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BREAKING: Delta ENDING Woodford Reserve on short flights effective IMMEDIATELY #KeepDescending Delta!

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THIS is why we can stand CRJ200s (in C+)

Here comes yet another amazing nasty horrid enhancement from the Delta mothership. As we all know it is a ridiculous joke that Delta has installed Comfort+ seats on CRJ200 jets. Heck, when you think about it, it is utterly shameful that Delta is keeping these these torture tubes in the air for years and years after the talking heads told us they would be going away (is 2030 soon-ish?)!

I guess never again on short Delta flights. How sad.

Well I hate to tell you this but I have some more bad news to share with you. I have confirmed, with a number of sources inside Delta, that as of 1OCT17 Delta (and Delta connection) flights under 350 miles will only offer 2 beer selections and either a (bad) white or (bad) red wine on the adult beverage side of the drink carts (for Comfort+ & Main Cabin – 1st class unaffected). You understand what this means right?


Devastating – Crushing – #KeepDescending worthy enhancement! Does Delta management not understand that for so many of us this is the only reason these horrid short hops on medieval torture jets are even remotely tolerable? That is the hope that maybe, just maybe, they will have stocked enough of the golden liquid to distract us from the horrid pain and suffering all around us?


I am simply speechless – Shocked even! What in the world are the cheap penny pinchers (think Mr. Ham Sandwich) at Virginia Avenue (the address for Delta in ATL) thinking? They have clearly totally lost it that is for sure.

No, you will NOT get these anymore!

I have reached out to the Delta PR folks and am waiting for an official statement and confirmation of this catering change that I am sure will explain to us all why they are making this adjustment and also justifying why less choice really is in fact good for us and will result in better service for all on-board. I will post that quote once I get it below:

[See HERE for an update from Delta CORP PR folks]

Bottom line – I hate this – and I am sure you do too! I already spend way too much time on short hops to get to Delta hubs to begin with. This latest enhancement not going to make those flights any better. 🙁

But you tell me. Does this change in adult beverage service on short Delta flights upset you or are you simply so accustomed to Delta cut after cut that this is one more reason why you are happy to be ending your loyalty to mother Delta next year and are flying as a “free agent”? – René


(HT to @RenesPoints follower @GoldsteinGregg)

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. This is ridiculous. Just keep the offeringings regardless of the distance.

  2. My inflight combination – Woodford on the rocks
    Your inflight combination – CRJ200 on the rocks.

    That sucks Rene. It seems like when an airline gets a beverage right, they manage to screw it up.

  3. Thank God for Southwest — my new airline for short hops.

    What a terrible disappointment Ed Bastian had been these past few weeks. If he and the other suits are out to sabotage Delta, they’re doing a wonderful job.

    • @Scott – You get the idea. Unless you are OK with a white wine bloody mary?

  4. @ rene — So no liquor at all, not even cheap crap? I don’t drink, so I personally don’t care, but that would be a ridiculous cut to make.

  5. Is this only for the RJs? Will mainline still have it on a flight like DTW-GRR?

  6. They better keep sweetwater. They won’t, it’ll be miller lite and Heineken, you watch.

  7. No Bloody Mary’s???? I have only one RT flight I have to take on that torture tube in my normal rotation of monthly flying. A Bloody Mary down and a vodka tonic back is the only thing that made it bearable. UGH!

  8. Does this include the West Coast Shuttle flights between SFO and LAX at 337 miles? It seems that the Shuttle has a unique set of perks, including free drinks in coach. Typically there is a decent first class meal on the 667 mile flight from San Jose to Seattle.

    BTW, as a soon to be ex-DM, I am planning to pull the trigger on a United status match. One overseas trip in business class will be enough for me to keep Premier Platinum for a year, and if United is acceptable, my $13,000 MQD Delta spend will get me Premier 1K status, which includes six GUCs and two domestic upgrades.

  9. For an airline that’s trying to upsell, upsell, upsell to “first class,” slashing one of the cabin’s main features is baffling. And cheap.

  10. René, what is my serious choice?

    United is a dumpster fire and AA is always delAAyed.

    Right now DL has cerebral flyers trapped. Their on time performance is WHY they can do whatever they want.

  11. When flying from RDU to JFK and SAN to ATL over the last few weeks, I was offered prosecco, which I found interesting… while they might be reducing catering offerings on short flights, they’re improving them on many routes.

  12. I took the DL BOS-LGA Shuttle in C+ yesterday and ordered a Woodford neat. The FA fumbled around for one, but said he needed to retrieve from F. I did see Avion and other spirits and they did advertise a variety of beers. I waited a while (the entire drink service), but I did get my beverage. I actually think they advertised ALL beverages being complimentary to all customers regardless of cabin. Very strange that they are now cutting spirits on other routes. Hopefully this change will not effect the shuttles, but still disappointing. After all 350 is not an insignificant route.

  13. @Justin I’ve never seen Sweetwater offered on a CRJ200 – you must have found the right flight!

  14. David Marquette Reply

    i noticed someone said on a shorter DL flight they were offered prosecco. Thursday night on a 1.5 hr. skywest Delta Connection CRJ900 first, they ran out of white wine. She offered PROSECCO! wow, really, on an RJ!

  15. Had to miserable CRJs this week. Mixed message, but up and we will offer less when you get there. I dropped from Diamond to Plat this year as I had the option of using southwest more in my market. The Woodford loss is a cherry on top of the turd for Delta.

  16. When I ask for Chardonnay, as a Platinum, sadly in my way to Diamond in those cramped Delta Comfort seats, all I get is a lousy Pinot Grigio and a shrug.

    It’s nice that Delta acknowledges Breast Cancer awareness, but spending $$$ on pink things is not necessary.

  17. I don’t drink and that’s not why I fly Delta. I love the planes – all of them, C+ and “FC” upgrades, on time arrivals, fantastic dedicated phone line reps, the entire Sky Club experience – the desk reps, the food, the ambiance, real time tracking of my bags, Priority bag retrieval, skymiles that don’t expire, etc. etc. I’m still a happy camper.

  18. Well since I live in former hub MEM, to get to most destinations we go through ATL which is 331 miles. Every flight is always completely full on the cramped old MD 88. C+ seats are a joke! So goodbye Woodford. Incidentally on a ATL – NRT flight last week Delta ran out of Woodford before the first meal service in coach. Look like they are putting less on even international flights as well.
    Maybe we will all start sneaking miniatures aboard with our other small liquids in our clear plastic bags. Just kidding. You can’t bring your own booze on board. Bet it has been done though.

  19. Rene, are you saying only beer and wine (no Woodford, Jack Daniels, Vodka, or anything else) on those flights?

  20. JEFF THOMAS Reply

    They lost me when Tanqueray was ditched from the menu…
    The upgrade loss will set this seven year Diamond over the edge..
    Hello Southwest

  21. For its next enhancement Delta is going to take away the bottle in front of me, providing me instead with a frontal lobotomy.

  22. This change targets folks who live near delta hubs regardless of their medallion status or credit card and airfare spend.

    They say that breaking up is hard to do. Delta makes it easy.

  23. Rene…..I am flying today PIT-BHM via ATL I will see what happens on the ATL-BHM leg in a bit.

  24. Well, they did say that they are “burning the midnight oil” during the preflight briefing. Some beancounters had too much caffeine.

  25. For those of us that don’t drink, taking away snack box options on HOOU coupons was far worse.

    • @Kevin – I feel you there. That was a really bonehead enhancement. Grr…

  26. miles plus. No company dollars spent here so it is really x’s two for my partner. So far this year it has been impossible for us to use the GU to anywhere we want to go. We do not want to be put on the wait and see list as it is really a mileage run and we are now saying For What? With the $250,000 waiver spend, nope, we are history. It is now going to be free market flying and no more waiting with baited breath to see what the “suits” in ATL plan to do next to “Keep Descending!”

  27. My source says that’s affecting main cabin only. That DC+ and FC will be unaffected.

    • Len – Was told 1st not affected. Only C+ and Main Cabin. If only main cabin better but dumb as many of us like Exit row and use HOOU.

  28. @Rene I guess the FAs on my 717 flight from Madison to Detroit were kind of right. No liquor on short hope effective 10/1 I was in C+, so i am not sure about 1st class.

    I remember taking the delta shuttle from LGA to BOS years ago and they had mini carts with full beverage and half sandwich.

  29. Travis Brendle Reply

    I can totally confirm this. It’s a new service standard for FAs to follow. It was a request from the FA involvement group to allow a more consistent service in C+/Main Cabin on super short flights. As you know, on short flights with larger planes (MD90/739/321), the majority of Main Cabin doesn’t get any service and the FAs get LOTS of complaints, which has affected the bonus structure/SkyBucks payout. It’s super annoying, especially on CRJ200s, where they could do a full service, but will make a more consistent peoduct offering. Now that being said I’m super pissed because Woodford is my drink of choice, always onboard. But as you said, this won’t affect FC.

  30. TJK from DTW Reply

    One wonders though, if maybe this means Diamonds will be getting drink/snack choice when stuck in coach, so they are cutting costs on short routes in advance. *crosses fingers*

  31. Got no good answer for you unfortunately in regards to the memo….had late arriving flight crew who I never could corner long enough to talk to…..once on the air they were so busy I never got to ask.

  32. Not surprised when you look at the competition and what they are doing. Very disappointed. Woodford reserve is the only thing my wife and I order. Penny wise – pound foolish
    We already are booking othe carriers where the cost on Delta is more and the benefits dont justify flying Delta

  33. Thankfully the shortest leg I ever fly (knock on wood) is TPA-ATL at 405 miles. Now I just have to pay attention to all the booking details on other flights. Sad but expected cuts I guess. When will it end?

  34. Another sad day for those of us among the masses who have been relegated to flying in “steerage” class! At least with a sip or two of Woodford Reserve, one could daydream about the bygone glory days of air travel.

  35. Oh, if First isn’t affected, who cares.? Let the coach-dwellers have water.

  36. still shows free alcoholic beverages in C+ for flights over 250 miles.. not under 350 miles. Which is correct?
    I’m betting that there is a reason we call it Delta.dumb.

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