Delta One 747 Experience Detroit to Japan Narita – My final upper deck business class ride!

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How do you even begin to talk about your last – EVER – ride on a Delta 747? This was an emotional event for me. I had really hoped to get one last ride up top like my million mile threshold flight and clearing at the gate was sweet.

No matter what jet you fly, few views are equal to this view. Not just 3 windows but you are so far up in the air and you have the “feel” of a private jet.

Since I have covered the 747 seats so many times I wanted this to be simply a post to reflect on what this experience was. Nothing can or will replace this.

I think TexasYankee would agree and it was fun to share this ride with a frequent flyer pal of many many years.

Delta is so proud of their Delta One Suites on the A350 but to me, this cabin is a far superior experience that just can not be matched. I could go on and on about this all day but instead how about my “final” Delta One 747 meal.

Since we were departing the USA I went with the western choices.

I am pleased that Delta has brought back the warm nuts (for a while they just offered a packet of almonds). While not a deal breaker (clearly) it is a nice touch and opener to the meal.

Much like my recent 777 Delta One flight to Amsterdam, the appetizer was just OK. It is time for Delta to revamp this course. It used to be something special including much better soups.

The steak was not bad. Not as amazing as I have had before but a solid B+ as far as airline food goes. The quality of the cut is always good and that helps no matter how done (or over done) it is. I still miss the best steak I have ever had (up in the air) on this trip with Delta!

I decided to indulge for dessert (hey, it was my last one right) and went for both the ice cream Sundae with Biscoff crumble (num) and a cheese plate with a Sake to wash it all down.

After that it was time for a short nap before a rice and single shrimp on a stick appetizer. It was not bad for a mid flight snack and again sent me off to la la land for a bit.

I was going to spend some time testing the LSTN headphones that are so cheap, but there was a bit of tape on my set and they did NOT look clean. You may or may not be aware Delta is looking to replace these awful sets that were PR’ed to be way more than they really are.

Before landing a Japanese pasta dish was offered. Again, a decent offering but not amazing. Then again, this ride was all about the jet not the food itself. The service was top notch and the crews were all sharing memories of the 747 over the years.

I had brought a die cast metal Delta 747 myself, and had the 2 captains and 2 first officers who were taking turns on the long flight from Detroit to Japan autograph it for me as a memento of this flight .

I really hated to get off this flight and the rush of feelings did take me back a bit. I mean I was going to fly it home in a few days (with 3 seats in C+ for TexasYankee and I to share) but it would just not be the same.

When part of your childhood ends it is always a hard pill to swallow. I truly think Delta will regret not flying some of the newer 747-8s as the A350 just can not do what the Queen does so well.

Bottom line this was a special flight and with some of our group’s contacts with Delta we had even more surprises on the way. I will truly miss this amazing bird in Delta colors. Sure I will likely fly another 747 again (maybe time for another Lufthansa ride) but it will just not be the same. I can promise you this – if I find myself driving between PHX and TUS in the coming years I will be sure to pull off and longingly look through the chain link fence at the glorious #QueenOfTheSkys parked forever in the Arizona desert! – Rene


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  1. Great review; Dave looks like he was having a good time! Too bad you’re in EC on the way back though. I gave a flight attendant an Above and Beyond certificate on my recent FC trip to Iceland and she gave me a brand new pair of LSTN headphones. I got the impression she wondered why I even wanted them; they aren’t that impressive.

  2. The delta 747 upper deck was the best business class cabin in the sky. Thanks for organizing the trip, except for the pre-order Uber ride. The last delta 747 ride was fun even though my 2 GUCs bought me only D1 on NRT-MNL legs.

  3. I loved flying this plane to Japan. Always a great experience. I gave one away to a Marine Corps Sergeant returning home to the US once, that was also really cool. He had the time of his life up there.

  4. I am smiling as I read this review and re-live the trip! Travelling with Rene and his readers is always a fun experience. For those who may be doubters or have never joined a trip like this – the entire group and the entire flight crew are laughing and having fun the entire flight! AND this carries forward to a future flight when you meet one these crew members who remembers the fun and relays that fun to the next crew.

    @john I felt bad about the way your GUCs worked out – but not bad enough to let you have my upper deck seat! (no love when it comes to upper deck opportunity) and the Uber ride reminded me of the times long ago when people attempted to see how many would fit into a “phone booth” or a VW beetle!

    Just when I think Delta is devaluing us into oblivion it is trips like this that keep me going for another million miles.

  5. My wife and I are both Delta Diamonds. We are based in Manila and flew the 747 nearly every time! It truly had the best Delta One cabin. We regularly booked seats 79K and 80K in the upper deck. Quiet, great service, the extra lavs were never full. We will miss them. The flight to NRT has been replaced with a 767. Quite a downgrade in equipment! Bummer! I’ll miss the Queen!

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