HURRY – SWAG Saturday: TWO 25x use Gogo passes (~$700 value each) drawing today!

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Good until 1/1/2019

One more lightning round of fun Gogo SWAG. Today ONLY you have a chance to win one of two 25x use Gogo passes up for grabs that are good for domestic and international use on all Gogo equipped jets.

The rules for today’s drawing are simple. Anyone worldwide can enter as I will email a PDF of the code to the winner. You may enter as many times as you wish but each comment below must be unique and you ONLY have today to comment / enter (i.e until midnight US ET on 4NOV17). I will use to pick the winner sometime after 12PM ET TODAY November 4th (i.e. likely in the morning of the 5th when awake).

Have fun and happy commenting! – René


UPDATE: Per we have our winners and they are:


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Chris Long

    Awesome of you to do these giveaways, Rene!! I love your work and site. Please keep up the good work.

    …and this sentiment stands even if I don’t win the drawing!!! 😉

  2. A week ago booked the fare nyc to Kuala Lumpur for $328 for me and my girlfriend. Very excited but a long long flight and we’ll have to work on it. The go go will definitely help

  3. Wifi on a plane is a perfect way to pass the time. When it works of course.

  4. Might have to find a new airline to use this withas my experience with united has seemed a little spoty. Maybe give American a shot.

  5. Jonathan K




    I could use em.. thanks for the contest

  6. Rumproof

    Flying is nicer with gogo inflight wifi. Of course, it would be nice to get it free or as some perk. Hint, hint to Delta mgmt.

  7. Oh please oh please! Free or discounted Gogo is a rare unicorn!

  8. It’ll be AA, Alaska or Virgin America for me if I win.

  9. Hope my Cathay A350 has Gogo in a few weeks! Would love to try this out.

  10. Clearly I’m not flying enough lately or I’d be posting comments while airborne.

  11. Just got matched to Alaska MVP Gold 75k and looking forward to Gogo-ing it with them.

  12. I think the winners should fly wearing gogo boots. I’m up to the challenge!

  13. I don’t know when/whether the 25 passes will expire, but my Gogoal will be to use them all up in six months. That’s including zero business travel, mind you.

  14. Have a family trip planned to Asia next month. This could keep us all happy.

  15. I love Gogo Internet. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  16. GoAmtrak

    Thanks for continuing these giveaways, Rene!

  17. Maria Jossa

    It’s great that you make the code available through PDF

  18. US Mobile’s $10 deal was a 1 month tease. So now I need another way for cheap GOGO.

  19. Live overseas fly to the states as often as I can. This would be awesome…pick me, please

  20. If I win I’ll show you a picture of me and a plain as I’m using the go go that I you hit just one. My European and Asian trip starts in less than 3 weeks

  21. Robert Kelley

    There will probably be 3000 comments!

  22. Thank you so much Rene! I could really use this! 🙂

  23. Kasandra

    Will be flying a couple times both domestic and international a few times this month. Would love these for those trips

  24. I’d actually have a good use for this. Fingers crossed.

  25. Jonathan B.

    I’d love to win this, thanks for the great posts!

  26. Jonathan B.

    Hope I win, gonna be hard with all these comments 😀

  27. Jonathan B.

    I’d love to get a pass, such an awesome contest!

  28. Ivan Dell'Era

    Thank you for sharing this perk with two of us.

  29. Vladimir

    I have to flight the week of Nov 13 to DFW, ATL, CRW, CLT and back home EWR.

    I can definitely SWAG it

    Thank you Rene.

  30. It’ll be fun figuring out 25 ways to use the pass. Thanks for the offer René!

  31. I would love to win the gogo for when I am on the gogo

  32. I really, really need this Rene. Gogo me please!

  33. I’d love this – but really, how DO you chose from all of these comments???

  34. Where are you getting all these passes, Rene?

  35. My only wish (besides being the lucky person selected) would be to limit entries to one/person so the playing field is leveled.

  36. I have the “mother of all mileage runs” coming up in January; it sure would be nice to be able to stay connected in the air.

  37. Thanks, Rene, for offering this great prize up to your readers…again!

  38. Chris Plona

    I know it’s a long shot. But it would be great to win.

  39. Biz expense or does someone give them to you ?

  40. I need a mother of all mileage runs to get Diamond again

  41. First of all, very excited for this swag Saturday. Thanks a again!

  42. Looking forward to the rest of your a350 review

  43. I assume these passes would go nicely with our own PS flights in Feb

  44. Would be happy to write some flight reviews for your blog. Dtw based, the gogo passes would help!

  45. Could also use some mileage run advice or suggestions. Gogo pass would be very helpful on the run.

  46. Flying to Paris on Wednesday! Fingers crossed!

  47. I would love to win! I have couple of trips coming up

  48. GetToThePoints


    HAS THE BEST GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I still think Gogo’s service is pretty worthless, but what the heck.

  50. Its amazing the response you get when you have swag to give away!

  51. Comments are flying
    The challenge is on
    Less than 14 hours
    Till they’re all Go-gone!

  52. I’ll see London
    I’ll see France
    If I win
    You’ll see me dance!

  53. I could use this pass on some upcoming DL flights.

  54. Anything is better than paying for the mediocre speeds at 38,000 feet!

  55. Sure wish GoGo would take a cue from JetBlue’s FlyFi…SO much faster!

  56. I’ll read blogs
    Between sky meals
    Don’t want to miss
    A travel deal!

  57. Tip for others when using GoGo: Turn off auto-sync from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc!

  58. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get…

  59. Would be great to pass the time on my upcoming transcontinental flight!

  60. If I won a Gogo pass
    I’d study all flight long
    Aspire, Ascend (née Surpass)
    To which should I belong?

  61. Awesome, you’re doing it again! Thank you for these chances!

  62. Terry littman

    Makes the time fly on a flight, thanks!

  63. Music in my headphones
    Checking Google Flights
    If I win a Gogo pass
    These things are in my sights

  64. Contest masters
    Will be jubilant and proud
    Flights fly faster
    With your head in Gogo’s cloud

  65. Fridays are exciting
    Mondays are a drag
    Saturdays are best of all
    Thanks to René’s swag!

  66. brett minzner

    In den Haag today. Could use these for overseas flights.

  67. The very first thing I shall do
    Should I win the prize
    Is scour the web about 2Ku
    Then go where Gogo flies

  68. Could really use these for my next flight to BCN

  69. Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    Looking forward to getting one of these

  70. Ken McElhaney

    We fly all over the country visiting our children. This would be great!

  71. Awesome SWAG Saturday, and all the other post! Thanks.

  72. I’m loving Mike’s poetry. If selection was based on creativity (instead of chance), he would be hard to beat!

  73. Many flights mean endless hours
    sitting on my *!#;
    time would pass much quicker
    with a GoGo inflight pass.

  74. The new A350 cabin looks sleek…just not in economy lol

  75. Shaun kneller

    Thus is great Swag, I hope you guys this every week

  76. There once was a sweet Irish lass
    who prayed to win something at Mass.
    She entered three times;
    even tried making rhymes
    to win Rene’s Gogo pass.

  77. Flying today but just a short hop. A350 later this month!

  78. Good news for y’all: Won’t be generating more entries for a few hours. Will be on a flight and won’t be getting Gogo!

  79. I’m flying back and forth to Europe a couple times in the next 3 weeks so I could totally use them!

  80. Wouldn’t that be nice on my trip to China this week

  81. This would be a great stocking stuffer…for me!

  82. Jack Garver

    i have to fly my 90 year mother to California. next week. This would be sweet.

  83. I’d say more than half the pax pre-boarded. Gate agent said “now we will begin general boarding – if there’s anyone left out there”!

  84. Who knew these even existed? What a great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  85. …and I’m geeky enough to say the pass just *looks* cool.

  86. Betty Ann Meenan

    Gogo passes rock! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  87. Looking to use GoGo on our upcoming trip to Tokyo!

  88. Maybe I can talk my family into more flights if the WiFi is free?

  89. Best reason to anxiously await hitting 10,000 feet!

  90. Marcy Julvezan

    Would love to win Gogo passes!! Thanks Rene!

  91. Freebie Gogo
    Sure would beat
    Counting pairs
    Of bulkhead feet

  92. I’ll try to win Gogo
    What the heck
    At 30,000 feet
    It’s magic tech

  93. Saturday’s for SWAGging
    What the hey
    For Gogo WiFi Skyfi
    Thanks René!

  94. DoninATL

    This pass is great. How much to buy one and where?

  95. Steve Clark

    Hi Rene
    I have two back to back weeks of travel and would love to use one of these!

  96. So useful to be productive (or just surf the internet).

  97. Jane Kramer

    Commenting again that it would be a nicer day if you chose me. 🙂

  98. I would make the best use! All your Gogo passes are mine!

  99. 400 comments. Odds are 1:200 so far. On down with that.

  100. Super awesome Rene. Thanks for leading these and providing some super valuable swag! Hope I can facilitate some dissertation writing on an upcoming DL A350 flight this month!

  101. It would come in handy for my cross country trips coming up!

  102. I need Gogo for a DTW-JNB 15 hr flight next year!

  103. Denise L

    I could use this pass on my trip to England

  104. Denise L

    ..and many other upcoming trips to Europe & Asia

  105. mark meredith

    talk about a great giveaway…wow….sign me up!!!!

  106. Will write a review of my next flight of picked.

  107. I would enjoy the opp to use free Gogo WiFi, Rene!

  108. Would love a GoGo pass…hopefully more usable speeds coming soon.

  109. Gogo seems to have stopped selling the mobile pass, I could use some free sessions.

  110. Ohhh, I needs them!

    Currently in LAX on a mileage run

  111. TMobile is great for texting, but that free hour goes by quick on long flights!

  112. Can you share this code if you are the winner?
    Otherwise I think it would take me 2 years to use it up!

  113. I would be in Normas sleet appreciative of these!

  114. Leaving on that cruise next week, remember?? Gogo passes would come in handy. Thanks!!

  115. I understand delays, but why say you are boarding when clearly the crew is not on yet. 26 minutes and waiting!!

  116. Norris Krueger

    A good omen – Spotify just played both that “Rene” song by the Left Banke AND a GoGos song! 🙂

  117. Going to go anyway, but these would be a highlight!

  118. Douglas Meisner

    One more entry for good measure… hopin!

  119. Could use these for an upcoming trip to Shanghai next month

  120. Irene Hickman

    Thank you Rene for all of your posts and helping us get to our destinations the best way possible

  121. Denise L

    Most generous giveaways here on Rene’s blog

  122. Well, not what you wanna hear in a Gogo contest, but Gogo was down for my entire flight. FAs did apologize and remind us Delta Studio was available regardless.

  123. Denise L

    Thanks again for the great giveaways week after week.

  124. If you meant 12pm as noon, I’m too late to enter.

  125. If you meant 12pm as midnight, I’m entering!

  126. Good on miles this year, but grabbing a couple EMRs to top off my roll-over situation for next year.

  127. A little Go-go for on the go, go would be nice 🙂

  128. If I don’t get picked, then it was my unluck of the draw, LOL.

  129. No winner yet, that gives me another chance to enter again this week!

  130. Unless the cutoff was noon. What the heck, I’ll still enter just in case…

  131. I could use this on my trip to the Caribbean!

  132. If you dont go after whatever you want you’ll never get it.

  133. Is midnight the deadline, or when you choose numbers the deadline?Oh well, just curious, I’m not staying up anyhow!

  134. Well, 2 out of 563 entries is better odds than last week’s 1 our of 1,200!

  135. @deb I imagine you can share the number if you can trust whomever you share them with to not use all 25 🙂

  136. Just 90 minutes remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!

  137. The passenger stuck with the middle seat should get both arm rests.

  138. I agree, it would be nice to be able to buy an x-use pass at a discount, e.g. a 10 use pass that expires in 6 months or a year. Even at only 20% off I’d be much more likely to buy that than what is being offered now. Of course, winning a 25 use pass would work too! I assume these expire in a year or so?

  139. Good thing the deadline isn’t 2am eastern time — that would cause all sorts of confusion since there’d be two 2ams tonight!

    Anyhow, thanks to both René and Gogo.

  140. I see there is a time limit on how quickly people can leave replies.

  141. Checking out the “required reading” on BoardingArea.

  142. Hmm, midnight deadline… how does the song go? Wake me up before you Gogo?

  143. Thanks for the blog.

    Are Regional upgrades now worthless?? I’ve had little success using them lately.

  144. Robert Kelley

    I can’t believe we didn’t hit 1000 comments!

  145. Robert Kelley

    If I posted 500 more times I would probably win!

  146. Robert Kelley

    Can I really enter as many times as I want?