HURRY – SWAG Saturday: TWO 25x use Gogo passes (~$700 value each) drawing today!

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Good until 1/1/2019

One more lightning round of fun Gogo SWAG. Today ONLY you have a chance to win one of two 25x use Gogo passes up for grabs that are good for domestic and international use on all Gogo equipped jets.

The rules for today’s drawing are simple. Anyone worldwide can enter as I will email a PDF of the code to the winner. You may enter as many times as you wish but each comment below must be unique and you ONLY have today to comment / enter (i.e until midnight US ET on 4NOV17). I will use to pick the winner sometime after 12PM ET TODAY November 4th (i.e. likely in the morning of the 5th when awake).

Have fun and happy commenting! – René


UPDATE: Per we have our winners and they are:



  1. Awesome of you to do these giveaways, Rene!! I love your work and site. Please keep up the good work.

    …and this sentiment stands even if I don’t win the drawing!!! 😉

  2. A week ago booked the fare nyc to Kuala Lumpur for $328 for me and my girlfriend. Very excited but a long long flight and we’ll have to work on it. The go go will definitely help

  3. Might have to find a new airline to use this withas my experience with united has seemed a little spoty. Maybe give American a shot.

  4. sfo-icn-bkk-kbv-bkk-icn-sfo



    I could use em.. thanks for the contest

  5. Flying is nicer with gogo inflight wifi. Of course, it would be nice to get it free or as some perk. Hint, hint to Delta mgmt.

  6. I don’t know when/whether the 25 passes will expire, but my Gogoal will be to use them all up in six months. That’s including zero business travel, mind you.

  7. If I win I’ll show you a picture of me and a plain as I’m using the go go that I you hit just one. My European and Asian trip starts in less than 3 weeks

  8. Will be flying a couple times both domestic and international a few times this month. Would love these for those trips

  9. I have to flight the week of Nov 13 to DFW, ATL, CRW, CLT and back home EWR.

    I can definitely SWAG it

    Thank you Rene.

  10. My only wish (besides being the lucky person selected) would be to limit entries to one/person so the playing field is leveled.

  11. I have the “mother of all mileage runs” coming up in January; it sure would be nice to be able to stay connected in the air.

  12. Would be happy to write some flight reviews for your blog. Dtw based, the gogo passes would help!

  13. Could also use some mileage run advice or suggestions. Gogo pass would be very helpful on the run.

  14. If I won a Gogo pass
    I’d study all flight long
    Aspire, Ascend (née Surpass)
    To which should I belong?

  15. Music in my headphones
    Checking Google Flights
    If I win a Gogo pass
    These things are in my sights

  16. Contest masters
    Will be jubilant and proud
    Flights fly faster
    With your head in Gogo’s cloud

  17. The very first thing I shall do
    Should I win the prize
    Is scour the web about 2Ku
    Then go where Gogo flies

  18. I’m loving Mike’s poetry. If selection was based on creativity (instead of chance), he would be hard to beat!

  19. Many flights mean endless hours
    sitting on my *!#;
    time would pass much quicker
    with a GoGo inflight pass.

  20. There once was a sweet Irish lass
    who prayed to win something at Mass.
    She entered three times;
    even tried making rhymes
    to win Rene’s Gogo pass.

  21. Good news for y’all: Won’t be generating more entries for a few hours. Will be on a flight and won’t be getting Gogo!

  22. I’d say more than half the pax pre-boarded. Gate agent said “now we will begin general boarding – if there’s anyone left out there”!

  23. Hi Rene
    I have two back to back weeks of travel and would love to use one of these!

  24. Super awesome Rene. Thanks for leading these and providing some super valuable swag! Hope I can facilitate some dissertation writing on an upcoming DL A350 flight this month!

  25. Can you share this code if you are the winner?
    Otherwise I think it would take me 2 years to use it up!

  26. I understand delays, but why say you are boarding when clearly the crew is not on yet. 26 minutes and waiting!!

  27. A good omen – Spotify just played both that “Rene” song by the Left Banke AND a GoGos song! 🙂

  28. Thank you Rene for all of your posts and helping us get to our destinations the best way possible

  29. Well, not what you wanna hear in a Gogo contest, but Gogo was down for my entire flight. FAs did apologize and remind us Delta Studio was available regardless.

  30. Good on miles this year, but grabbing a couple EMRs to top off my roll-over situation for next year.

  31. Is midnight the deadline, or when you choose numbers the deadline?Oh well, just curious, I’m not staying up anyhow!

  32. @deb I imagine you can share the number if you can trust whomever you share them with to not use all 25 🙂

  33. Just 90 minutes remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!

  34. I agree, it would be nice to be able to buy an x-use pass at a discount, e.g. a 10 use pass that expires in 6 months or a year. Even at only 20% off I’d be much more likely to buy that than what is being offered now. Of course, winning a 25 use pass would work too! I assume these expire in a year or so?

  35. Good thing the deadline isn’t 2am eastern time — that would cause all sorts of confusion since there’d be two 2ams tonight!

    Anyhow, thanks to both René and Gogo.

  36. Thanks for the blog.

    Are Regional upgrades now worthless?? I’ve had little success using them lately.

  37. Well, as the deadline approaches good luck everyone and thank you René and Gogo. (And of course, I’m also writing this to get one more entry but the thoughts are still sincere.)

  38. So how come Gogo’s logo is all lower case – gogo – yet they spell it Gogo in their communications? (So René spells it correctly too.)

  39. And what’s the deal with airline food? Yep, with Gogo, one could stream old TV shows to find the comedic answer.

  40. Now that’s a quandary, to work or relax? Relax wins by a drink coupon, unless one snags the upgrade.

  41. Thanks everyone for all the comments. Many were a lot of fun to read. And thanks, of course, to René.