DL964 LGA-DTW In-flight Engine Failure, Nobel Prize Explains Jetlag, Deicing jets the Russian way, Government Auditor to look into Airline IT Disruptions & Other Travel News

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Time to make the Delta, Skyteam and other travel news rounds. Some of these, especially the Russian video, will blow your mind – Yikes!

It really is hard to keep up some weeks with the flood of travel news. Any other gems we need to see? Please leave a comment with a link below. – René


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  1. On the fruit fly jet lag, for 20 years I have been using a light manipulation approach documented in the book “How to Beat Jet Lag.” You simply look up your origin and arrival cities, and the book tells you when to be “light” or “dark” (wear sunglasses/eyeshades at sleep). I experience almost no jet lag. I have even have a control group in my family who ignore me and remain upside down for days.

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