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The oddities about flying AeroMexico: The 1st class curtain, on-board sales & lack of (working) wifi!

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I like the seats & ife AeroMexico!

I am just back from my first of several AeroMexico – Delta elite mileage runs and am left so confused as a Delta flyer. First off let me say it was fun. The domestic AeroMexico 1st class seat is just fine. It has plenty of space, a leg rest that is very nice for sleeping, very good IFE (when working) and the flights were mostly on-time.


But as a Delta frequent flyer I always compare the on-board experience to what I am expecting to see. Sure, this may be rather ethnocentric on my part as everything in the world clearly should not always be judged, if you will, by US standards, but I am going to anyway! 😉

The first thing I simply do not get is the 1st class curtain. Now I am NOT talking about a curtain that separates coach from 1st class I am talking about the one that separates the galley, and the 1st class lavatory, from 1st class cabin.

I don’t get this and especially one part – the SNAP! On both side you have a really well manufactured snap that holds this thick curtain affixed to the wall on either side. This means, to go use the lavatory, you have to either do the “duck and shimmy” to move past it or simply unsnap it to get by. When you do the latter, almost every time, you get “the look” from an FA that rushes over faster than an Olympic sprinter to re-snap this curtain. Really?

I don’t get it? Is it a security thing? Can you help me readers?

One thing it does accomplish well is provide a private space for the flight attendants so you can not, if you need anything, make eye contact with them. No, you need to get up to request something or use the call button (I did not as I did not want to experience that look after the curtain snap look). Let’s look at an even more frustrating bit for me.

I am primarily here to sell you stuff?

On-board sales. Many years ago (2014) Delta did away with duty free on-board sales and I am so thankful for this wise move by Delta. When you are trying to sleep or whatever to have flight attendants coming through (and blocking) the aisle with sales carts is maddening. But in 1st class this is really a major frustration. Keep in mind I was flying a paid first class ticket and on 2 of the 4 segments that I was on the flight attendants spent more time selling and working on receipts for passengers than coming by with food (I say that loosely), snacks and drinks. On-board service really suffers when the flight attendants are so consumed by sales.

FakeNews – Wifi A bordo?

Lastly, in this connected age, the lack of wifi is really frustrating. All 4 of the 737s I was on advertised wifi “A bordo” but only one of them actually worked. It will be interesting to see if this is the case over the next few months when I take a number of other flights with this Delta / Skyteam partner.

I guess I would love more feedback from those who regularly fly AeroMexico if my observations, from a Delta frequent flyer’s perspective, are also things that leave you scratching your head or if this is just the way it is. Oh, and what is up with the awful food? – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I don’t know a single person who has said Aeromexico has good food on any flight or in any of its airport lounges.

  2. René, I assume these AeroMexico first class are used as MQM drivers? Actual miles flown(plus class of service bonus) vs Delta’s version?

    • @Geoff – Mega MQMs SkyMiles and MQD credit yes based on distance and fare class.

  3. Chinese airlines flying within China do the same thing with a curtain between first-class cabin and galley, and first class and coach has a pretty strong curtain.

  4. We flew atl-sna last week and wifi didn’t work either way. Flight attendant said they tried several times to reboot it but didn’t work. Very frustrating on a 4 1/2 hour east to west run. Should I ask delta for any compensation?

  5. In my 3 MR, I had a similar experience, including 1 flight where for half the flight, they kept the 1st class bathroom locked, and empty, and we were told to use the back.

    I did enjoy the Centurion Club in MEX. A free 15 minutes massage, and a manicure or pedicure was about $10.

  6. Christine K Reply

    The food on board is definitely forgettable, that curtain is just plain craziness, and the service on the plane is generally lacking. Some of those 737’s really should be sold on Let Go, it’s time. The long layovers/late departures at MEX airport are grueling and add so many hours to the overall journey. The lounge is very crowded and the food just so so. Getting credit for the miles/MQDs can be extremely challenging and may require constant follow up. With all that said, when the multitude of MQDs, MQMs, and redeemable miles hit my Skymiles account, I definitely do my happy dance! I love flying these Aeromexico itineraries also because they’re good fares to great destinations. Quito, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima so far. Also, some of the long hauls have that 787 making for a better experience.

  7. TexasYankee Reply

    If I recall when I did the MCO – SDQ MR almost 2 years ago the curtain may have just isolated the FA area so that they would not be bothered. Also I do not think the wifi worked but everyone was sleeping except me and did not seem concerned.

    The Duty Free cart experience was one to behold! The FAs would actually wait for each passenger to shop, examine every item, and then discuss with each other (if a couple) as to purchase or not. A few times after examining every piece of jewelry the decision was no … so there was a huge time waster! Also the anxiety of telling myself to NOT shout out “that is cheap crap and is much less expensive on Amazon …”
    The most amazing part was the 45 mins plus that the flight attendant stood in front of the open cockpit door while the pilots were turned facing away from the windshield “schmoozing” the FA. I have never been this alarmed about safety in all my years of flying. By the way I did take a picture but decided not to post it for a variety of reasons.
    As Rene explains many of these MRs reap great benefits but require considerable effort to complete.

  8. @Sarah; yes. Happened to me coincidentally on ATL-SNA last year. A quick email to customer service netted me 10,000 SkyMiles. Gogo also gave me two free usage codes via chat.

  9. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    The curtain is supposed to enable the flight attendants to work in the galley while minimizing disturbances to the passengers by minimizing ambient noise and, more importantly, artificial light during nighttime flights. It most definitely is not intended to block the lavatory. If anything, customers up front are supposed to feel somewhat pampered in having a lavatory which they don’t share with cattle class.

    I would speculate that the AeroMéxico executive who purchased the birds approved an interior without considering the impact of the placement of the curtain track.

  10. AM’s Inconsistent cabin interiors are my biggest annoyance. The old cloth seats are a pain.

  11. hey rene – were right near you and crew at the MEX centurion lounge Friday morning; was going to say hello, but you all seemed deep in points and mileage run convo…lol. oh well, next time! thought you may have been on our flight to SCL, but now realize you were on way back to the states. to respond to your thoughts, though, we have flown enough AM flights at this point to not ask too many “why” questions. Like “why do I always need to ask for a refill on my drink?” and “why does the FA always seem like it’s a hassle?” Oh well, may just be a s. america thing. Will let you know if our LATAM biz class flight to IPC tmrw is any different.

    • @Wilson – Sorry we missed you. Please say “hi” next time. Also thrilled your points posted quickly as well. Agree, this was one of the best value runs I have ever seen and especially now for MQD value.

  12. I’m going to buck the trend here. Just a few hours ago, I have returned from a round trip SFO-EZE in business class. I can’t complain at all. From MEX-EZE I had the 787s. Service and food was good to excellent. I didn’t use the wi-fi since it required some kind of paid subscription, and it was not important to me. My only significant complaint being on the way to Buenos Aires, the video selection did not fully load, and there were only 3 movies available. Great selection of movies on the way back though, and a decent tamale thing for breakfast. Oh, and of course my miles haven’t appeared in my Delta account. All things considered, this was a great experience at a great price.

  13. Happiness is finding that the first leg of your trip posted automatically in under 48 hrs and seeing 19,575 rdms, 2760 mqds, 12,348 mqms and knowing you have 2 787 J flights left and the same bunch of miles/mqds/mqms ready to hit in a week’s time. Such a great run for the price, should booked it more than once. (Sidenote, latam biz also pinned their curtain to the galley, which made it somewhat awkward, but I can see how it helps the bulkhead pax from getting hit with galley light)

  14. More on my SFO-EZE yesterday in “I” class. I think the curtain thing was funky, but it didn’t bother me. A big change I noticed is that they came though only once holding up a Duty Free brochure and quickly walked through the aisle with it. No cart.

    Going to chase down my points as per your suggestions, Rene. I used online boarding passes for the way down to EZE from SFO, which showed my SM number. However they issued me a paper pass at the gate in MEX which did not contain the number. On the way home, in EZE I asked them to enter it, and indeed it showed on my paper boarding pass. In MEX they would not print a new one for me since she noticed my e-pass. Well, I have good documentation so I’ll chase them down.

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