How can I reach Delta for help faster when phone wait times are ridiculously long? Any secret tips?

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When it rains Delta hold times can become long. When Delta has IT meltdown issues the hold times can become REALLY long (like 10+ hours or more). They do offer a call back service so you don’t lose your place in line but even that can take many hours during times when things are really going badly with Delta.

So what are ways to get faster or even almost immediate service? There are a number of ways.

  • Via Skype call Delta International support. This one requires, unless you are willing to pay international calling rates, to have Skype or something to all the Asian support lines. They are often well trained and can help with most issues. Don’t worry about language, they all speak English.
  • Call the Gold Medallion elite line. The Gold Medallion elite number is 800-325-1551. Now if you put in your SkyMiles number, and you are not an elite, you will get routed to the normal line. However, if you just put in a few random numbers then hit #, you will after a few tries get dumped into the elite queue. When the rep comes to the line just give them your reservation number and tell them your issue. They are unlikely to hang up on you just because you are NOT a Gold elite member.
  • Twitter, that is @Delta (was @DeltaAssist). When there are hour long wait times you need to try twitter. You may not use twitter or know how to tweet buy you need to learn. Seriously. Twitter Delta folks can fix so much and much faster than phone support when things go wrong. Try it – you will like it.
  • Go to the airport. I don’t know how far away you are from your hometown airport but it may be worth the drive. Or, depending on what hotel you are staying at, take the shuttle to the airport if phone hold times are many many hours long. You may still have to wait an hour in line at the airport but maybe better than just sitting in your room waiting?
  • Sky Club (if at airport). This is one of those few times it may be worth paying the totally ridiculous fee to enter the Sky Club just to get support help. Waiting can make you crazy. At least waiting in a club with drinks and perks with a much shorter support line (than the masses in the concourse below) may be just the ticket. Remember you can Sky Club access is complimentary with the following American Express cards:
    • The Platinum Card from American Express (learn more)
    • The Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN (learn more)
    • Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express (learn more)
    • Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card from American Express (learn more)

These to me are the best choices for help when the phone lines fail you or are so long that you are unlikely to get help before it is too late (i.e. your flight will already have departed or whatever your situation is). Next time you are stuck, try them and let me know if it saved you a ton of time as well! – René




  1. Good suggestions. Delta tends to have longer waiting times on the phone at best of times.
    Would you be limited in the Sky Club option by the need to have a boarding pass?

  2. @docntx – Since I think all Sky Clubs are on the secure side yes a boarding pass would be needed if that is what you are asking.

  3. Good suggestions. Delta is my airline of choice of the legacy carriers but the telephone wait is astonishingly long at times. I’m also a frequent Southwest flyer and their wait is typically very brief. If they can do it certainly Delta can.

  4. I no longer rely on the Sky Club when I have an issue. If there is a broad IROP issue (e.g. weather), the line will typically be out the door just to get in and, once in, the line to see an agent will be even longer.

  5. Delta is doing everything it can to morph into a LCC.

    I used to own their stock, I don’t anymore, as the folks most affected by the bean counters are their most frequent flyers.
    Which I simply think they won’t have at some point.

  6. I to get really tired of those weight times–even on Medallion line.
    But Renee-
    I have a complaint/question and do not know how else to email you.
    I just received my Million Miler email for my gift.
    While I am grateful to be recognized–I do have a gripe that I’d like you to pass on since you seem to have their ear–
    NOT ALL MM ARE MEN!!!! Tumi, Hartman have nice selections that would be great for women-but none of those are on there. And NO-we do not all want to have over priced things from Tiffanys.–though I do like that little blue box.
    Thanks for being there and for all your great info!!

  7. If you’re secure side at an affected airport, look/ask for the help-phone stations DL sets up during IRROP situations. Not all DL-served airports have them, but if at one that does, take advantage of it. I’ve found the help-phone hold times tend to be surprisingly short, letting you rebook and relax during the chaos sooner rather than later 🙂

    According to a Redcoat I asked regarding this, to paraphrase: Delta designates a team of phone agents to work only “inside” calls (coming from the affected airport(s)) as a priority over calls coming “from the outside” via Delta’s regular numbers during IRROPS.

  8. Going to second Twitter. I’ve had luck with them getting stuff done since the early days of Twitter.

    They even have my Twitter name tied to my account now, apparently. I’m stuck RIGHT NOW in MSP with no information. Tweeted @delta, and they knew what was going on with my connection without giving them a locator number.

  9. I thought the 1-800-325-1551. Boy, am I dumb. I’ve only ever reached platinum status but am over 2 million miles. Sure wish Delta had bothered to give me the platinum elite number because the gold number is always ridiculously slow during irrops. I went through msp yesterday. What a cluster!

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