Review: Minute Suites Dallas DFW Airport near D23 via Priority Pass (1 hour free)

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Dallas DFW airport is big – really big. Like Delta, in Atlanta there are AA lounges just everywhere. In addition to the Delta Sky Club in DFW there is also the legendary Centurion DFW that I am happy to fly down and spend the day in. But there are also two Minute Suites that you can access for free for 1 hour with Priority Pass.

“Conditions – 1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to use a Minute Suite for a 1 hour stay. 1 Minute Suite usage represents a single lounge visit within the Cardholder’s existing lounge visit allocation for which the Cardholder will, where applicable, be charged. Each subsequent hour of Minute Suite usage will be charged at a discounted rate of US$28 and payable directly to Minute Suites. 2. Up to 3 guests accompanying the Cardholder in the same Minute Suite may use it at no extra charge.

Additional Information – 3. The Cardholder is responsible for any additional charges incurred. Minute Suites may ask Cardholders to present a payment card for incidentals at the time of check-in. 4. Each Minute Suite is equipped with a comfortable daybed sofa (sleeps two), pillows, fresh blankets, a workstation, a sound masking system that helps to neutralize noise and Nap26 audio program to help deliver a refreshing power nap. 5. Minute Suite usage is subject to availability.” –

You will find one of them in the D concourse just across from Gate 23 (the other one is in the A concourse near gate 38).

Let me start with the fact that I personally feel the pricing, for what is offered, is high. These are not suites IMO. They are a small room (and don’t suites have a second room or something attached like a shower or lavatory).

One nice feature is that these have noise insulation and I was impressed, when the door was closed, how you really could not hear anything of the outside airport noise.

If you are looking for a quick cat nap or some quiet time I can see the value via Priority Pass entrance. For an overnight there are much better choices a free hotel shuttle away.

Other than the room, you should be ready to pay for everything extra. Want H20? Be ready for mini-bar pricing (they say same as the rest of the airport but still ridiculous).

They do have showers but that is an up-charge too. Only $20 for the discounted with Priority Pass rate (vs. $30 for 30 minutes) but still an up-charge. I would much rather go to the Centurion if you have access.

One other thing they do provide (5 free pages) is a fax machine. Now I know when was the last time you ever needed a fax? Well if you do that is also included. 😉

I guess I am just not the target audience for this concept. I really don’t understand, at these prices, how the concept can survive. Have you tried the Minute Suites in Dallas or now in Atlanta? – René






  1. I transit DFW on a regular basis and see little value. I guess maybe if your trying to get some recreation. An hour simply is not enough time to nap. Water should be free. Imagine if you paid cash to enter this facility.

  2. I actually have found the Minute Suites to be useful when I need some quiet to get work done or take a conference call. There are two much noise in airport lounges – wish more would great closed off “phone booths” where I can take a conference call!

  3. Thanks for the review. Very helpful information. I wish every airport had Minute Suites. On elite mileage runs with layovers of a few hours a hotel is impractical. Minute Suites would be perfect.

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