No notice Delta SkyMiles Level 1 award price jump, Delta Rollover MQMs, No more Sky Club news papers, Skyteam MegaDo & more Delta news!

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We are 12 days into 2018 and oh my has there been a ton of goings on in Deltaland. Most of them are Delta created but some are from partners that even seemed to take Delta themselves by surprise. Let’s dive in.

The first one we can give credit to is Gary from VFTHW that it seems Delta has increased LEVEL 1 domestic awards a ton across coach, C+ and 1st class. I really hate constant no-notice SkyMiles price increases but we know it is the norm for the slimy Delta SkyMiles team. Oh talking about slimy, when you now go to look at the fare rules for award price to compare what the fare class rules are – yeah – they are blank. #Facepalm #KeepHiding #KeepDescending Delta!

I tweeted a poll as to when the Delta rollover MQMs would (begin) to happen. I guessed 9JAN18 and I was right. Most of us should have our points by today but if you do not there is no need to stress. Well, at least for now. If you do not have your rollover points by the 21st I would start to get concerned and reach out to Delta and see what is up.

Next, with a HT to a number of readers, it seems newspapers have disappeared in the ATL Sky Clubs. I personally have not put in my hands a “real” newspaper for years, but I know many really enjoy them and especially so when on a CRJ200 with no wifi. Well according to one reader, Delta did a survey and most said to dump them. Not happy about this latest Sky Club devaluation? Then let Delta know on

There is exciting news that there at long last will be a Skyteam MegaDo and we even have the dates that is May 6-9, 2018. I have never been part of a MegaDo but have always wanted to – really wanted to. I would love to join this one but I am not sure I can make the set dates work. If I can not go I will probably regret it for years to come. Thinking…..

Delta has not paid taxes for YEARS. In fact, it does not look like they will until 2019 range! Per Delta’s Paul Jacobson:

We obviously are not going to see any cash savings in 2018 from Tax Reform since we weren’t anticipating paying any taxes and we still don’t anticipate paying taxes in ’18. But as we become a taxpayer between ’19 and ’20, the reduced level of taxes that we ordinarily would pay, one of the sources for those proceeds would be to continue to fund and hopefully get as close to a fully-funded status in pension over the next several years as possible.” –

I am not trying to get into anything by posting this, just the fact that all the while Delta has been slowly destroying the past value of the SkyMiles program they have not been giving back and per Mr. Ham Sandwich during the same call mentioned $DAL will earn 300 million from the SkyMiles program this year. Something to think about.

It also seems new Delta HOOU or “Have One On Us” digital coupons have loaded into our My Delta and Fly Delta Apps. Maybe take the time to see you have some old ones left over to spend before they expire and print a few new ones for use on CRJ200s.

Delta has made two more changes we should know about. They have first off added an MQD requirement to those who do a status match / challenge. Not a major deal and with partner flights a simple thing to knock out but one we should know about. July 1st each year remains the best time to match. Also, Delta has updated the partner earnings fare class to apply to fare class flown not the fare class at time of purchase. There are times this matters but most times should not be an issue but again something to be aware of.

Next up (this is a long post of catch up news, right) is Hilton Honors soon dumping the chance to “Double Dip” that is, earn both Hilton points and SkyMiles. My guess is that that also means that 2017 was the last year to ever earn 250 points per stay MQM for your Delta elite status. Just one more cut in thousands of cuts to the SkyMiles and elite program!

Lastly maybe this is good news for you who call ATL home – Delta is stationing all the MD88s (remaining) in Atlanta. This is due to Boeing being so kind about the whole CS100/300 order and who knows how long this will extend the use of other jets in the system (think CRJ200s).

Folks these are just the changes to start the year – who thinks more is on the way? Oh and if you are wanting to start the year with 70,000 SkyMiles and 10,000 MQMs I have a link HERE if you want to jump on this LTO Amex offer before the end of the month! – Rene





  1. Interesting…

    Hilton dropping Delta and SPG/Marriott showing up at a Delta SkyTeam MegaDo. I hope this means new partnership with Marriott coming soon.

  2. Rene, how can it be true that Delta paid no taxes last year? Guess I don’t understand much about how well corporations are able to avoid paying taxes.

    2017 Full year revenue $41.2 billion. Adjusted pre-tax Income $5.5 billion.

    “For 2018, Delta expects the reduction in the corporate tax rate will result in an all-in book tax rate for the company of 22-24 percent.”

  3. Why should we take a slimehole airline, like Delta, instead of taking Norwegian?

  4. Rene, I had a great experience with a Menzies gate agent at GOT in Sweden last week (fixing a big mistake with our luggage) before a KLM codeshare. Do you know of any way to recognize the employee? Obviously JWD certs wouldn’t work, and I’m worried I missed my chance to show some recognition.

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