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My wish list of tiny things I really want Delta to fix. These are minor issues that just make me nuts. Agree?

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Wait… you don’t want my connection to Delta.dumb to be secure? Really Delta? OK then…

Clearly Delta does a ton right or I would not choose Delta and fly them 125,000 MQMs a year and pick Delta as my preferred airline if they were not amazing most days. We all know they are almost always on time and move heaven and earth it seems to complete every single flight they can (and that includes their regional partners). The Delta people are simply stunning and treat me as a king most days. But the airline is not perfect.

A few months ago I put up a post describing the major things that are really flat out busted with Delta that they really should fix that make us all totally crazy. The post, point by point, shows things Delta could fix but for whatever reason they choose not to. But those are major things. Are there minor things that are also irritating? Let’s look at my “gripe list” and see if these bug you too?

The first one you see on top is a simple one that I just do not get. When I try to use my very safe and useful Tunnel Bear VPN (others have reported the same with their other VPNs btw) I can not A) use the Fly Delta App or B) use GRRRRRRR! So Delta wants me to use an unsecured whatever wifi connection and have all my Delta info flying around in the open vs. using the protection of my VPN? Oh Delta IT, maybe the use of the lowest cost sub contractors is not the best call in this situation?

Yeah!? Delta did what is in print?

Staying with IT let’s look at one more. Delta has been making a ton of changes over the past year when it comes to upgrades and what does and does not work. They have, mostly in a positive way, opened up routes that were recently blocked from upgrade to allow them as they were in the past (think Delta One domestic routes). But with this has come date stamps, if you will, when some of them will begin while others have started immediately. And this is where Delta IT again comes into play. The @RenesPoints Twitter follower, Jane above had an issue that clearly was all about Delta IT not being in sync with the new rules. She was thrilled, after much work and SLOWLY reading the rules right off of Delta.dumb, that the reps finally manually did what the IT would not allow.

Here is my gripe. Should we have to educate and train Delta reps and then, at long last, be thrilled that we got a rep to do what the rules say they should do in the first place? Can the IT not be in place so that when the rules change the IT changes to match what is in print? Then again, I guess it is too much to ask for the Delta.dumb award page to work with something as grade school simple as a multi segment award bookings so…

Skyteam. Loyalty means so little…

OK here is an example of one I guess I really have no right to gripe about but I am going to anyway! Why can not KLM / AF get on-board with some of the simple perks we have come to know and love at Delta. For example, unless you are PM or higher with Delta you are not going to get a free exit row or Comfort+ seat. Plus, even if you are, the IT often does not see you as such and you have to try to reach out to the partner to get the preferred (i.e. marginally better) seat. I would love to see more of Skyteam align with the Delta parameters for seat choices as well as the IT working better. Then again, when Delta can not get the IT at home working as it should why should I expect a seamless Skyteam experience? Lets move on.

I will hold on to this during landing!

This one really is a minor gripe but still one I have to toss up. 99% of the time Delta FAs are just amazing and I am quick to get them 5s on the surveys so they can get bonus points. But I have been in the air a lot during January this year and I have had a number of rather strange events I do not normally see, like FAs mostly hiding (or one just sitting in comfort plus reading a book for most of the flight). Oh, and as you can see from the shot above a real glass was never picked up prior to landing (not really safe right). Then another time I could not keep a plastic cup at take off (I thought that was the reason for plastic). Just a strange run for me this month I guess.

Loyalty for 66.6 – Thanks Delta!

This last one I have touched on many times but it still just has to be my biggest gripe, that is, Delta selling upgrades ultra cheap. When the cost of an upgrade is about the same as a bag fees – Houston we have a problem! Delta needs to add a simple code to their programing to never EVER sell any upgrade less that $100. Heck, maybe even less that $200 or even $300 if they want loyalty to matter in 2018 and beyond.

What do you think. Am I just being super picky here? Or does your Delta gripe list look the same as mine? Are there things that I have missed that just make you so frustrated and you wish Delta would fix? Let me, and the rest of us, know! – René


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Well, I’ll tell ya one thing: I am not quick to leave 5 star ratings unless they are deserved. Did you leave 5* on the flight where the glass was never picked up? Where the FA was off in another world? If so, in my opinion that reinforces bad behavior, not helps to correct it.

    Another peeve of mine is the safety announcements: the FA’s seldom act like they care. Their actions are often totally out of sync with their words. Sometimes some things are skipped altogether. Their expression is “lets get this over with ASAP”.

    Yes, I know all of us here have seen them 100 (or 1000) times, but their attitude is contagious. If THEY don’t care, why should anyone else? (The announcements on the IFEs are good, of course, though damn boring now that the humor is gone. I miss those!)

  2. My company allows me to spend $100 on a seat upgrade on any flight. I’m sure we copied our travel rules from other companies. Do you think it’s a mistake that Delta chooses to sell me tons of upgrades for $99 or are they just maximizing revenue? Hint: we already knowthey don’t care about loyalty.

  3. Funny to see myself on your post Renee! I will add that a peeve of mine is that @Delta nor @deltaasist never even responded to me via Twitter. This is about the 3rd or 4th time when I have needed assistance that I have not gotten a response

  4. Michael Karpiel Reply

    Rene – I work in IT in the Travel Industry for a mega travel management company. I’ve been in the Travel Industry for the past 45 years with 30 of it being in IT.

    From my experience Sales/Marketing is always pushing new promotions and program even though the IT systems can’t handle it. We are in an ever changing industry and it’s extremely challenging to update all the various IT systems and keep up to the promises that management makes. We also operate on budgets and priorities which don’t always align.

    Actually for many of these years I worked for a huge credit card company as well and I can tell you that the same thing happened there.

    I’ve also talked to many colleagues in IT in other industries and it’s the same thing.

    So I’m not trying to make excuses but rather trying to give you and your readers a bit on insight into the challenges IT faces.

    • @Michael – I get that but then empower reps to override vs cpu will not let me.

    • @rene you were the BEST! Real time fixing via twitter was amazing.
      @Michael – in my case besides the IT systems not being updated to allow a corporate change, the phone rep had no clue about the change and even called the person who does the ticket reissuing in these circumstances — who also had no clue about the change. Finally I pushed it enough and found the proof on — thanks to Rene — and she just did it manually.

      Back to @Delta. What is their non-response problem? I had to arbitrate an argument between a passenger making a Wifi call at 30,000 ft. and a FA and they didn’t respond.

  5. My Gripes
    1. Fake upgrade emails. C+ seats an upgrade? Seriously? Every Schedule Change Saturday I clean up the messes only to be inundated with fake upgrade emails. Especially maddening when I’m expecting a REAL upgrade for a current flight.
    2. Hidden seating charts. OK Delta. I give up. What’s the point? Oh, I get it. You just want me to waste my time creating dummy bookings.

  6. Michael Karpiel Reply

    Rene & Jane

    I agree that when the automation doesn’t work the phone agents should be able to override and resolve the issue. If they are not made aware of a new policy/program that is not good. I was just trying to point out my experience from the IT side.

  7. For those of us not at a hub, Sky West as a contract carrier continues to provide the worst service, delays, cancellations, and lack of staff even out of Detroit. The equipment is held together with duct tape (photos sent to @Delta). After you’ve flown one of their Rj-200’s, you’ll want to select another airline….

  8. Put newspapers back in the Skyclub!! I was at the Centurion lounge in PHL last week & they have them. Delta’s excuse, “save the planet”, is BS!

  9. dotti cahill Reply

    hidden seat charts…annoying!!! twitter follow-up can take DAYS!!!! just found out about a new rule..daughter flying sjc-lax-ase..She is in 12B main cabin wanted to move her to 11C near her friend but it will cost $9.00 on first flight as it is a premium seat(main cabin) next flight 14B-12 B will cost $19 again told by diamond line it is a premium-MAIN cabin seat for medallions.she lost silver jan31,…did not know that other than exit row seats in main that aisle seats are now premium!!!!

  10. dotti cahill Reply

    Mark R i agree need the newspapers back but i’m sure DL is saying tons of $$$$ maybe they could buy less of them ad put them on a stick like some hotels do so peeps will not take them out!!

  11. Hi, Rene.
    Nice post. I hope a question is OK. In the above you imply that elites can select extra-legroom (C+?) seats on Delta but not on AF. (Did I get that right?) Now, I was Delta Platinum for several years and then Gold; but something changed where I wasn’t able to select extra-legroom seats at booking, but I might be upgraded to them sometime before the flight. It’s actually why I’ve moved my business (to United) — I hate cramped seats. I’ve no beef with Delta or United; but I’d be curious if Delta policies may have changed — or if in fact I misunderstood them.

    • @Peter – On domestic and international Delta metal legs DM & PM auto UG to C+ if open at booking. If not waitlist. It is partners it is an issue.

  12. SelenePhoenix Reply

    I’m with Wayne re the many e mails heralding “upgrade” when I’m already in C+
    I truly wish they would truly upgrade without being on tenterhooks

  13. I don’t see the problem with Delta charging whatever they deem fit for selling upgrades, whether a minimum or maximum price. Given there are many people complaining about Delta being so concerned over profits, it doesn’t easily equate to want to require a minimum/floor as to what they sell upgrades for….which would prop up the same profits.

  14. Mine is phantom tickets, I’ve had a ton of instances lately with miles and 2-3 with cash where I try to buy a ticket that involves a partner (usually KLM or Air France who Delta own 10% of.) I put all my info in and at the end the website says oops that fare is no longer available I’ve seen some of these unavailable fares stay on for weeks at a time. It’s very frustrating when trying to book flights.

  15. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    I am with you 100% on the retail value of a Medallion upgrade. In the early days and months of FCM, I refused to buy upgrades on principle. In many cases, because I know my most frequently traveled routes quite well, my Platinum status, together with holding the Reserve Amex, suffices. However, I just spent $67 because I knew that a particular flight would leave me in cattle class. It’s the 07:20 departure, MCO-ATL, the Tuesday morning right after Presidents’ Day.

    I loathe spending it but, at that price, really wanted to be upfront. I would have preferred to refuse because the upgrade had a price in excess of $200. Wishful thinking; welcome to the future!

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