SWAG Saturday (~$700 value): Gogo 25 use PASS good on ANY Gogo equipped flight including international!

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This past week about 20 readers and I had the amazing privilege of touring the Gogo shipping and assembly facility in Chicago. We even got to see a 2Ku unit that was about to be shipped to Bombardier that would soon be installed on a Delta Air Lines CS100 jet. All of us were all in Avgeek overload – but more on that and our visit in a post tomorrow.

For today we have a treat that Gogo gave me to give away on the blog and it is something I have never seen before. You have a chance to win a 25 use Gogo pass that is good on ANY Gogo equipped flight worldwide. When you consider that for us Delta flyers a Gogo global day pass on an international flight can cost you $28 this prize is worth as much as $700 (you can use it on domestic flights as well).

So here are the simple rules. You may comment ONCE per day, each day, until Friday 27OCT17. I will use Random.org to pick the winner late in the day on 27OCT17. Anyone worldwide may enter as I will send the pass to you digitally via a PDF document.

Have fun and I hope you win! – Rene


UPDATE: No more comments we have out winner and it is #336 Chris who commented on October 24, 2017 and said “Gogo A350?


  1. I THINK THIS PASS IS A GOOD DEAL. Wish they would sell them for a reasonable discounted price.

  2. What an amazing world we live in. We can get into giant metal tubes with wings and go from point A to point B over water. And now we can add web surfing and texting to the mix. Now I just need lots of places to go!

  3. I have a 4-day, 12 flight mileage run coming up. This pass would definitely be a productivity boost!

  4. My daughter is traveling Europe and will be home week after next. This would come in handy on that return flight.

  5. Thanks very much Rene. I’m a long time reader of your blogs and articles, which I think are very interesting and useful. Keep up the good work!

  6. I just wished Delta would take your advice…….Thanks for all your great ideas and thoughts.

  7. Have an international trip coming up. Would be very useful if I am selected for such swag prize 🙂

    Appreciate your sharing!

  8. Thank you for educating us about Delta. The interaction with Delta feels sometime like a relationship with an gifted, yet awkward and difficult relative, coworker or acquaintance.

  9. gogo might be slow but it still keeps me online so that I don’t have to take a vacation day. Thanks

  10. Rene
    I hope I win I need a change of luck. My wife and I were going to go to Berlin and Prague for 2 weeks. However I fell and broke 3 ribs. The doctor said no flying for you Buster. I paid $457 for each of theses tickets inAugust. Delta will wave the change but now its a $1500 flight. So were going to Florida instead next month.

  11. Hi Rene,

    Hope I made the deadline. Are you on your way to the Philippines?

    One of these days we’ll fly together…


  12. 2KU definitely makes me more likely to pay for Gogo, especially now that the US Mobile deal appears to be dead. Thanks for doing this, Rene!

  13. I’m in for the GOGO. Wow. Thanks. BTW. Somehow Delta fixed the “problem” on the London/Chelsea raffle. I, a Silver M, was able to enter.

  14. Keeping my fingers crossed while my knees are against my throat onboard American’s 737MAX.

  15. Can’t wait for the post tomorrow! Awesome that they are letting you rewards your readers as well. Hope I am the lucky winner! 🙂

  16. I travel every week. Often use T-Mobile on Delta but long flights and other airlines leave me gogo-less. I need this.

  17. I wonder whether you can switch devices, or whether it’s kind of locked to the first device you use it with. I’m on my third cell phone in the past year!

  18. Work travel plans change, but swag Saturdays are always good to enter no matter where I fly. 🙂

  19. Hey, I was your page flipper for your 1st presentation. Surely I was better than Vanna White. Not as pretty, but pretty good.

    I want to win.

  20. Here’s a thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a gogo access pass for any flight on which you are flying in 1st class? Especially if you are paying out-of-pocket (i.e. not a free upgrade), that would be a nice gesture. Of course, even if you are upgraded, it would still be nice to have free Wi-Fi for that particular flight.

  21. I already got one, so if I win it, I will work with Rene to either donate it to a worthy charity, or have him pass it along to another commenter of my choice. Also, I’m only going to comment once.

    Thanks for organizing this, man. 🙂

  22. There just doesn’t seem to be much motivation to purchase a day pass, or a flight pass, especially at over $20, unless you are running a business from the skies. If all one is doing is sending some emails or surfing some web sites while inflight, I believe that for most persons, the cost-benefit does not add up. Of course, if the price were cheaper, say $5, then I believe almost everyone on the plane would purchase access, and gogo would make more money. Just my opinion.

  23. Day 2 of @gogo swag Saturday ! What a generous give-away!
    Ok, let’s buckle down and #get to work ✈️
    Thank you for your kind generosity

  24. Worldwide pass…now to scour Matrix for a worldwide mega-mileage run deal to go with it. That way I win either way, LOL 🙂

  25. The only thing that could be better than winning Go Go passes would be for Delta to stop hiding seat maps. Come on Delta, seriously? What’s that point?
    Oh well. When I jump ship to Alaska next October 1st it won’t matter any more. You can keep your stinking seat maps.

  26. This would super cool for my three trips on Delta’s new A350 to Manila and Singapore this fall and spring!

    Thanks Rene, I’ve continued to visit your site anticipating learning yet even more AVGEEK speak. Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to win bandwidth at 30k.

  28. “How do I love thee (for offering this giveaway)? Let me count the ways….” I have 18 long-haul flights coming up in January of 2018 alone. I would love to be the fortunate one chosen!

  29. Would be a good travel “companion”, hope you choose my number!! Safe travels Delta peeps. On ATL to OKC flight this morning somewhere over Alabama on the onboard GoGo network to make this post.

  30. I wonder if any possibility exists to expand the free viewing choices available on flights. It would be nice to see live Satellite TV (as offered by a competitor) or more movie options.

  31. Gogo certainly helps me be productive on log flights — when that is the objective… usually I just play card gas on my phone!

    Thanks for the change!

  32. Have a lot of INTL trips coming up so would be a great way to ‘burn’ some time on my way to/from conferences. Thanks.

  33. WOW, how very nice=I could sure use these–if I can ever figure out how to connect with my new MacBook Air

  34. Renee, it was great to meet you and help you with your slides and presentation for the Amex Fr.

  35. Beautiful day, and a great day to enter once again for the super swag prize! Have a long day of flying to MSP-SYD…via SLC-SEA-LAX for the MQM, of course…in my near future; that 2Ku connectivity would make my time not being upgraded a bit more, correction: less, productive work-wise. LOL 🙂

  36. Gogo is awesome!! It was nice to meet you after your session Sunday in Chicago! Great info from both you and John 🙂

  37. another day, another entry!
    thanks for giving me yet another thing to dream of having in-flight ; )

  38. This would super cool for my three trips on Delta’s new A350 to Manila and Singapore this fall and spring! May I add, my dissertation writing would be super grateful for this as well!!! 😉

  39. It’s hump day. Only a couple of more days until you pick your gogo winner. I can feel the excitement building . . .

  40. I still don’t understand why Amex should care if you pay your mortgage with Plastiq. Amex gets its commission. There’s nothing underhanded — it’s not like you’re buying houses and returning them once spend is met.

    Anyhow, thanks for the Gogo opportunity!

  41. Wow, you have a TON of entries! Since today has, so far, been my lucky day, I’m adding to the list! I have 18 flights coming up in January alone; all of them either international or transcontinental. Can’t think of a better use for this pass!

  42. Nothing says I can’t post Thursday’s entry in the middle of the night. Won’t improve my chances any, but I’m up for an international conference call anyhow, so why not 🙂

  43. @jacob — odds should be better than 1 in 400 since you can enter daily So, hey, maybe even 1 in 100, LOL. (But a heck of a lot better than the lottery — thanks René!)

  44. May the coincidence gods work in my favor: your giveaway contest runs to October 27 and I have a round-trip transcontinental trip commencing on October 27!

  45. It’s all a blur. Had to scroll through to see if I’d entered today or just thought about doing so.

    For this prize, it’s worth doing!

  46. anybody else have “i’m going to a go-go” playing in their head?

    another thanks to you for such a generous offer, rene!

  47. Looking forward to the culmination of this giveaway contest. Thanks, Rene, for offering it to your readers. Should I be the lucky one chosen, huzzah. If not, congratulations.

  48. the final chance to win. It has been so nice to have internet on the planes and I thank gogo for putting it there for us.

  49. Today is Friday, that means it’s swag drawing day. Yippee! Now if I could get this excited over the measurable snow we got last night…

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