SWAG Saturday: Hurry – Last 25x Gogo pass & tons of other Gogo SWAG today ONLY!

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Today is going to be a one day lightning round of fun Gogo SWAG. First the prize(s) one winner has a chance at winning:

  • A 25x use Gogo pass good on domestic and international flights!
  • An URPower bluetooth speaker with LED lights
  • An Aukey duel USB wall charger
  • A Gogo beanbag phone stand
  • A phone ringr stand / holder
  • A Gogo mini bear
  • A pair of Gogo socks
  • A Gogo bag handle wrap
  • A Gogo fidget cube
  • A Gogo backpack (not in photo)

Nice right – quite a haul of goodies. And here are the simple rules for today’s drawing. You must have a USPS mailing address to win. You may enter as many times as you wish but each comment below must be unique and you ONLY have today to enter. I will use to pick the winner after 10PM ET TODAY November 18th.

Have fun and happy commenting! – René


UPDATE: We have our winner from – no more comments!


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Nitin Chopra

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Have a trip next week. These would sure come in handy.


    Would be great to win
    Thanks for all you do

  3. And just for good measure. May the contest god’s be with me!

  4. Michael Keramidas

    Hi Rene,

    I would love that swag for my global trotting.

    – from ATL transiting to AUA


  5. Max Lock

    Let’s see if I have some luck in DOH on my way to CMB.


  6. A Gogo pass for my Delta A350 flight to Narita would be awesome!

  7. I think I should win because I have been up since crazy-o-clock..

  8. Fernando

    Amazing prize. I just wanna use my Gogo inflight using my gogo socks. Let me rock in my next trip

  9. This is awesome! I hope I win. This would really make traveling easier.

  10. Thanks again, Rene, for swag Saturday! And all the great info!

  11. It’s almost my bday and this would be awesome!

  12. Did someone say GoGo?! For thanksgiving?! You are awesome rene!

  13. I feel this is especially true with it being so early on a Saturday. “Wake me up, before you GoGo!”

    *dances in the airport and the song is stuck in my head for the next three days…*

  14. 10 days before my birthday and this would be pretty awesome.

    Though to be honest, I’m more excited about socks and a beanbag stand than GoGo passes. Blasphemy? Maybe….

  15. My son-in-law won your last giveaway so I’m hoping his luck runs in the family!

  16. I will be on planes every week the rest of the year, sure could use the GoGo 🙂

  17. …in transit, HNL to BWI, via a 3 hour layover in MSP. One of these swag items would be wonderful to win!

  18. …currently in transit, HNL to BWI via a 3 hour layover in the club at MSP. pick me!

  19. There once was a lad from Luxembourg
    whose parents worked at a morgue.
    Lest you think this is sick,
    it’s far worse to pick
    swag winners using

  20. Joshua Templeton

    I would love to win for my familys upcoming trips.

  21. Amanda Templeton

    Flying Delta One to South America in a couple of months this would make the flight even better

  22. Just a few short remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!

  23. have never used the Gogo would be great to try for free on my upcoming South East Asia long haul trip.
    thank you

  24. I just saw Gogo management yesterday! Michael has a great team!

  25. There once was a sweet Irish lass
    who prayed to win something at Mass.
    She entered three times;
    even tried making rhymes
    to win Rene’s Gogo pass.

  26. Many flights mean endless hours
    sitting on my *!#;
    time would pass much quicker
    with a GoGo inflight pass.

  27. Where did you get all these GoGo passes, anyway, Rene? It’s amazing and your readers appreciate you sharing them.

  28. The temp on some flights makes one swelter
    so to lounges flyers scatter for shelter;
    Rene shares the swag
    he gets to load in his bag
    by focusing his blog posts on Delta.

  29. Before going to Hawaii, I chatted with GoGo. They told me access was available over water via satellite, but I had to purchase an international access, so instead of the $16 rate for 24 hours, I bought an international 24 hour access for $28. I questioned this, but GoGo assured me Hawaii was treated as international. Outbound, everything worked great.

    On the return last night/this morning, an hour after T/O, I tried to connect with a domestic fare accessI had bought months ago…for $16. Guess what, it connected immediately and worked the entire transit over water, and all the way to MSP.

    Anyone else experienced this when flying to/from Hawaii?

  30. Erik Thorberg

    I love reading this blog! It’s part of my daily ritual of web surfing!

  31. All right. Who doesn’t like free stuff. Thanks René.

  32. Rene’. You Really do a fantastic job on the blog….Congratuations on 6 years of success…

  33. Happy about another swag Saturday. Thank you as always!

  34. Less happy about the big change. But, respect none the less

  35. Thanks for all your info and today’s contest

  36. Happy to write content some content. I have some ideas for daily articles.

  37. Crossing fingers! I never win any drawing lol

  38. Millennial Monday’s – a new gen looking at DL. Credit card opinions and spending.

  39. Nate Jackson

    Speaker sounds great, I’m Thailand bound and would love the sound. Let’s make it happen.

  40. Tuesday’s – biz and family trip comments. Work gets me flying quite a bit. So, I can keep up some of the DL day to day. Family is back and forth from DTW and Mex often. our local airport just got an AM flight to ATL. So finally some better DL connection options to get back to DTW. My wife has some family travel content on her mini blog. She could co-write tracelling with fam. She always has info on baby changing areas by airport and other escapes w kid.

  41. Wednesday- actual Rookie Wednesday. My rookie mistakes, questions, or best practices. I’ve been following points and travel blogs for 2 years. I’m definitely still a rookie, but really enjoy travel.

  42. Would love the WiFi pass, if nothing else. Just very excited and would love to get more involved.

  43. And thanks again for the swag! Hope we keep seeing these!

  44. 1. All hail Rene! All hail GoGo! All hail!

  45. Really want the bear for my little guy, if nothing else.

  46. Question: did I miss the final post of the A350? Caught your first 3, but maybe I missed the final impressions. Have PS booked in Feb, excited.

  47. For the record, I would not regift any of the swag.

  48. Nice! I would love to win it would add some swag to my upcoming trip:)

  49. A word was omitted from one of my earlier posts:
    “Just a few short (hours) remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!”
    I wanted my (corny) poem to make sense.

  50. If I win, can I give the swag to my local homeless shelter (they can always use socks along with things like chargers and toy bears) and keep the pass for me?

  51. With what I am calling the MOAMR (Mother Of All Mileage Runs) coming up in January, this GoGo pass would be put to good use.

  52. I’m thankful for your blog, Happy Thanksgiving

  53. I still don’t think that GoGo is all that useful, but what the heck, I’ll toss my name in the hat.

  54. Gordon Parker

    I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. Thanks for all the good info Rene

  55. Gordon Parker

    Could the day get any better. Happy Saturday

  56. That gogo pass would be awesome while heading to EZE.

  57. Thanks for hosting this conest and your blog. Always a good read.

  58. As always… Bravo, René, Bravo!
    Congrats on 6 years!

  59. Love the chance at a freebie before my holiday spending. Thanks for the opportunity.

  60. would be awesome to win thanks for making a great blog

  61. Robin Montague

    Your blogs help my GoGo off the ground!

  62. I’ve learned so much from you over the past 6 months. I’ll hit gold for the first time in Dec. Thanks

  63. Yes, I really really want to use the gogo pass.

  64. mike murphy

    it would be cool to have a chance to try all these nifty items

  65. Multiple trips left for the year, this would be a bonus

  66. I just love to work on a plane. Not! But I still like the passes.

  67. And about your blog changes for 2018…Hope you keep some form of Rookie Wednesday. I found them to be both enlightening and/or a reminder of key items.

  68. Those socks are amazing. Such great swag from Gogo.

  69. Saturday swag day is the best and I’m feeling lucky. 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  70. I’m feeling lucky. 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  71. Chris Pursell

    Thanks for keeping us up on all the new Delta information. You are the best for Delta news.

  72. save a vacation day by working on the plane. What a way to go..

  73. Got an upcoming trip from PHX to TLH and will be wanting to use GoGo.

  74. I’m feeling totally obnoxious leaving all these comments but I want to win! Always end up working on flights and the pass would really help!

  75. Wow…just noticed the swag included speakers…I gots to win now.

  76. This would Gogo great for my upcoming travel plans!
    Thanks, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  77. Awesome… here we go again! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  78. How much swag could a swagger man swag if a swagger man could swag swag.

  79. To swag or not to swag, the answer may lie in the number of comments.

  80. Caroline

    Have really enjoyed your blog, you have taught me so many things about Delta. Pick me!!

  81. swag: some definitions from the interwebs:

    Stolen Without A Gun

  82. Sure do love the Gogo swag. I hope there will be more types (like a discount code) now that the 25x passes are gone.

  83. anyway, THANKS, rene!

    i’ve learned so much from you over the years… you make a lot of people’s lives a bit better!!!

  84. Wow! Thank you René. Another very generous Saturday!

    Reminder: It’s Schedule Change Saturday. Check you flights. Many itinerary changes for me today. Take advantage of Delta’s Change Rule.

  85. Thanks, René for keeping me at the computer on another Saturday 🙂

  86. Could use a GoGo pass for my trip to Shanghai next month

  87. Tad Dunlap

    And romance is out the proverbial window

  88. Tad Dunlap

    When they say, pardon me but I’ve got 4 C tonight….

  89. Tad Dunlap

    Hoping for a red coat to
    Intercede and offer me 10 K and guaranteed first class to take another flight!!

  90. Saturday again
    Awesome swag from Rene’s Points
    Winning would be grand

  91. That gogo pass would definitely make my work trips more bearable.

  92. Tad Dunlap

    Need to get lessons from René on how best to do so

  93. Good luck on the new direction of the blog. Looking forward to more Mileage Run opportunities.

  94. Beverly Harvey

    Costa Rica and a GoGo pass with socks and soeakers just a few of my favorite things.

  95. I fly to explore
    ATL is only hub
    Yes Delta exploits

  96. Tad Dunlap

    Oops fell asleep on the job it’s after noon now!

  97. Tad Dunlap

    Waiting for tires to be put on and glad it’s not the plane tires in need!

  98. Thanks for the great SWAG. Congrats on 6 years.

  99. I love GoGo and have never had a problem with them!

  100. Woo-Hoo, another Saturday Swag drawing 🙂 Must be time for another Delta schedule change 🙁

  101. BTW, schedule changes are great, too, one can often score a longer route for more MQM at a better CPM.

  102. Tad Dunlap

    Grateful to René for another opportunity! And all his insight!

  103. Can’t say enough good things about your blogging, Rene

  104. I must really want to win. Also made the mistake of subscribing to the comments…not sure how good my odds are now

  105. Booked for my first D1 to EZE in Dec. Don’t think this would have been possible without this blog.

  106. Good thing (?) I’m not on a flight right now trying to win a Gogo pass when I don’t have Gogo!

  107. Count me in. Looks like a fun pack for the whole family.

  108. Is there a blog post about the best way to book award travel on partner airlines?

  109. I ought to comment on your other posts too so I don’t feel too greedy…

  110. Well, if I enter once every half hour or so I’ll still be falling behind those who enter every two minutes but not worth calculated — luck is luck! And thanks are due, René.

  111. If I really need Gogo for a work trip, hopefully the employer will pay for it. It’s for the fun trips where a free pass is so much more useful!

  112. Entering the drawing again, between making PreChecks mix…a seasonal snack shared only with those flying in for the holiday 🙂

  113. Haven’t had a Saturday schedule change in a long time….

  114. Anyone else prepping early for Thursday’s Tday dinner with family?

  115. Fidget box like a spinner…never used either.

  116. I now right where I would put the gogo bear…

  117. Time to get on the exercise bike to sweat for Saturday swag…

  118. Good day for a mileage run, anyone taking a nice one today?

  119. having fun reading some of your favourite posts, rene!

  120. i’ve never won anything… these would come in so handy as i’ve got a LOT of travel coming up!

  121. Have a couple runs planned in Jan, the pass would be nice to give global Gogo an try.

  122. OMG…the included speaker really looks cool! I’d be excited to win it all by itself!

  123. Steve Roman

    I promise not to sexually harass you if I win.

  124. Tom Baker

    Happy Thanksgiving! Appreciate all you do! Greatly appreciate it if we win but if not, you are awesome!

  125. I could attempt to sing for swag but that would not be recommended.

  126. Gogo swag Saturday could not be better…other than for me to win.

  127. Selenephoenix

    She would never say where she came from

  128. is a random number picker, what are the odds of my number being picked randomly? Hmmm…

  129. Selenephoenix

    a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

  130. thanks for the opportunity to win something… adding a bit of fun to a grey saturday here where i am!

  131. Selenephoenix

    Everything is beautiful in its own way

  132. Selenephoenix

    Twice I. The pipe if the answer is no

  133. DoninATL

    I think Gogo is pretty good. It’s especially cool to be connected at 35,000 feet over the Pacific.

  134. Kurt Witzig

    Love the blog and now the prizes too. You are very generous!

  135. Kurt Witzig

    And I can enter more than once? Way cool . . .

  136. Selenephoenix

    When you walk through a stir. Hold your head up high

  137. Selenephoenix

    Tonight tonight won’t be just any night

  138. Selenephoenix

    I feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright

  139. Selenephoenix

    And I pity any girl who isNy me tonight

  140. Selenephoenix

    When the men on the chessboard get up
    And tell you where to go

  141. Selenephoenix

    Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes benz

  142. It’s swag Saturday and I get to visit the inlaws…what could be better?

  143. Selenephoenix

    Would you like to ride my beautiful balloon

  144. Selenephoenix

    When the moon is I. The seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars

  145. Pretty cold and cloudy here in the Northeast. Guess it’s time to sit by the fire and type a comment every half hour! Thanks for the opportunity.

  146. If you don’t swag the first time, just keep on swagging.

  147. Selenephoenix

    I’m babysitting for my granddaughter and she is sleeping g

  148. just how do you do it? everyone’s always talking about you. “ is killing it.”
    “ put the random in”
    “ has it going on!”

    what’s your secret?

  149. Norris Krueger

    Love ya man! +1 on the Fidget but, hey…. what the heck!

  150. Norris Krueger

    p.s. Happy Thanksgiving, Rene! And all of you!!

  151. I sure hope to use gogo wifi many times next year!

  152. Enjoying a little Chicago Airport Jazz on the internet radio, entering another try for the Swag Saturday drawing, and looking for a few more good CPM weekend runs to buffer myself for 2019. It’s all good!

  153. Mary Beth

    Thank you, Rene! I love that you have these give-aways!

  154. As one of Delta’s newest Diamonds (Yay for ME!)

  155. Tad Dunlap

    Airport jazz? Not sure I know what that is…:

  156. Tad Dunlap

    Pleasantly surprised by one of the best meals in my life there

  157. Tad Dunlap

    Wonder if that restaurant is still there

  158. Tad Dunlap

    It was up in a dome, overlooking concourses of another carrier sorry DL

  159. Tad Dunlap

    Maybe it was called Seven Seas? This was in 1981 so it’s been a while

  160. Have never won & have two more trips scheduled in 2017!

  161. Tad Dunlap

    The wonderful dish there was of a Midwestern staple – perch

  162. Tad Dunlap

    With a Euro flair – Grenobloise sauce. Mmm mmm mmmm!

  163. Thanks for the Great Info & Your Generosity to readers!

  164. Feeling LUCKY on this SWAG Day! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  165. Tad Dunlap

    The hills are alive with the sound of GoGo

  166. love the blog! sad to see it down to 3 days/week.

  167. Looks like I’m by far not the only Mark posting for th e swag

  168. Ate good food in Charleston while trying to win

  169. Oh my, I haven’t commented in a couple of hours.

    Good luck everyone and thank you, René.

  170. Ate good food in Charleston while trying to win this swag

  171. Actually it’s CHS…autocorrect changed that

  172. What my bee will pick as a winner?

  173. Way to go on 6 years! Always good advice and information. Plus the swag thing is a great treat for your readers 🙂

  174. Tad Dunlap

    Looking for a good fare online is hit or miss

  175. Tad Dunlap

    We’re lost in a masquerade of teaser fares!

  176. Tad Dunlap

    I miss the number of upgrades I used to get.

  177. Tad Dunlap

    Need to move up the Medallion food chain

  178. I am going to run out of things to post by 10 pm

  179. David