SWAG Saturday (~$700 value): Gogo 25 use PASS good on ANY Gogo equipped flight including international!

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Well I thought I had giving all of these sweet Gogo “year” passes away (they call it a year pass but it is 25x use) but I found more and you my dear reader have a shot at winning this prize.

Yes, you have a chance to win a 25 use Gogo pass that is good on ANY Gogo equipped flight worldwide. When you consider that for us Delta flyers a Gogo global day pass on an international flight can cost you $28 this prize is worth as much as $700 (you can use it on domestic flights as well).

So here are the simple rules this time. You may comment ONCE per day (checked via IP address), each day, until Friday 8DEC17. I will use Random.org to pick the winner late in the day on 8DEC17. Anyone worldwide may enter as I will send the pass to you digitally via e-mail as a PDF document.

Have fun and I hope you win! – Rene


UPDATE: No more comments we have our winner!





  1. Here’s to Rene and his giveaway swag;
    if I were a puppy, my tail I would wag.
    Picking at random is fairest,
    but I wouldn’t be embarrassed
    should luck give me occasion to brag!

  2. Awesome Rene. Would come in handy on my upcoming RT to Japan next week and the next 6 I have planned for next year.

  3. Here we go again, a chance to win more SWAG. My last chance of the year to win my favorite GOGO pass!

  4. Yeaaaaaaa GoGo! This would have been great on my flight to Thailand last week! Well, I’ll just have to use it on the trip to Jamaica, then Vancouver in the next few months! 🙂

  5. It wasn’t real clear but I am assuming you meant to reply to this page, I hope!!!!

  6. I have been cleaning up and sorting through items around the house, but doubt I will find something this cool that I did not know was there!

  7. Another day, another entry. Hope it’s a unique IP — changes frequently!

    Thanks, René.

  8. I’ve used Gogo in-flight both locally & internationally. This would be great, my 2-year old daughter could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airborne!

  9. A cool morning here in MN ⛄️ Makes me want to plan trips to other destinations. Gogo would help Thanks!

  10. ‘Twas the second of December
    so another entry I’m making.
    Should the GoGo pass I win
    my joy I won’t be faking!

  11. On the third day of entering
    the blogger said to me,
    “One GoGo pass I’ll put
    beneath your Christmas tree.”

  12. Here’s my daily entry — also checking on site in case anyone poised any tidbits!

    Thanks, René

  13. Another day, another entry. Gotta win one eventually, right? In any case, thanks for throwing out all the SWAG, Rene.

  14. The blogging universe was in a cold, dark state
    ’til Rene offered up a GoGo pass — WAIT!
    Entries started rolling in
    trying the pass to win
    which would surely cause a grin!
    I tried to rhyme.
    I entered daily.
    Blogs, reviews and trip reports;
    if I lose I will be out of sorts.
    It all started with Rene’s blog — THANKS!

  15. Wednesday, Wednesday, so good to me;
    Wednesday morning might be all I hope it would be.
    Oh, Wednesday morning, Wednesday morning couldn’t guarantee
    That at week’s end Rene’s GoGo pass would be coming to me.

  16. Planning my first MR of the new year, thinking that SIN via ATL-ICN would be a good route. These sweet passes will allow me to file my trip report from the air. How great would that be?

  17. (to the tune of Jingle Bells)
    GoGo pass, GoGo pass, which I hope to win;
    Random.org, Random.org, be my lucky spin!

  18. Hark! Just two days left to enter
    this game from our Delta mentor.
    Inflight wifi sure would be sweet;
    checking email from my seat.
    Hoping that the gods will smile
    as the entries, up they pile;
    Should I win, I’d be so thrilled;
    no more need my card to bill.
    Hark! Just two days left to enter
    this game from our Delta mentor.

  19. Twas the night before the drawing,
    When all thro’ the house,
    Not a blogger was stirring, not even their mouse;
    The apps were hung on their desktop with care,
    In hope that Rene would soon be there;
    The bloggers were nestled all snug next to their laptops,
    While visions of their numbers danc’d in their heads.
    When out of the blue they heard such a clatter,
    They sprang from their beds to see what was the matter.
    As someone shouted, call’d them by name:
    SWAG now! RENE now!
    As I drawing in my head, and was turning around,
    I heard a twinkle from my laptop,
    I looked in my inbox and up up popped a message,
    You won 25 GOGO PASS BUCKS!
    Happy holidays to all, and all a good night!

  20. Hope the snow in ATL doesn’t shut down the airport! Let’s see how this afternoon develops!

  21. Last chance as I watch the snow…..glad I am not flying today……..ATL would be a nightmare!