Today marks 6 years for RenésPoints blog – Big changes on the way for 2018!

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What a ride. I can not believe that every day for the past 6 years I have blogged (OK I did take 1 day off in the past 2191 days) and the blog has been viewed   over 11 MILLION times  since that first day. We are talking over 4,000 posts and having helped so many Delta flyers has been an amazing privilege. There are few things that make me more happy each day than personal comments or emails of thanks how some post has really helped Them!

Over the years I have some personal favorite posts. In no real order of importance they are:

…and really so many more that I could do this all day long. But notice in this blog title I said big changes are on the way for the blog. What are they?


Starting IMMEDIATELY and for all of 2018 the blog will change to only post on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (plus the monthly newsletter)!


But wait, what about breaking news or Rookie Wednesday or so much else? First off, there are so many Boarding Area blogs that do cover breaking Delta news. If you daily scan Boardingarea on flipboard you can see what you maybe missed.

On Friday each week you will get my thoughts on what enhancements have rolled out that week or another topic of interest. Saturday will be the day I will focus on Skymiles, Medallion and partner topics and maybe now and then a SWAG Saturday giveaway as well. Sunday, now and then, will be the day rookie topics are covered.

Does this mean there will never be Monday – Thursday posts? Most weeks yes, starting next week! If something demands a post I may pop one up but this will be the exception not the rule. The other exception will be on the mileage runners side of the blog. I want to share more sweet runs and will post whenever I find them. After all, for most, spending 1/4 million on Delta Amex cards is just bat-cray (while totally sane for others)!

Personally, I am really excited about this change and trying it for a few months to see how it goes. I am at a point in my life where all the bills are paid and I want to have more personal time – this change should let me do just that. Plus, due to limited time, there are so many older posts need to be updated and maybe even re-posted with current info – this change will give me time for this as well.

As always, thanks so much for reading the blog! – René







  1. Congratulations on six years of terrific blogging. I’m looking forward to your next version of this blog. I hope you still include trip reports though.

  2. What a great run! Thanks for all of your content, information, guidance, and humor. Going to missing your twitter banter too with Delta. Never seen anyone poke the greedy “mothership” like you did. Awesome!

  3. Awesome. Thanks for all the info you contributed for the Delta flyer. It has all been and will be appreciated.

  4. Wow! …in a good way 🙂 Rene, it feels like we were just, only a few short weeks ago, congratulating you for 5 years. Congratulations on 6!

  5. Congratulations Rene! There’s nothing finer than someone being at the point in their life when they can step back to just enjoy it a bit more and actually having the wisdom to do it. Kudos to you!

  6. What a great milestone and with it brings wonderful news for you and Lisa! I look forward to everything you post daily but often wonder how you are able to make each one fresh and interesting. You have enlightened and empowered so many of your fellow Medallions and helped more travelers achieve Medallion status. Thank you and I hope our paths cross again!

  7. René, I’m late to the game having joined three years ago. You taught me everything I now know about getting a seat at the front of the bus: It aint over till the fat lady sits in your seat. And then it’s REALLY over. It’s been a blast! I could never thank you enough.
    You’ve certainly earned some much-deserved time off. I hope one day you will be able to transition to full-time researcher. Albert Einstein said that the highest form of research is play.

  8. Congratulations on six great years of keeping us informed, helping us work with the maze, and also for the entertainment.

  9. Let me add my congratulations and thanks. Your blog has had a major positive impact on my travelling.

    Your announcement comes on an auspicious day for me too: I just cleared 2M Miler status earlier this month and minutes ago had my first ever Delta Porsche terminal transfer I can’t explain why it happened — coincidence? My flight arrived early at JFK T2 and I had plenty of time to change to JFK T4 by bus and foot, but it sure felt special. (I remember your describing a similar experience.). And it also happens I gave the flight supervisor on the incoming flight a Delta recognition certificate — she deserved it. So maybe it’s good karma? In any case, a great day on Delta,

    Thanks for all the years of terrific insights and advice.

  10. Please accept my congrats and thanks…ive learned so much and you have always been patient with me and my rookie questions. I cant imagine the pressure to blog every day but admire how you have done it so well. There is a transition coming for us all in the airline elite status and awards programs…you have certainly laid the groundwork for us to negociate the mine fields! I will look forward to your weekend blogs! Thanks!

  11. Well done Rene! It is tough to stand out with so much content and you have successfully done that. Keep blogging!

  12. Without a doubt the best blog on the planet. We have all learned so much from you. Your unselfish approach to teaching us all on how to be smarter and better at what we all enjoy doing is amazing
    Thank you for everything you do.

  13. There’s a wealth of information on this site thanks to your dedication and hard work. It is very much appreciated! Thank you Rene!

  14. Rene,
    Thanks for all the advice over the years and your graciousness when accidentally meeting you at the Amex Club in NY a couple of years ago. Your blog has helped me with my travel in innumerable ways.
    Much appreciated!

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