Reminder: Always check (and click again) the Delta 1st Class Upgrade box Medallions after you “downgrade” from C+ seats!

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Yes please – I do want a better seat in coach!

Thankfully, most of the time, Delta has given elites who are either by choice or by force “upgraded” to Comfort+ seats the option to choose a better seat somewhere else on the jet like an exit row or one with much more leg room. This can especially be important on sub-350 mile flights now that service from flight attendants on these legs can be all but nonexistent anywhere other than in the 1st class cabin.

WAIT – This WAS checked before!

But I have a big warning and reminder for you. Once you have self downgraded to your preferred better seat the Delta IT machine by default, most times, does not auto re-select you for a chance at a real 1st class upgrade you had by default before the seat move. Shocking right? Well, maybe not so much. 🙁

Yes Delta I do want a shot at a real upgrade!

The point is after you have confirmed your seat, then go back to your reservation page on and scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure you once again choose that you DO want a shot at a real 1st class upgrade even though you are now not seated in the C+ section of the jet. – René






  1. Seems like so many little things that worked before without (much) issue have changed on Delta.dumb, did they get a new batch of interns in IT…but not IT interns? 🙁 Can’t download the latest flight schedule PDF anymore, either.

    Among other “enhancements” you’ve noticed on there, we had vanishing award charts, upgrade preferences being unchecked, and now downloading of flight schedules disabled…what next? They say ignorance is bliss, I say the mothership is demonstrating bliss 😉

  2. Hey Rene!!! Do you check the “Ask Rene” area where we ask questions to you? I posted a question there this week and it does not show there and no answer either. I know you are a busy man but it would be great to have an \answer from an expert. 🙂 Tks!!!

  3. I *think*, but cannot be sure, that AA does this too. Recently purchased a 4-segment r/t, and requested upgrades on 3 legs. 2 days later I changed our MCE seats to my favorite ones on the AA 321, and when I happened to check my itinerary page afterwards all my upgrade requests were gone. Thankfully I looked and reselected. So Delta may not be alone in this little hassle.

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