RenésPoints December Newsletter – Are you ready for the 2018/2019 Delta Medallion year?

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What a crazy year! For me I found myself flying other airlines more than I expected (i.e. non-Skyteam). For 2018, I will almost exclusively be on Delta and Delta partners other than one mega AA award trip (still trying to burn up what started with over 1M dis-AAdvantage points). I am really excited to see what Delta does to both SkyMiles and the Medallion program starting tomorrow. But for now let’s review what you maybe missed from THIS month:

➥ Was Delta award price increase a bug or a hint? BAT CRAZY buy MQMs prices and more!

➥ Train & Subway to get to ORD for just $16.50 – Maybe time to rethink Delta in Chicago?

➥ Bet you did not know these travel tips that can save you so much (cash, time & more)!

➥ 2017 – 2018 Delta year end Q&A about: MQMs, Rollover, Choice Benefits, Skybonus & more!

➥ THIS is why I always buy “stuff” with my Amex card – the extended Warranty perk is just amazing!

➥ ATL Meltdown, New Bag Fees, SkyMiles Value, Bu-bye Alaska & Tons More News!

➥ INSANITY: Delta Air Lines wanted 80,000 (more) SkyMiles to change seats on a CRJ200? #KeepDescending!

Update (and SHOCKER): The TSA is, at long last, paying me for my bag they destroyed!

➥ How to avoid the Delta SkyMiles IT pitfalls that rob you of your SkyMiles!

➥ My last Delta 747 flight & the frustration with Delta Diamond Global Upgrades

➥ Were you stuck in Atlanta during the ATL / Delta power meltdown? How do you get reimbursement for your hotel / car / food cost? What about hours stuck on a jet? Here are some solutions..

➥ The Good, The Bad & the Ugly – What a week for Areomexico, Delta & Air France!

➥ A free cruise using points? Our NCL Epic Transatlantic Haven Suite

➥ Delta things you MUST do before year end & things that can wait for later (but you should be paying attention to).

➥ Dumping Delta Amex cards next year (due to changes)? What card to go for instead.

Yep – Never a dull moment with Delta. I can not wait to see both the 25k and 1/4 million spend trackers on my SkyMiles home page tomorrow. Oh, and don’t worry about your rollover MQMs, they will happen most likely on or about the 12th of Janruary – René




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