Should Delta provide Delta One Pajamas (sleep suits) on all International flights? Do you like to change before sleep?

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Delta, with much fanfare I might add, rolled out PJs on limited international flights. I have been on a few flights that offered them and I have to admit they are very comfy. Soft, warm enough and look good (other than the ugly jail house socks).

But the key word from above is limited. If you are going to Europe – forget about it. In fact my guess is few readers have ever seen a set or had a chance to take them home.

I would love to see these on all Delta international flights but doubt this will happen. To me changing as soon as I board is just nice. You don’t have to worry about spilling anything on your travel clothes and they are still fresh when you continue your travels the next day.

But one of the biggest problems on Delta wide body jets are the rather small, and most of the time disgusting, lavatories. On Lufthansa in 1st class that also provides PJs there is a nice sized lavatory to change in. Plus there is space to hang your clothing in a closet as well. Both very nice features for changing.

So that brings me to my question for you. Should Delta expand what flights they offer PJs on? Is it worth changing? Are the Delta lavatories big enough that you are comfortable changing? You tell me! – René





  1. I use the PJ’s all the time on my DeltaOne flights to Asia. They are very nice (as all the other amenities on their 14+ hour flights). PJ’s on a short 9 hour flight just don’t seem that practical. As soon as you change, you have to change back. And unless you have lie-flat seats, are you really in need of PJ’s?

  2. Yes! It’s annoying to be flying 12+ hr TPAC and not have pyjamas that so many other mainline carriers offer.

  3. I was recently re-scheduled from an AF flight from BOM-CDG-DTW to BOM-CDG-ATL-DTW on Jet Airways. Jet Airways did offer pyjamas (Indians both invented them and their spelling that way). While I felt a bit odd changing out of my usual travel clothes (and feared a mad rush to the lavatory just before landing), I did take them home in my suitcase. I am now wearing them in the house, and love them. So yes, Delta should get with the rest of the global carriers and offer up a bit more than a bigger seat and a bit more food for the 2X-6X prices they charge for Delta One.

  4. Rene- loved the “jail house socks” comment.

    Earlier this year I flew SEA/PVG (Shanghai) and PVG/LAX in business and got the PJ’s. I brought them home to my wife who loves them. On my previous Trans Pacific flights in prior years I have not received them (JFK/NRT, LAX/NRT, etc.)

    I don’t change on the plane for 1 main reason. Even in business on the 767 and 777 the lavatories are small (economy they are ridiculous). While after departure, they may be clean but by the end of the flight the floors are all wet and it’s not just water if you get my drift.

    Should Delta increase the routes they provide these I think yes but I can understand that they make these decisions for competitive reasons and it seems in the Pacific market they are an accepted perks. I’m not sure what other routes they offer these on and maybe if they expanded the usage it might give them a slight competitive edge but I certainly would not make a choice of carriers based on getting PJ’s or not.

  5. On the one hand, I do like the PJs. But I agree with you on the bathrooms. Same could be said for the VS planes. VS supplies PJ but the bathrooms are quite small. Also, when it is time to land, it can really cause a line to form for the bathroom.

  6. I like PJ’s on offer when flying long haul. I do disagree about changing into them as soon as you board. In the event of an emergency evacuation during takeoff or plane going mechanical they aren’t a good idea until you’re in the air in my opinion. I usually change soon after departure. It seems to be more the trend on 10+ hour flights where I see them mostly.

  7. I don’t think it’s worth it in the tiny and disgusting bathrooms. I typically change into sweatpants and a t-shirt before the flight leaves in the sky club bathroom and change back when I get home or where I’m going so to me it’s not a big deal. If the bathroom situation was different maybe it would be.

  8. In the last 3 weeks I flew D! DTW-NRT, DTW – ICN, and NRT-DTW (a350) and there were no PJs that I could see. Which flights actually have PJs?

    And yes the floors in the lavs are a disgusting mess and a biohazard risk. Perhaps a major blog post should address this issue. Last night while flying I thought that a sign is needed that says, “Dude it is only 1/10th as long as you think. STAND CLOSER!”

  9. I never use the pajamas provided by the carriers. I wear comfortable clothing onto the plane knowing that I’ll be sleeping in those clothes.

  10. I can’t imagine changing in those tiny restrooms, seems like too much trouble.
    I do, however, enjoy the prison socks.

  11. I would rather sleep in my clothes than have to walk around on the piss-soaked floor in the lav in my socks to change.

  12. I have not seen them except on Virgin and lufthansa,,,Would be a nice plus for D1 i agree with determined Bob’s comments!!! Yes the Lav’s are too tight to try to change in and i rarely see a clean -not wet floor!!! So the new A350’s lavs are the save size-small too???

  13. Yes I think they should Give PJ’s vs wearing clothes on the flights from ATL – ZRH and ATL – FRA.

    We’d wear them. True the bathrooms are disgusting as the flight gets closer to the destination.

  14. Ive never had pjs offered on delta business class to asia? But ive all but given up on delta, using china eastern and they no longer offer pj although they did originally. I refuse to change from my comfortable non wrinkle clothes, i feel the restrooms are just not clean enough. If i had a true first class private cabin, not the half excuse delta calls a cabin, i might change in there but no way am i doing it in a rest room!!

  15. Delta gives out pajamas on flights to HKG, PEK, PVG & SYD in Business Class for a total of 8 flights.
    HKG – 1 flight
    PEK – 2 flights
    PVG – 4 flights
    SYD – 1 flight

  16. Rene, At a minimum, Delta should provide pajamas and a mattress pad in business class on all flights over 10 hours. Delta did not provide those items on the nearly 12-hour flight from NRT to DTW for business-class passengers on the new A350-900. If they are going t charge more for those flights they should give more especially if they intend to keep the cabin so cold. A door on the seat is not enough.

    Sort of off topic and not as concise as your posts but these are my thoughts on the Delta One suites from a recent flight from NRT to DTW.

  17. Meh…they provide disposable DeltaOne slippers on those flights as well so the bathroom floor isn’t really a problem. I agree the bathroom is small which makes it difficult to change but it works for me. The PJ’s come in several sizes and sometimes they run out of some sizes – that’s the only problem I’ve seen.

  18. I like the PJs, and consider them a nice touch (like the new hard-case amenity kits – classy). Have gotten them on flights to/from PVG and PEK; but, I simply take them home to use – the bathrooms are just too small to change in, and I make sure to wear comfy clothes anyway.
    And thinking about it, even when flying an airline with PJs and a large-enough bathroom, I’ve never quite been sure what to do with my wallet if I DID change. I’m much more comfortable with having it on my person than place it somewhere other than my pocket. Yeah, I know, fellow Biz-class passengers aren’t likely to want my wallet 🙂 But it’s just a personal-comfort thing for me.

  19. I assume they provide them for the super long flight to JNB from ATL, 20 hours or so. Why can’t they figure out a better bathroom and comfortable “designed for humans” seats?

  20. I love the PJ’s but even the small is HUGE. THEY SHOULD OFFER AN EXTRA SMALL.
    But you are right, the big problem is changing in those disgusting small lavatories. Most of the time the floor is filthy and wet. Often I throw water down and then use paper toweling to mop it up with my foot (shoes on) and then I push it into the corner so someone with gloves has to pick it up.

  21. I love the PJ’s but even the small is HUGE. THEY SHOULD OFFER AN EXTRA SMALL.
    But you are right, the big problem is changing in those disgusting small lavatories. Most of the time the floor is filthy and wet. Often I throw water down and then use paper toweling to mop it up with my foot (shoes on) and then I push it into the corner so someone with gloves has to pick it up.

  22. Yes, I do think so, but on flights over 10 or 12 hours. If you’ve got a lie-flat bed and bedding, sleeping in clothes seems silly. UA gives out pj’s on flights over 12 hours and that makes sense to me. I love my UA and AA pj’s – wear ’em both lots.

  23. I just returned from China on Friday, and Delta offered PJs on the flights from SEA to PEK and PVG to LAX.

  24. When changing into pjs I use a bathroom with handicap access. These are the largest bathrooms on a plane. Sometimes I do not change and take the pjs home. They are great for wearing around the house as the weather turns colder.

    Airlines need to think about what people can do with their clothes when they change. Airlines with first class have closets at each seat or dedicated space for this. Of course there are usually only six to eight first class passengers in international first class cabins.

    Frankly, pjs are impractical in business class. Imagine if all 52 B class passengers on a 777-300 or 65 on a 747 actually changed into and out of them. The bathrooms would be jammed for a long time. Airlines provide pjs not so people can use them. They are available only to match what another airline is doing.

  25. A great idea. I flew PDX – NRT on DL and did not get them.
    But then as everyone has said, there is no place to change as the lavs look like the Port Authority lavs after a bit.

    Now I did fly SFO-ICN on KE and while they keep the lavs like new throughout the flight, alas no PJ’s.

    Now if we could only meld the two, but that won’t happen for the same reasons Staff in First; Customers Last,

  26. Of course, who doesn’t love PJs? If Delta wants to be seen as competitive and a desirable option, they need to step up.

    I’m doing flights in DeltaOne from SEA or PDX to AMS regularly. It’s an overnight flight that clocks in at around 10 hours. So far, no PJs, and that’s a disappointment – everyone wants to sleep on this flight, of course, and PJs help.

    About the bathrooms: disgusting bathroom floors covered with urine are not a justification to eliminate PJs. That’s a disgraceful condition that Delta needs to address regardless of what people choose to wear on the plane. The fact that many people cite it as a reason they don’t feel comfortable changing into PJs says a lot more about Delta’s commitment to quality than whether or not they hand out PJs – and this needs to be pointed out to them relentlessly until they fix it. There ARE competitors whose bathroom floors are not covered in urine…

  27. As for the bathrooms on Delta, I have refrained from commenting too much but now I will. The biggest problem with the long haul Asia flights are the flight attendants. On Delta, they are the most senior plus native speakers from the country of destination. The Chinese flight attendants are great. The others are the most senior that Delta has and they will NOT do anything more than their contract says. Plus they will complain about it. I have flown Emirates and Singapore Air and those bathrooms are spotless because the flight attendants are constantly going in and cleaning them throughout the flight. Not a chance Delta most senior attendants would be caught dead doing that. The difference between true service and being “bothered” by passengers.

    Soapbox dismount.

  28. I have been traveling from SFO to Europe 4 times per year. I really don’t want PJs. I sleep in my clothes. I make it a point not to remove my shoes until we are at or near cruise altitude. I delay this in case we have to return rapidly to the airport. I am then in socks for the rest of the flight. After breakfast (EB) or the 2nd meal (WB) I put my shoes on and declutterize around my seat. As I fly in Delta One, I find that the floors are generally dry or I point out the problem to the FA’s.

  29. Don’t forget that Delta’s new flagship A350 has fewer lavatories than the 747 it replaced as well as the A350s of other airlines.

  30. I have been lucky enough to get PJs on Thai (F), Lufthansa (F), Asiana (F), Qantas (J), Qatar (J), and a couple others. I must say, even on the shorter routes to Europe, I truly enjoy them.

  31. Kevin (#21): I did not get PJs on ATL-JNB or JNB-ATL in Delta One in August 2018.

  32. @rene really? how are they competing with united and AA with PJs and mattress pad? really disappointed in delta. i flew atl-icn in Z (delta one business class with first class fare code -_-) couple of time but never received it because i thought they only provide it for china and australia destination. But if they really have discontinued them, then it is a shame… really considering hard to take my business elsewhere. Delta diamond doesn’t give you much either..

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