I am SORRY – IT goofed up! This means you must RE-Subscribe to get Mileage Run e-mails!

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Ooooppsseeee – I am SO sorry. My fantastic team at BoardingArea.com tech (who takes care of the tech side of the blog) accidentally merged all the Mileage Run e-mail subscribers into the main RenésPoints e-mail subscriber list. That, my dear elite points junkies, is why you have stopped getting any “instant” e-mails about sweet runs like:

To be clear, the difference between the mileage run e-mails is they go out as soon as possible and if I post 2 or 3 runs in a day you get an email for each one. The normal blog e-mails are limited to 1x mail a day no matter how many posts go up on the blog.

So how do you re-subscribe again? It is simple to do. Just click here ->   www.RenesPoints.com/RunMail   and then:

You should next see a verification screen. You will get an email for you to confirm you want to subscribe to the run e-mail list.

Lastly, after you have confirmed you should see the above screen. I have run a test post and all seems to be working correctly.

Again, huge apologies for this inadvertent error from the IT team and expect many more cheap sub 4 CPM runs to be posted before the end of 2017 for your 2018 Delta Elite Medallion year. Plus, starting soon, I will be post partner runs as well as an explanation why many of us are going to be flying Skyteam partners rather than Delta on elite runs in 2018! – René



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  1. In the grand scheme of things, this is such a tiny matter. But your handling of it makes me an even bigger fan. I wish big companies would realize that we all understand that goofs sometimes happen, but if you come right out and say whoops, this happened, here’s how we fixed it – with sincerity and transparency, consumers are totally OK with it. Love the blog, appreciate all the advice you share, sending you all kinds of positivity and good vibes this morning! TGIF! 🙂

  2. Are your email lists being managed by Amadeus? Just joking! Thanks for admitting an error was made!

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