Was Delta award price increase a bug or a hint? BAT CRAZY buy MQMs prices and more!

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Not really wide open space at Level 1

For years and years now I have said SkyMiles, that were once valuable, are “pointless” to collect. Sure, take them when they are free or a byproduct of flying or spending on your Delta Amex cards for elite points, but otherwise, not so much.

Yesterday (with a HT to OMAAT) ALL prices were showing 86k+ as the lowest level and when we compare the award charts. They should start at 70k for the lowest level 1 business class.

I warned on twitter to wait to book as this could be a bug. Now it seems it was or at least mostly was a bug. Remember the SkyMiles team at Delta is NOT to be trusted so maybe this was a bug or maybe it was a hint of what is to come.

Now LIVE, Delta again is offering to sell you MQMs (and MQDs and MQSs) at just mind numbing bat crazy prices (please let me know your offer – they are not giving me as a Diamond a choice to buy).

Seriously, who would do this when you can get a Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve card (personal or business) for SOOOOO much less.

Or, why not just ask my pal ADAM to book the perfect mileage run for you for much cheaper as well.

I guess I am not the only one who is hating the stupid auto Fly Delta App check-in “enhancement” as Delta has, at least for iOS, updated the program to in some way let you NOT auto check-in. I can not test as they have not blessed Android with the 4.7 upgrade yet. Heck, I am fine with using the working 4.5 (gosh I love Android). (HT to @FlightWonk)

Oh, Delta Amex, after the modest change for the MQD exempt spend moving from 25k to 250k next year is giving you free premium drinks this month if you have their cards. I am sure this makes it all AOK right??? IMO these drinks should be free like in other quality clubs like Centurion clubs but nahh….

Well this sure has been an interesting week in Deltaland. I really wonder how many more nasty surpriseses Delta (and Amex) can make and folks not give up. Maybe 2018 will be different? You tell me! – Rene



  1. Maybe Delta is trying to slip ruffies into those premium drinks so their faithful can be fooled into thinking they should buy EQMs at those prices.

  2. So my boss is about $500 short on MQDs for Gold and does not have DL Amex. He does have the miles. Do the MQDs accrue at time of ticket purchase or when the ticket is flown. Maybe he could buy a ticket for next year now? Also, will he lose the MQM accrued from Silver to Gold, or will those roll over, since he didnt have the MQDs?

  3. Thanks René.

    I am 500 mqms short of Gold, but as of today I hit $50,400 on my DL Plat Amex so I should be seeing my second 10k of MQMs hit anytime. I was going to just do a RT to ATL from FLL and gift the MQMs to my brother who is 3,000 MQMs short of diamond, but I called Amex and apparently you can only do that with the Reserve card. Since I have a regular Plat Amex Business card, I don’t see the benefit of Reserve for me.


  4. I am a Platinum who has met his 2018 MQM requirement to remain Platinum and will meet the MQD requirement with his transcontinental trip the week before Christmas. The prices offered me were:

    1000MQM + 3MQS $795
    2500MQM + 6MQS $995
    5000MQM + 9MQS $1295
    7500MQM + 12MQS $1595
    10000MQM + 15MQS $1895

  5. Hello. Wish I could paste a screenshot but my purchase choices for “Elevate Your Status” are different from yours.Still doesn’t mean I am going to buy them. Starting my mileage run next week… 😉

    1,000 MQMs + 3 MQSs + $595 MQDs = $595
    2,500 MQMs + 6 MQSs + $795 MQDs = $795
    5,000 MQMs + 9 MQSs + $995 MQDs = $995
    7,500 MQMs + 12 MQSs + $1,195 MQDs = $1,195
    10,000 MQMs + 15 MQSs + $1,395 MQDs = $1,395

  6. BTW, if not at Silver, you get no rollover. I got burned by that a few years ago, was about 500 miles short. Would’ve been a time to do a quick mileage run. NWA used to have mercy and bump you up, but those days are gone.

    @rene I thought batcrazy prices meant they were really low – you got me all excited!

  7. Rene, I now have 110,000 MQMs and have met the $15,000 Diamond MQD threshold. If my wife spends $30,000 on her DL Reserve card before December 31 she can gift the 15,000 MQMs to me. If her AMEX statement cycles on 1/11 and she gifts me the 15,000 MQMs on that day will they still count for my 2018 Diamond status or will she need to gift me the 15,000 MQMs from her 12/11 statement cycle before 12/31? Thank you for all you do!

  8. Rene, the wording of the change in the auto-check feature still sounds bad. It only says you can delay until the next time you open the app not indefinitely. There may be times when there is a need to review flights several times before checking in. Any feedback from someone that has undated the app?

  9. My elevation choices were the same as Brett’s

    1,000 MQMs + 3 MQSs + $595 MQDs = $595
    2,500 MQMs + 6 MQSs + $795 MQDs = $795
    5,000 MQMs + 9 MQSs + $995 MQDs = $995
    7,500 MQMs + 12 MQSs + $1,195 MQDs = $1,195
    10,000 MQMs + 15 MQSs + $1,395 MQDs = $1,395

  10. Can you really trust getting a new card this late in the year?
    I met the spend requirement on a Delta Plat one month ago and still no bonus MQMs
    I’ve called in and they say it might taken another 4-6 weeks for them to post to my account.
    If they don’t show up this year I’m 4000 short with no time for another run
    (Don’t get me wrong, there is no way I’m spending that much to buy MQMs either)

  11. @RossKoh – You bet ya. Now for the new card bonus you can NOT MS or it will not count. After that, all seems AOK so far. Heck I did 25k in 7 days so not that hard really!

  12. Thanks René-
    this is a welcome bonus, not the $25K offer. For business card I think it is $4K spend.
    MS was not the issue, but I just checked again and the only possibility I see is a flight purchase not counting. Maybe that is processes only after wheels up, in case you cancel?

  13. Insane. Currently Platinum, and already at 108k MQM for year. About to collect 10K AmEx MQM’s which push me into Diamond and the offer I just got was 7,500 MQM for $2,795. Ridiculous

  14. Currently Gold, need 4205 MQM to Platinum. Offered 7500 MQM, + 12 MQS, + $1595 MQD for…..$1595. I don’t need the $$ as I’m well passed the MQD waiver on my Amex Delta Platinum. I booked a SLC-MCO RT for about $250, and that will put me over by the end of the year with all my trips flown. Much cheaper than $1595…;-)

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