinum Cards) and our family will now begin to fly Southwest domestically, and any airline that has the best, most affordable fares to Europe. Such a shame: Delta has not only lost our loyalty, but that of the next generation, who saved their miles for our family vacations.

  18. This is my last year as Diamond, which I have been since 2010; the inconsistency of this type of thing – as well as other perks I read about yet never get, like the Porsche rides – plus the program changes – leave me felling unappreciated. I’m moving to Flying Blue as my primary program instead (pros and cons to that program for sure, but for work, Skyteam is the main focus), and flying a mix of US carriers, going forward.

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