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This is a post you will want to bookmark and come back to as these are all the travel tools and bits I use almost every day or at least once a week each. They are some of my hands down favorite tools or sites that are immensely useful. Let’s dive in:

  • Airline codes. We all know that DL stands for Delta but what about MU? Oh and is Virgin Atlantic VS or VA? This will tell you.
  • Down for everyone or just me? Before you gripe that a website is down or not working or something like that you better check the URL with this site or you may feel silly complaining.
  • Tunnelbear VPN. If you are using unsecured wifi in a hotel or club or wherever you are just asking for pain and disaster. Please folks use a VPN. Or…
  • TeamViewer remote computer link. This is FREE for personal use and you can go into the settings and have it load each time your computer loads. TIP: set a very hard and long permanent password. This way you are safe via remote wifi spots and still sorta surfing from home.
  • Share your wifi. No matter where you are connecting if they want you to pay extra to use more than one device then this simple tool is the fix.
  • US flight delays map. Are you worried about where you are going (you should be)? You should maybe see if Delta can reroute you before you land in a world of hurt. Use this tool from or you can use the flight misery map.
  • Pilots alphabet. Want to at least talk like a pro? This is the official alphabet pilots use and just about anyone in the travel industry. PS – you should too! 😉
  • Track changes to web pages. Delta is sneaky (and that is being kind). They change stuff all the time and rarely tell us about the pain they have inflicted upon us. This site let’s you track changes and get notice the next day about what is new vs what is old.
  • Bitly link managment. If you are like me you have lots of links and some are just ridiculously long. Bitly links are so much better and simpler to remember and manage. This link lets you do just that.
  • Matrix show CPM URL. It is always nice to know the base CPM or cost per mile for your elite MQMs and this will do that. Oh and use the switch f ~bc=e if you want to avoid basic fares.
  • Find how many MQMs for trip. Delta will tell you the MQMs you should earn when booking but once you have it booked – yeah not so much. This sweet tool is very close (like a mile or two) to what Delta will give you. Oh, also sweet if you have to choose a new route and want to compare your elite points one route vs another!
  • Award and Mileage Run help. I don’t know about you but I like saving all the points I can but taking the time to learn all the program rules and partners makes my head hurt. I let someone else book anything but Delta awards for me.

So there you are. Is this not the bestest ever list of super sweet travel tools and links. Are all these on your saved list and ones you use each day or week? Any others we really should use as well? Then let us know in the comments below! – René






  1. Wow René, great post!

    Forgot to purchase WiFi before your aircraft left the ground? Once airborne access for free. Log in to your Sky Miles account. Go to My Flights. Pick one and add WiFi as an extra. You’ll pay $16. Far less than airborne cost from GOGO. Log into GOGO account and your pass will be there. Sweet.

  2. Spashtop is a million times better than Team Viewer. It’s not free, but the $17.00 a year for a desktop experience on Splashtop is way better than the free experience on Team Viewer.

  3. Great post Rene, with so much information. This will come in handy on my travels thanks for sharing 🙂

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