CONFIRMED: $50 Delta e-Gift cards sweet spot for Amex Platinum travel credits 2018!

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#ProTip – Be sure to us a PC (desktop or laptop) to buy 1x at a time on 4 orders!

As I posted the other day, one of my absolute favorite travel cards for all its perks and points is the non-Delta Amex Business Platinum card. This is a card anyone can get as to me it is worth every penny of the annual fee. That includes one of the big perks, that is, $200 in annual travel credits to an airline of your choice. I tend to fly Delta so I choose Delta each year and like locking in the value of this credit ASAP.


Well one reader contacted me on the very last day of 2017 saying they had yet to spend all of their credits and what should he do? Hello – a bit late at that point. To me the smart thing to do is lock in the credits in the form of an e-credit that per Delta Air Lines never expires. Thus I simply do this:

I love giving myself Delta gifts!

As you can see from the very top of this post I buy, on 4 separate transactions, a $50 e-Gift card to myself (#ProTip – Be sure to us a PC (desktop or laptop – not a tablet or a phone) to buy 1x at a time on 4 orders!). I put in my name and my e-mail and am sent the code. Spending done for the year and as you can also see the credits do come fast once you have selected Delta as your airline of choice for travel credit (or have left it from years past).

Now some complain / gripe / whine that this is not that valuable of a perk because Delta limits you to 3 gift cards maximum per ticket (plus a credit card). While I agree that is frustrating, especially when other airlines have much higher limitations of number of gift cards per ticket, but there are some workarounds for Delta flyers. One simple way is to book a round trip as two one-way tickets instead. Many times the price is exactly the same as two one-way tickets vs. one round trip. Thus, booking this way, you are able to use up to 6 gift cards for one person. There are other more creative ways as well but this tip is the most simple one.

Bottom line is we have tested proof that, as in years past, this does work to lock in a huge perk from the non-Delta Amex Business Platinum card! – Rene


  1. Make sure to purchase the gift cards via a desktop browser (Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, etc.). I bought one via my Android phone on Christmas day, and the charge appeared on my Amex Platinum card as “DELTA CSTAR GFTCD 877-850-1977 ME” and was not credited. I then purchased another $50 GC a few days later on my office computer using Chrome, and the charge appeared as “DELTA AIR LINES – ATLANTA” and was credited the next day. The Points Guy or Frequent Miler recently did a post on this.

  2. FWIW, for the last 3 years (including 2018) I have not had to break up my $50 e-Gift purchases into 4 separate purchases in order to get the reimbursement. One transaction for me, 4 e-Gifts for $50 each sent to me. I’d post the screenshot of my reimbursement for this year but I can’t figure out how to get it into these comments.

  3. Do take into account that Amex insurance will not apply if you use an e-gift card in the purchase.

  4. @al bell – rene beat me to it. Or upgrade you seat at a later date and pay that portion via Prestige or another card that offers such protection. Problem solved!

  5. Rene, Can you comment on what the gift cards can be used for, and more importantly, any exclusions for their use?


  6. Hi!,

    This is not a reply but a question. About 2-3 years back I had applied for a card (may be America Express gold). it gave me $50 delta gift card for a reason I do not remember This gift card could only be used on Delta flights like purchasing food, drinks, wines or WiFi etc. I purchased that gift card on line as e gift card and misplaced it. Does any body remember the same scenario. Where should I place a call to find it out.

    Thank you so much for your help.
    Thank you so much.

  7. And, use this with your companion pass if you have the Delta card and get an awesome deal on flights.

  8. If you call in on the Medallion reservations line they can use more payment items to cover a flight. Recently I called in an used 4 e gift certificates, a waiver and a credit card. Took a phone call but it was easy and I got the flights I wanted at the price I wanted.

  9. Just purchased 4 cards. I decided to do the 4 separate transactions, 2 minutes beginning to end.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. I have made 4 purchases as the post suggested. They were posted on the statement after 72 hours, but no “green light” yet. Is it a “No” from the Amex or it has not processed the transactions? Does anyone know how long for the processing time? I cannot find the information anywhere..

  11. My latest one for $50, done from a PC, is listed as “delta air lines – delta” but under the category “passenger ticket” and show a ticket number if I look closer. I haven’t yet got a reimbursement, but it only just posted today.

    Is this expected? I have 3 more I haven’t yet done and want to get them in before the end of the year.

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